Pinterest is VERY fun, but I am just getting started.  I guess that’s what I get for having a baby, huh!?! The last four months have been a bit of a blur, does that happen to you after you have a baby?

So, all the sudden, I get flooded with pinterest referrals, and I’m thinking, “WHAT on earth is PINTEREST!?!” How fun!!!

But, I’m a newbie, and needed a little guidance. I am still figuring this out, but I LIKE IT! In my blog hopping, I found an amazing pinterest tutorial from Stories of A to Z from Beth. Thank you Beth for putting together this tutorial. Isn’t she darling!?!?

If you have never checked out her site, you. have. got. to. No questions, people, head over there. Like now.


  1. kelly says

    yes i was like that with babies, i look at young moms seemingly bouncing back like nothing and think what happened to me but it's your one ligit excuse to remove yourself from the goings on!
    thanks for the tutorial link, i got my invite and do not know where to go from there, i see others and it looks so fun but don't know what i am doing!

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