Video Tutorial: Glazing the detail of your furniture.

Jun 10th, 2011

I am really excited to demonstrate how I glaze furniture. I have gotten hundreds of e-mails about how to do my refinishing techniques, and glazing furniture is one of my favorite things to do. It cam be tedious, but glazing furniture creates such a UNIQUE look when I get done. So, I decided that videoing a few projects might you to see just how EASY this glazing technique is.  A lot of people are nervous to try it. Don’t be! Really, it is super duper easy and fun, and it gives such a unique look to your furniture when you are done.

I broke the tutorial up into two sections. At this point, I have already primed (with KILZ) and painted (with Krylon Ivory Gloss spray paint). The paint had dried over night and I began the glazing process.
The first video shows how to effectively get the glaze into the “nooks and crannies” (that’s what I call them) of the furniture.

My cute hubby did this for me while I videoed (after a little persuasion). Thanks Babe. Don’t mind our kiddos in the background! :)

The next video demonstrates how to wipe off the glaze with a damp cloth. We started filming this video directly after the other video ended. (We did not wait until the glaze dried…it was 30 seconds later).

I hope this gives you a little better of an idea of how to glaze your next furniture transformation project! It makes the detail stand out and accentuates the furniture so well!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So pretty – it makes all the difference! Can you use a dry cloth as well? Or is wet best? Thanks!

  2. This looks great! I've never seen it done before and it looks like it is something even I can do! :) Thanks for sharing this!!


  3. I love it! (& I love hearing the kids in the background, it sounds just like my house whenever I'm trying to do a project)

  4. perfect timing, I was just about to try glazing myself for the first time…well…I wasn't going to glaze myself, I was going to glaze the dresser I was working on…thanks for the tutorial…and the kids in the background, we are not alone!

  5. Awesome vids. To Lissa above, a dry rag will leave much more glaze on your painted surface, but it might be the look someone's going for??? I will always use a wet rag in the future, cuz you can always use more glaze if it's not "aged" enough.

    LOVE those glazing earrings, BTW…way to glam it up :)

  6. Thank you for the tutorial! I bought an awesome mirror at a thrift store this week and am so excited to get it painted and glazed :)

  7. Can I make a request? I want to save this tutorial…and I've been doing that on pinterest with other tutorials. But I can't "pin" videos. I would love if you added a picture to this post so I can pin it and reference it down the road. Thanks.

  8. I want to paint and glaze our piano, but there really aren't any intricate details. Do I need to spread glaze over all of the flat surfaces or just where the pieces join to create crevices?

  9. What kind of glaze do you use, and where do you get it? I know you have done this a lot and would love to use the same thing you do!

  10. what kind of glaze did you use? and what color?

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  12. You're blog is so fun and so well done. I'm hooked!
    best, nadia

  13. I love the look of the glaze. I'm new at trying my hand at repurposing and am wondering if you can get glaze in other fun colors like elecrtic blue or red. <3 your blog! Gives great ideas to newbies like myself :)

  14. Laura Tully Zwickl says:

    Ok, I am ready to glaze. What type of paint do you use to mix with the glaze? What is the ratio? THANKS!!!

  15. Thank you for adding the picture so I can pin this!!

  16. Thank you so much for all of your insight. I love how you teach us how to do things for ourselves. Thank you for these videos. You're so awesome and amazing!

  17. Yeah I just liked hearing your voice although a little shot of your sweet face would have been awesome too. I heart glazing. I think I have you to thank for my love of black glaze instead of brown. Hugs friend!

  18. Thank you! I am about to give my first try at glazing thanks to the courage you give me!

  19. Great videos!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I love it, and I would like to start glazing myself, but I also would LOVE to know what type of glaze you buy.

    Thanks so much for your blog. It is very inspiring!

  21. Hey! Thanks for posting the video tutorial :-) I'm refinishing a baby wardrobe and this is definitely the look I'm after. If I'd started painting on the glaze without seeing this clip I'd have freaked out at the black colouring! LOL! Thanks again!

  22. Love the look, beautiful job! I would like to know if you mixed your own glaze and if you did, what was your recipe? Or, was it a premixed glaze? Thanks for sharing.

  23. kathy coale says:

    could I do something like this with my kitchen cabinets? I really like the look!!

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