Get a Silhouette SD for a GREAT price!

Jul 26th, 2011

The bad news: The peeps over at Silhouette have announced that they are discontinuing the Silhouette SD.

The good news: Stay tuned for some fun new products from Silhouette soon!

The GREAT news: You can snag a Silhouette SD for only $175.00! (while supplies last) I have a Silhouette SD and I. LOVE. IT.
You can get 20% off all other products (excluding download cards and machines).

Use the code THRIFTY to get the deal. The sale ends July 31st!


  1. Hello friend
    I am your follower here in Brazil and I was interested in SD Silhouette and would like to know how to buy with that discount ($ 175.00).
    Can you help me?

    a hug

  2. I don't know much about them but have been wanting one. Do you know if the fact they this particular model is being discontinued hinders the use of it? By that I mean, if parts wear out will I be able to get replacements? Also, will everything still be able to download on them (not sure if I'm explaining my question right or not). :)

  3. If I have understood the transition properly, the new Silhouette will still use the same software, so the download process will still work with the SD. I dont know about the part replacement though. HTH! :)

  4. How can I buy?

  5. @ Lucia: so far they only ship to US and Canada. I live in Canada and the promo code doesn't work here (found out at check out).

  6. Brooke @ says:

    The silhouette team just sent me a message and said that they are still going to be fully supporting the silhouette sd. So no worries about the future!!!

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