I helped  my cousin Nicole and her cute, spunky mom Sandy create a very unique wedding backdrop a few months ago. When I say I helped, I mean I answered questions via phone and helped them for about 1.2 seconds with the glazing. Sandy did most all of the work herself! I taught them how to use my glazing technique to turn drab, old closet doors into THE. MOST. AMAZING wedding backdrop for her daughter Jess and Brady’s wedding.

Creating unique decor elements is such a fun idea for wedding decor. Aren’t these doors awesome!?!? They hinged three closet doors together. What a fun, easy and THRIFTY idea! I see closet doors like these at thrift stores all the time.

The doors were plain white when she started. She painted them turquoise, and then she antiqued them using glaze. They turned out DARLING. I loved her “Just Married” sign too! How fun.

And she also made those string balls herself. Maybe I can convince her to teach me how to make them! Hint, hint!

Decorating for a wedding must be so much fun for a parent. When I got married (almost 10 years ago…WOW), the style was completely different back then! Check out Jess and her cute hubby Brady sharing some cotton candy! I love the unique wedding decor and backdrop that she created!

Photos were taken by Christina P Photography who is now based out of Highland, Utah.

I think those doors would be an AMAZING headboard. :) Maybe I’ll have to steal that idea.


  1. says

    Oh how absolutely cute! I can already think of quite a few things that would be awesome to do with those doors so I guess now I'll be on the look out for them too, lol. A set of pink ones would be awesome as a head board/ foot board for my daughter as you suggested.

  2. says

    I'm trying to remember how to make the string balls… I did some a long time ago… if I remember right you dip your yarn in elmers glue then wrap it around the balloon, let it dry, then pop the balloon. GL!

  3. The Yoder's Four says

    I'm with ya, Brooke–10 years ago weddings were so DIFFERENT and now every time I see something so cute anc clever like this, I want to redo mine. Oh, well!

  4. Broughton says

    Don't you make the string balls over balloons and then pop the balloons?

    Love the doors! What a cute idea!

  5. says

    I'm a faithful follower of your blog, and today I looked only to find a picture of my cousin (Brady)! haha the whole time at their dinner/reception I kept thinking it looked like something straight out of your blog. Loved it! And I got to know Sandy as well, and she is great! Thanks so much for all the great ideas! My house is slowly becoming much cuter thanks to you :)

  6. says

    LOVE this! I have been wanting to do something like this (on a slightly smaller scale) in the corner behind my TV. AND, my sister is getting married in a park on a Saturday in September and she LOVES turquoise, what a great backdrop it would make for our casual cake table in the park!!


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