Every so often I come across a picture that I just HAVE to share. I found this picture at Zealinteriors.com a few months ago. I am kind of obsessed with this nursery. It. is. Perfect. I love the birdies, and the crib is to die for. I love that you can see the wood grain in the wood on the crib, and I love the mix between the rustic crib and the sleek black armoire. I also love the bird cages hanging in the corner. Check out the branch with birdies hanging from them for the mobile.  I just love the simplicity of this room. It seems like such a calm space. I love it. It inspires me.


  1. says

    I love the rustic look, I wonder if the crib would fit safety requirements though… I know they do not allow cribs with posts on the side, because a babies clothes could get hung up on it… otherwise I love it!


  2. TheEreperez says

    Awesome post!I really like your theme style and design. your room color combination is prefect and this combination delights smile and happiness. Thanks for providing nice tutorial..
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  3. says

    So many expectant parents drop by Unique Baby Gear Ideas looking for patterns to make their own cribs. This one is so gorgeous..yes, I'm obsessed, too. :-)

    Does anybody know where I might find a pattern similar to this one that I could recommend to my visitors?

    If you know of one, please send me an email with the addy uniquebabygear [at] bellsouth.net

  4. bnfunky says

    I've gone to the Zeal Interiors site but can't find this crib anywhere. Any suggestions? I am looking for something just like this!


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