Nursery decor that inspires me.

Jul 21st, 2011

Every so often I come across a picture that I just HAVE to share. I found this picture at a few months ago. I am kind of obsessed with this nursery. It. is. Perfect. I love the birdies, and the crib is to die for. I love that you can see the wood grain in the wood on the crib, and I love the mix between the rustic crib and the sleek black armoire. I also love the bird cages hanging in the corner. Check out the branch with birdies hanging from them for the mobile.  I just love the simplicity of this room. It seems like such a calm space. I love it. It inspires me.


  1. ooo I love this!!

  2. beautiful!
    this is so simple that makes it special
    htt: / /

  3. That is fantastic! I just put it on my Pintrest, thanks for sharing!

  4. That crib is stunning!

  5. i normally like white cribs but this one is so beautiful!!!

  6. This looks amazing! Wow!

  7. Beautiful

  8. I just found your blog and am your newest follower! Thanks for creating such an inspirational place to visit.

  9. banclothing says:

    The crib looks home made which I love.

  10. I respect your inspiration And I love it too. Really its a good and unique decorating idea. Thanks for beautiful sharing.
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  11. I love the rustic look, I wonder if the crib would fit safety requirements though… I know they do not allow cribs with posts on the side, because a babies clothes could get hung up on it… otherwise I love it!


  12. TheEreperez says:

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  13. I L-O-V-E Those bird cages! I have been on the hunt for some like those for so long! This is an adorable nursery!

  14. Do you happen to have an exact link to this crib/nursery?? It is GORGEOUS!!!

  15. So many expectant parents drop by Unique Baby Gear Ideas looking for patterns to make their own cribs. This one is so gorgeous..yes, I'm obsessed, too. :-)

    Does anybody know where I might find a pattern similar to this one that I could recommend to my visitors?

    If you know of one, please send me an email with the addy uniquebabygear [at]

  16. I've gone to the Zeal Interiors site but can't find this crib anywhere. Any suggestions? I am looking for something just like this!

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