Happy Monday peeps! I have had the craziest few weeks! It’s birthday month at our house. My birthday was first, and my hubby threw a great karaoke party to celebrate! Then my son Connelly’s birthday was Saturday and now my daughter Oaklyn’s birthday is today. Whew.

We have had several parties at our house, and on Friday night I hosted a get together for my friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was a blast! I haven’t stayed up until 5:00 am since I was probably 13. (And I won’t be doing it anytime soon either, can you say exhaustion!?!?) It was really fun to stay up late talking and playing games. My rockstar hubby took the kiddos to stay at my brother and sister in law’s house for the night. So, we had the house to ourselves.

Well, as a part of the party plan, I wanted to play this fun skittles get to know you game that I learned when I was a Presidential Ambassador at Southern Utah University. I thought it would be a fun way to get to know things about my friends that you don’t normally talk about.

Here is what you do. You send around a bowl of skittles without telling them that it is part of your game. You do tell them not to eat their skittles yet though. So, after everyone has a bunch of skittles you explain that for every skittle they have, they need to tell something about themselves.

For every red skittle, you tell embarrassing moments or memorable moments in your life.
For every orange skittle, you tell a goal that you have.
For every purple skittle, you tell an achievement.
For every yellow skittle, you tell about a hobby or interest that you have.
For every green skittle, you tell about your “favorites.” This could be your favorite food, your favorite vacation, your favorite brand of lip gloss..etc.

It is a fun way to get people talking (not that we need help to start talking in my particular group) but it gives you the chance to hear things about each other that you don’t normally share. It was especially fun to find out my friend’s goals and achievements. I have some pretty ROCKIN’ friends, ya know.

I thought I would share the printable for you all in case you wanted to use it for a future get together. :) I will be busy preparing for yet another party that will take place this weekend. I always underestimate the prep time that it takes to get ready for parties. How about you, have you had any parties lately?

Speaking of parties, It is almost OCTOBER!!!! What the!?!? October is a month of celebration at our house because we LOVE Halloween. I’ll be posting about some fun Halloween party ideas soon.


  1. says

    This looks like a really fun game! Although I'm not sure I would have answers to some of those, it would be fun to hear everyone's answers. We just had an angry Birds birthday for my 4 year old this weekend. Now we are done with birthdays for the year.

  2. Ashley says

    We did something similar to this last year during my school counseling residency training. I don’t think the colors meant the same thing as what is listed here, but it made for a great ice breaker activity.

  3. Deesh says

    I played this ice breaker for a club in my school. Everyone loved it. I had people getting up and telling their EM brassing stories. The whole night was filled with laughter. Everyone had a great time playing it!

  4. Kelli says

    This is so crazy!! I LOVE this idea and was looking up ice break games cause I am in charge of doing an ice breaker game for our ambassador retreat at SUU as well!!!

    Thanks for your help!

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