Feature Friday, Furniture Transformations!

Sep 16th, 2011

When I get photos of projects from readers it makes my day. It is a fun reward for me. It makes me feel like I am inspiring you, and that makes me super excited. It motivates me. So, thank you for taking the time to take pictures of your projects for me to see. Believe me, I know what a pain it can be to stop what you are doing when you are in “project mode” to take a picture.

As you all know, I love before and after shots. I’m kind of addicted I think, and Heidi Rush knows that!!! She sent me this amazing kitchen makeover link and I did a double take. They tore down a WALL!!! Awe-some. Go check out the entire reveal over at her blog rushartist.wordpress.com. Thank you for sharing Heidi. I love your mismatched chairs around your table. :)

This bed was given to Jamie Mccormick for FREE! Gotta LOVE free projects! She did an amazing job painting and glazing this bad boy.

Way to go Jamie! To check out the entire transformation, check out Jamie’s blog. 

Do you have an All Things Thrifty inspired project? Send it to me at allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com.
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Ooh, that bed frame is beautiful! Major transformation!

  2. Removing a wall works wonders in a home. If you take a look at my new home, you will see the living, kitchen and breakfast area is very open. I have a formal dining, however I attempted to close the room up white building, however a big no from hubby.

    Also, the headboard is wonderful!! Excellent job.

  3. Wow- I had to do a double take on that before & after too… was super confused for a second until I saw the kitchen behind that door in the before pic. Ha!

  4. I love NO walls :) Such a great transformation!

  5. I LOVE that headboard! It came out really nice!

  6. Love both transformations. They look spectacular even if one is huge and one is petite they make a huge difference

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