I love when I see pictures of projects from YOU! Today I get to feature some photos that my readers shared with me on facebook! If you don’t already “like” All Things Thrifty, I highly suggest it (wink, wink). It is a great way to keep in the loop about all the fun projects I am working on!

This first project was inspired by my refinishing a desk post I posted about a while back!

Ansley Kathryn Buckley did a FANTASTIC JOB! I love it! The paintable wall paper looks fantastic on the 

drawers, and the three legged style of the desk is absolutely stunning!  

This next piece of furniture was painted and glazed by Tavia Lepley.

LOVE IT! I love the paint color she chose, and of course I absolutely adore the swirly pattern she painted on it. What a unique furniture piece! 

And last, but not least is a very cute candy corn wreath that was made by Amber Reeher. I am so excited for Halloween, I can hardly STAND IT! It is sooo close! Amber was inspired by the post I shared about a candy corn wreath from Women’s Day

Way to go readers!!! xoxox!
Have a great weekend!


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    First off, I just found your blog and I love it I a have been looking over it for 2 hours now. Second I know you said you can't respond to e-mails anymore, I do understand, but I have been looking for your tutorial on pin-tucked pillows and can not find it. I saw the blue/grey pillow from last february but can't find the tutorial.

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