The last month has been busy and fun. Every year, August/September seems to be one of the busiest months of the year around here.
We have had THREE birthdays. (I turned 30, 29 again. My daughter Oaklyn turned eight, and my son Connelly turned 7.) Yes, my two oldest kids are 12 months apart.

So, naturally we had to celebrate with birthday PARTIES!

The kids started back to school, and my three year old started preschool (for two days a week). Sidenote: isn’t it funny how different my kids look? I have a redhead, a brunette, and a blondy!!! I love it.

We organized All Things Thrifty’s Headquarters the garage. Please no judgements here. I have been in “acquisition” mode for the last few months. It takes acquiring some amazing finds to transform them into amazing projects. :) Stay tuned for some fun furniture transformations coming up in the near future! This is what it looked like before we organized it!

I hosted my annual bunco. I had a fun time adding some vinyl circles to the paper plates and onto the top of the card tables to turn them into dice! I used my silhouette for this!

I thought they looked cute!

AND we finally took a family picture that included Creed. (It took me almost 8 months…ahem). Thank you to my neighbors (The Kearls) who came and snapped this picture for us. :)

We are gearing up for some fun BIG projects coming up soon. I am super excited. PLUS, Halloween is right around the corner! I had to stop myself from buying some Halloween stuff at Target today. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I always buy stuff like that at the end of the season. So, last year I bought a bunch of stuff on clearance. Now I just need to get out my bins to remember what I bought! :)

Have you had a busy month too!?!


  1. says

    What a cute family picture! I have two red heads and I love it too! Me and my husband are both dark haired. Love your bunco ideas! I haven't played that since I was a teenager. Love, love, love your blog! :)

  2. says

    Great family photo…your kids look a lot like your hubby. Busy month all around! I don't know where you find the time to get so many projects done…it takes me forever it seems to get one piece of furniture finished!


  3. says

    I thought the same thing…you look smokin!!! We just did family pics too. Now I can work on my Family picture wall. Yay!

    Birthdays are comin up for my kiddos too. Three birthdays in four weeks so I know the feeling.

    and I see those treasure in your garage. I sure hope they make their appearance soon!!!

  4. Tristie hearts Dax says

    you look fabulous and so skinny! It is great to have a fam shot with everyone. I'm still working on that with my 13 month old.

  5. Brooke @ says

    You are sooo nice. This picture was a total fluke. It makes me look skinnier than I am. Gotta love pictures that give that illusion!!! Ha ha. Thanks for your cute compliments! xoxo

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