I love Halloween! In fact, I cannot believe that we only have 17 days left before the holiday! Yipeeeee! I thought it would be fun to give you a few cute Halloween Food ideas to take to your Halloween parties that will be starting soon. I accidentally titled the post Halloween food ideas from LAST week. Oh man, I was embarrassed. Forgive me, I am only human. Here are the ACTUAL Halloween food ideas for you.

Guacamole and chips are a MUST for any party, so why not make it into FRANKENSTEIN! :) We used a little bit of olives, eggs and one carrot to complete the look. Isn’t he cute?

Check out this amazingly disgusting kitty litter cake/dessert from my bestie Jo and her Mom Gaylinn. It really is absolutely delicious. It was so funny when Jo brought this famous dessert to the Halloween party. No one would touch it for hours, but then when someone finally got brave and dug into the dessert, everyone LOVED it. It’s all in good fun peeps, all in good fun!

Want to know how to make this bad boy? Here is the recipe. Thank you for letting me post this Jo and Gaylinn.
1 Yellow Cake Mix (and all ingredients needed to make as directed)
1 Chocolate Cake Mix (and all ingredients needed to make as directed)
12-15 vanilla filled cookies (Jo buys the cheap kind)
A few drops of green food coloring
1 large box of instant vanilla pudding (and all ingredients to make as directed)
1 bag of long tootsie rolls

Bake the yellow cake mix (as directed in a 9X13 pan)
Bake the chocolate cake mix (as directed in a 9X13 pan)
Bake separately and cool.

Place 12-15 vanilla cream filled cookies in a large zip lock bag and smash with a rolling pin until they are nice and smashed. Put in 2-3 drops of green food coloring and mix together until it is nice and speckled.

Make instant vanilla pudding (as directed)

Crumble the cakes together into a bowl (with your hands). Add half of the chocolate cake and the entire vanilla cake to together. Add the prepared pudding to the cake crumbles and mix together until moist. Use as much pudding it takes to moisten the crumbles generously.

Spread the cookie/pudding mixture in the bottom of a NEW kitty litter box. Jo found hers at All a Dollar. Sprinkle the cookie mixture on top and add the tootsie rolls (shaped like cat droppings) on top of that. Jo even served her dessert with a kitty litter scoop (once again use a NEW scoop). She bought hers at All a Dollar.

If you can’t quite handle the kitty litter option, you can opt for an easier route. Simply make your favorite cupcakes and put a dab of yellow, orange, and white frosting to create the look of candy corns. Look how adorable these turned out from my good friend Laura.

Lastly, have you ever wondered how to make a foggy pumpkin with dry ice? It is EASY PEASY peeps. All you’ve gotta do is get some dry ice, crack it into small pieces, and put them into a plastic cup. Fill that cup full of HOT tap water and it will boil and fog. To make the pumpkin fog, just carve your favorite pattern and place the plastic cup into the pumpkin. The fog will naturally go out the carving. Note: Make sure that you keep replacing the cold water with HOT water every 5-10 minutes or so to keep the fog going strong.

Random sidenote: Check out my cute scentsy warmer in the background. đŸ˜‰ I love scentsy.  Stay tuned for a fun post about that later.

Now it is your turn to link up your favorite Halloween project. Feel free to link up any Halloween food ideas, costumes, party ideas, Halloween home decor…etc.

Don’t forget to link back at the bottom of your post. Thanks guys! I am really enjoying this series. I love looking at all of your amazing Halloween ideas! xoxo.


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    Love the cupcakes, such a simple idea, but so cute! "On a side note" I have that same Scentsy warmer! I am a Scentsy consultant and those puppies FLEW off the shelves this year because they were marked down. Gotta love a great price on such a cute item! :)

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    {{how embarrassing}} I linked up the same post I did last week by mistake. The 24th post Finger cookies, please delete if not too much trouble, so sorry :(

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    I wish I could find the picture of my puking pumpkin! He would fit in well here! We carved it to look like he was puking and then made very chunky guacamole and made it look that is what he was hurling. It was a hit at the party we took it too. This series has been fun! Thanks for hosting!


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