Can you believe that our Blogging 101 series is already on WEEK 5? Holy moly. If you missed the first four weeks, you can find them below:
Week 1: How to you grow your blog.
Week 2: How do you keep up with a blog?
Week 3: How do you handle all the e-mails coming in each day?
Week 4: How do you make money on your blog?

As a blogger, I have struggled with the expectations of keeping up at times. I wanted to find out how often these amazing mentors said that a blogger should post.

  So, today’s question is: How often should a blogger post?

Marian from Miss Mustard Seed.
A blogger should post as often as she/he wants to.  It also depends on what goals you have for your blog.  If you want to blog professionally and have engaged readers, you have to post more than once a week.  On the flip side, posting fluff and nonsense eight times a day isn’t going to grow your readership, either.  Posting 5-7 times a week seems to be pretty standard for an individual blogger.

Funky Junk Interiors      Donna from funky junk
How you post is what your followers will come to expect. I love blogs that post frequently but I also look for worthy content. So I vote to hang in there until you have something to teach or inspire with. But know even the most random topic can become a hit so one never knows! My own attempt is every 2-3 days but that can fluctuate to more or less.

Tauni a communications professional from Snap
Everyone has there own theory on this one, but to be honest there isn’t one answer. If a blogger is consistent (which could be once a week – look at Bakerella) and produces great content they will reach success.

Having said that, most bloggers looking to grow and or monetize would need to post at least three times a week to maintain traffic.

Jen from Tatertots and Jello
I think how often a blogger should post is up to each person. I know bloggers who post once a week, some that post 2-3 times a week, some that post every day and some that post a few times a day and each is successful in their own way. I think the more important thing to consider is how to be consistent in how often you blog. Figure out what works best for you and try to stick to that schedule. You don’t want to burn yourself out. I think readers like knowing when to expect a blog post and once they are used to your schedule they will look forward to each post when they expect it to come. And it really depends on what type of blog you have too. If you have a craft/project blog you are putting time into making the projects, plus editing pictures, writing them up, etc. You might not have as much time to post as often as someone who is a feature blogger or another blogger who is a writer.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals
I think that as a blogger you ‘condition’ your readers on what to expect from you.  As far as Vintage Revivals goes I dont really do small projects so I dont post a project every day or even every week and my readers have grown accustomed to knowing that when things are a little quiet I have something huge in the works.  And then when I have a huge project reveal I try and let it marinate for a few days before I do a follow up post.  That way I know that it is getting maximum exposure.  That being said I try and post at least 4 times a week with tips or funny stories or peeks into what I have been working on.  You set the bar for yourself.  And as awful and bizarre as this may seem…people will live without daily posts from you.  They might be a little sad and your stats might not be as high but if you are doing the best you can then that is good enough for me.

These amazing ladies have been wonderful to answer these questions for me. I am grateful, and to help them feel my gratitude, go visit their blogs and leave them some ? and comments. :) 

Next week’s question:
How to you cope with comparing your site to all the other amazing blogs in blogland? 


  1. says

    For me, I post as often as I have relevant content. If I don't have anything I feel is worth sharing I wont clog up my blog with it.

    I post sporadically at times so that the expectation is on the content and not the frequency of posting.

    I dont post randomly.

    As with each person, posting is totally up to the individual blogger.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. says

    Sometimes I get caught up in what other blogs are doing and how they operate. I find myself considering things to change or feeling bad about how much I blog/post, etc. In the end I try to remind myself to stay true to myself…to keep on the path that I started on. That may mean that I don't post 7 days a week & multiple times a day, but I feel that when I do post it is content that my readers will enjoy! I try to avoid fluff to just get a post out there!

    Thanks so much for this awesome series!!

  3. says

    Thanks for posting on this topic. I have been wondering this question myself. I try to post 5x a week M-F, but occasionally I will do more, more often I do less. Some days you are just too busy to have anything worthwhile to post and other days you are feeling completely uninspired. I was feeling guilty for maybe not having an amazing post every day so this helps to read, thanks!

  4. says

    It's great to know that people can succeed if they post 10x a week or if they post 2x a week. I try to post 3x a week, and sometimes I wonder if this isn't enough, but really, I'm not sure what else of interest I could talk about. Plus I'm too busy working & doing the projects that I blog about to do more projects for more posts!

  5. says

    Great to hear some opinions on this!! My questions would be: Does more frequent postings lead to more search engine traffic since the blog is updated more often? Say 5 times a week versus 2 or 3 times a week. Has anybody noticed a difference in traffic? Thanks so much!!

  6. says

    I need to shape up on my posts. I am so concious of spamming people but actually what I am doing it just not engaging them. Also I was trying to do quality editorial – which is great if you have the time to invest in research and editing and actually writing. I have lots to think about and need to come up with a schedule for it. Thanks for the insight.

  7. Decorating with Cents says

    I'm a newbie to blogging and there's lots for me to learn. Initially I tried for 4x a week, but realized with a full-time job and other activities its a little difficult. So now I'm more realistic 2 – 3x weekly. That allows me time to read up on other blogs, practice and then show off my 'small projects'.

  8. says

    Thank you for this advice and for collecting it all in one place. It must come down to what you post, not when you post. I find the discipline of a regular weekly event helps give me some structure

  9. says

    This was really great. When I first started I was panicking about not posting enough and the blog became a source of stress. Now I just post when I can and have something I really want to share. After all, I'm doing this for pleasure.

    Also, I just gave you the versatile blogger award on my blog.
    Thanks for all the creative ideas:)

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