Halloween is steadily getting closer! I love Halloween, and I cannot wait! Here are a few ideas for your Halloween parties coming up! If you need some ideas for invitations, check out our invitations from the last three years. We have a Halloween pumpkin carving party every year. It is a blast!

Below you will find our invitations for the last three years. If you are photoshop savy, feel free to download the images and alter them to fit your needs. :)  If you need ideas for any Halloween-type party, this might give you a few ideas.

Can you believe that the picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker is actually a pumpkin that we carved?

 So is the picture below of Captain Jack Sparrow.

We often get asked where we get our pumpkin carving patterns.

Here is a list of places that we get our patterns from:
Zombie pumpkins: This site is a great one for the beginning carver. These patterns are fairly simple and can be done by almost anyone. They are still very impressive and they have a great selection! You can join for as low as $2.00, but we pay more to print more patterns for our party guests.
Pumpkin Glow: Pumpkin glow is a great site to find patterns that are not Halloween in nature. For example, if you want a pumpkin pattern of John Wayne, this is the site to go to. The best part? This site is FREE. The patterns at this site are easy also.
JP Jammin Pumpkins: JP does an amazing job keeping current patterns for you. His patterns are cut through patterns, so no shading tools are needed. He has some easy ones and more advanced patterns for those who are feeling brave. :)
The Pumpkin wizard: If you are more advanced, this site is perfect for you. The patterns are tough, but they are amazing when you get done. These patterns are shading patterns where you don’t go all the way through when carving them, you shade certain areas and cut through others. The membership for this site is $7.95 per year.
Stoney Kins: Another AMAZING advanced carving site. You can join for as little as $3.00. This site might be my personal favorite. Whenever we carve Stoney’s patterns, they are always a crowd favorite.

Now it is time for you to share your Halloween projects. Feel free to link up costume ideas, an amazing carved pumpkin, home decor…etc. Anything Halloween is WELCOME!! Don’t forget to link back! :)


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    I was reading about blogging and followed a link here from Funky Junk Interiors. I was so very surprised to see an ad on your sidebar for The Durango Silverton Train. We are in Western Colorado, I just booked our 5th annual family Polar Express tix two days ago. You can imagine my surprise to find an ad specific to my area! I clicked on it, of course!
    Anyways, this is my first time here, I just linked up a fun Halloween post!

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