So, my bleeping amazing hubby found something for me the other day, and I have been dying to show you ever since. I might just freak out with excitement. Really, whose husband would bring home a chair like this for his wife? MINE WOULD. I’m lucky.

Just check out this gal:
When he got home with her, I might have done a little jig. Her lines are to. die. for. AND….she is down filled. I keep finding myself in the garage sitting on her while I talk on the phone. You know a chair is comfortable if you go to the garage just to sit on it! Ha ha.

It reminds me of this chair from Layla Grace.

Pretty soon, my version will have a new look. Stay tuned!

Oh, and the best part? MINE WAS $20.00! I’ve been trying to tell ya for 2 years now that decorating can be inexpensive. I hope you are starting to believe me. :) xoxo!

Oh and the winners of a roll of scotch blue 3M painters tape from the other day’s painting party are:
Number 38:

Mrs T said…38

I tweeted about ScotchBlueBrand

Number 8:

Renewed Upon a Dream said…8

Wow that looks amazing. Good job hubby!

and Number 12:

faithplusnothing said…12

I would use it to paint my bedroom

Send me your name and address to allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com if you are a winner.


  1. says

    i usually dont comment but oh my goodness Brooke that chair is amaze-balls! when you can find a chair like that for such a steal- you have arrived! you have officially made it! i cannot WAIT until i see what you do to this chair

  2. Kristi says

    Thanks for posting this chair. Something about sitting in these chairs makes me so relaxed and almost transports me to another time. Lucky that you got an ottoman with it too. Enjoy every moment with it :)

  3. Erica says

    Brooke!!!! These are the SAME as my Grandmother's chairs – after she passed away my mom inherited them – there are a set of two of them and they are in this green soft fabric. I've always always loved them!!! here's to hoping that one day I inherit them, then I'll call on you to help give tips to recover them!!!! It's a beautiful chair!!! Great job Dan! We miss you guys!

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