To those of you who have been around All Things Thrifty for awhile, it is no secret that Scentsy products are a “must have” in my home. I use Scentsy daily, and I have used it for years. So, when I got an e-mail from the representatives from Scentsy to come up to Meridian (a suburb of Boise, ID) for a day or two I was ecstatic. I honestly consider Scentsy one of my favorite things in my home. I have four warmers throughout my home, and I’m constantly changing the scents. I love it.

Have you ever had a friend that you just loved, but then you spend more time with them and finally get to know them better and it makes you LOVE them even more? I’m tellin’ ya, this is what happened to me with Scentsy last week. I don’t even know where to begin. Scentsy feels like a friend that is very considerate and genuine. I know that sounds crazy, but when I got home from the Scentsy event, I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t say a harsh word about all of those amazing people.

Here are my top ten reasons why I had a great time at the Scentsy Event:
#1: The culture was full of love. Since I went to school for organizational communications, I was particularly interested in the company’s culture. You could feel the passion from each employee. It was genuine and almost BURST right out of them. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “I have the BEST job here at Scentsy.” The enthusiasm for their products was contagious. It was so fun to see all the considerations that went into the decision-making in this place.

They have these GINORMOUS versions off their Scentsy buddies laying around the hallways in their office building. One of the workers said that when the employee’s kids come to visit, they get to play with these huge stuffed animals! How fun is that!?!?

Here I am with Penny the pig.

They even have Scentsy scents burning in their bathrooms at their office building! I love that they have their products throughout their space. I want one in my bathroom at home now! :)

#2: I love that their motto is: Generosity, Simplicity, and Authenticity. (“In that particular order,” says Orville the company CEO). The company uses these three words to drive their decision making. He also said that he wanted to always make sure that the company always GIVES more than is expected.  This was very evident in the way they treated us. From the time we got there, our expectations were blown out of the water.  Our rooms were ready and welcoming with our favorite scentsy scents burning in our hotel rooms. The fact that they even THOUGHT to ask us our favorite types of fragrances was amazing.

They gave us a goody bag that had our agenda sewn on the side of the bag. For people like me who forget things MOST of the time, this was very thoughtful. They also planned the event on a Thursday afternoon-Friday afternoon so that we could get back to our families for the weekend.

#3: The owners came in to the office to meet us in person. As a blogger, I am contacted often by companies. But, RARELY do I get to talk with the owner in person. I thought this was very considerate of them to take the time out of their busy lives to come and meet us.

Top row: Tenielle from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous, Kari from Ucreate, Heidi and Orville Thompson (the Owners of Scentsy), Juliet from Juicy Stuff, Shelley from House of Smiths, and Amy from The Idea Room,
Bottom Row: myself, Kami from No Biggie, Shelley from How does She, Heather from Whipperberry, and Cindy from Skip to my Lou.
#4: The fragrance training was amazing. I loved learning about how they come up with each fragrance and how much thought goes into each individual product. Check out how many scents we got to smell. I didn’t even know some of these fragrances existed! It was fun to hear about how some scents are statistically hard to smell, and how some people naturally dislike certain scents. It was very interesting. It was fun to hear that certain scents are popular in certain areas off the world and certain scents are not. How interesting!

Did you know that each scent has a top note, a med. note, and a base note? Each note is added to give the fragrances a longer lasting smell. You can check out their online fragrance education if you want. :)

#5: The company had humble beginnings. It reminded me of growing up my family’s alfalfa farm. We talked about “bootstrapping” and how sometimes you have to put your boots on and get to work. Scentsy started out in a shipping container on a sheep farm. You should check out the Scentsy story, it is very inspiring! The family all came together to help out Heidi and Orville Thompson (the company owners) to help give their time and energy to get the company off the ground. Sometimes I think we all forget that businesses don’t grow themselves. They take time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears.

#6: I was in good company! Getting together with other bloggers is rare for me, so when I finally got to meet these power-house bloggers in person, I was kind of in celebrity shock. I got to meet, Amy from The Idea Room, Kami from No Biggie, Cindy from Skip to my Lou, Kari from Ucreate, Heather from Whipperberry, Shelley from House of Smiths, Shelley from How does She, Tenielle from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous, and Juliet from Juicy Stuff.

Being at this event with other bloggers was so much fun. I acted like a little kid at Christmas. Look at us all at the Boise airport tweeting or checking our e-mails on our phones! Ha ha.

#7: The thoughtful details blew my socks off. Stephanie (a scentsy employee) saw me trying to clean a spot on my shirt and offered to “round up” a tide pen for me. Five minutes later, I had a tide pen in my hand. Everyone was like that. They had thought about all the tiny details. We stayed in an amazing hotel called Hotel 43 in downtown Boise. We got to pick out our own Scentsy scents. Since fragrances are hard to pick out for other people, I appreciated that. Plus, we even got to choose our own Scentsy perfume to take home. I felt very spoiled. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about every last detail.

#8: We got to go to a Scentsy Party.
Lindsey Deverall welcomed us to her home with open arms, and we got to sit, chat, and laugh while we enjoyed smelling the scentsy scents. It was fun to not be in a hurry and experience every scent they have to offer. I have been to parties before, but I’m usually hurrying to go pick up my girls from dance or hurrying home to cook dinner…etc. It was fun to be there. I cannot wait to get my order. :)

Below: Shelley from How does She, Shelley from House of Smiths, and myself (of course)!

#9: We got to have a design brainstorming session with Gary (their mega-talented) design guru. I couldn’t shut my mouth. I’m jealous that he get to travel around the world to study the upcoming trends! How fun would that be!?!? I’m a little obsessed with interior design if you haven’t noticed!

#10: We got to experience Scentsy in a way that you could never imagine. It was honestly one of the most fun things I have ever been a part of, and I would go again in a heartbeat. I loved every minute of it. Thank you Scentsy for having me! 


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    Isn’t Scentsy the greatest? I love being a consultant. After attending one party, I was hooked, so I went home and started researching the company. I was so impressed, that I became a consultant right away! I so wish I could take the trip you did! Awesome!

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    I just found your blog and can't wait to hear more about All Things Thrifty! I am a Scentsy Consultant so naturally drawn to your story. What an amazing gift to be shown around the Scentsy digs in Meridian! It is truly wonderful to hear such positive praise from someone who is not an employee or consultant. It is an exceptional company on so many ways. Love my job!!

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    That is so cool I love the huge Scentsy Buddies soo cute I started selling scentsy about 2 months ago and love it could not live without it I too have tons of warmers and change my scents often could not live without it. Guess that is why I sell it would never sell something I did not use myself. Looks like you had an awesome time with the Scentsy group I love what you wrote so awesome. Thanks for all the awesome words..

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    Hi Brooke, I’m a newly enrolled Scentsy consultant and was so excited to read this post on your blog about the Scentsy family, their products and factory etc. It’s certainly good to know I have made a great decision to join such a great company and I’m sure, even though they are still extremely new to our side of the world (arrived here in Australia Sept. 2013) I will have great fun growing with them on this amazing journey. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us and keep up the great work on your blog. Charmaine Black in Western Australia x

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