Framing your television is a great way to make your television part of your decor. It helps to make your room feel finished and more polished. Plus, when you frame your tv, you can cover up your UGLY tv brackets!
I have posted about a few tv frames (tv frame post, another tv frame post) in the past, and I had my eye on one from Pottery Barn’s Chadwick frame a few years ago. I’m in love with the idea of having the television hung on the wall with a frame around it because it makes the electronics a real part of the room instead of an eye sore. Plus, if your husband is like mine, he wants as big of a television as possible. So, in my mind, the bigger the tv, the bigger the eye sore!!! So, in order to dress up the wall, why not make it a focal point with an amazing frame around it.

Shawn at Aspen Mills made this custom frame.

It is for Jill’s House. I am so excited with the result. It is breath-taking! These pictures do not do this frame justice! I hate it when that happens! When it was in my garage, I contemplated never letting go of it again. I love it that much. I didn’t want to give it up! Hopefully you can see the massive-ness (is that a word) of the frame in the photo below.

The frame is absolutely GI-NORMOUS! The television is a 55” monster, so maybe that will give you a better idea of the scale of this bad boy! The frame is mounted on the wall, and the television mounts directly inside it. Shawn made it to fit perfectly, so that it looks just perfect.  The teal color is also perfect, and I love the distressed look. When I went to pick out the color at Aspen Mills, I knew that was the color I wanted as soon as I saw it. Oh my gosh, it is soooo fun! As you know, I am obsessed with color. The glaze is really pretty too. Shawn painted it for me too! They did a fabulous job.
Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas gift? I’m tellin’ ya, this is a win/win situation. You can get it for your husband for Christmas (and then you will feel like it’s ok to have a gigantic television hanging on your wall). :)
The best part? It only costs $300.00 for this amazing frame in the custom size to fit your television! That is a GREAT price. Plus, he will paint it in whatever color or stain it if you prefer. Think of all the possibilities! Contact Aspen Mills for information at: 435-668-9486.  Visit the Aspen Mills website to see more of what this talented company can do. I love all the custom cabinetry and furniture projects that they do. Oh what I could do with the woodworking tools of a cabinet shop!
Aspen Mills is located in St. George, Utah, but I bet he could ship a frame to just about anywhere. Contact him for more details!
Are you getting excited to see the final result of Jill’s House?


  1. says

    That's awesome but what about venting? Is there some sort of hole in the top to allow heat to escape? If not, I would imagine it could overheat the television. It looks amazing though!

  2. Brooke @ says

    Hi Haley,
    The frame only sits around the television. If you look closer in the pictures, the frame doesn't cover the television at all. There is still plenty of ventilation for the air to escape and circulate.

  3. says

    Hi Brooke,
    Boy does my husband owe you big time. He has wanted a flat screen TV for some time now and after seeing this post I finally gave in to his wishes. I did make him promise that we would make a beautiful frame for our TV too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. says

    I allowed my hubby to have a 48 flatscreen on my bedroom wall because of this post.I also had him make a frame for it too!,,, I just painted the first color,waiting for it to dry then it's distress,paint,distress and glaze..will send pictures

  5. says

    @Michelle Rodgers

    So sorry for that confusion. Their website was down for a couple days but I checked all the links and they seem to be up and running again. Please let me know if you have any more problems!! Hope this helps!!


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