Week of Chairs  I hope you are enjoying the furniture transformations this week! If you missed Day 1 or Day 2 of the “Week of Chairs” event, you better check them out because you can’t miss this fun event! ! The next chair transformation was another find at the local thrift store. Finding the right style of chair for your space is the biggest hurdle in the process because sometimes you simply have to be in the right place at the right time. I you need some tips about thrift store shopping, check out my previous post about that!

Refinishing furniture 4
I primed and painted this bad boy with KILZ primer and Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint!  Then I glazed it to add the antiqued look and add dimension to the amazing spindly shape! If you missed my glazing 101 and glazing videos, check them out!
Week of Chairs 024   Week of Chairs 028
I love how pretty the chair turned out. If you look close at the glazing job on this chair, you will notice that there weren’t very many nooks and crannies to glaze. This chair is a great example of using a dry brushing technique to add a fun aged flair to the paint job. I love to use glaze to make the furniture edges POP!

Week of Chairs 025

I used the same fabric that I bought at Urban Renewal (a fun local St. George store).

Week of Chairs 027

I wish these chairs were for my house!! Lucky Jill gets to enjoy all these fun chairs! Stay tuned for more chairs for Jill’s House!


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