Week of Chairs
Are you getting sick of chair transformations yet? Ha ha. I hope not! If you missed Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3, you should check them out. I have worked really hard to refinish a bunch of chairs to be ready for this fun event! I hope you are having fun every day! This chair sat in my garage for months. (Mr. All Things Thrifty was ticked about that). I have to agree, I’m a border-line hoarder when it comes to furniture. BUT, the great thing is that it has a new home at Jill’s House. I absolutely loved the lines of this chair. The high back of the chair design caught my eye right off the bat, and the curved features are very feminine. I love it!

I painted this dainty little chicky with KILZ primer and painted it with Krylon White paint (semi-gloss). I hope you are seeing a trend here. I ALWAYS PRIME my furniture pieces. I’m telling you…you CANNOT skip this step. AND, I always use KILZ. Do I sound like a broken record? :) Make sure you sand with 220 grit sand paper after the primer is dry to remove any gritty texture.
After she was bright white, I decided that she needed to be distressed, and it added the perfect amount of character. I used my electric sander to roughen it up in some spots and it turned out better than I imagined. I’m telling ya, the pictures do not do this chair justice!  refinishing furniture 5  I upholstered the seats with fabric from the local Urban Renewal store in St. George, Utah. Week of Chairs 043
Week of Chairs 039 Week of Chairs 044 Week of Chairs 032 Week of Chairs 033
Do you like it!?! Week of Chairs 034 Week of Chairs 035Week of Chairs 037
I. LOVE. IT! :)


  1. says

    I am a chair freak too. I have a set of Duncan Phyfe mahogany ones that still have the tag on the bottom of the seat with the address of the house in SLC where they were originally delivered. I've always meant to go by and look!

  2. The Vakautakakala's says

    I just got done refinishing the table that goes with these chairs (and 6 of the chairs that you've used in this post) i LOVE how wide the seat is and how sturdy the chair is. I've been searching everywhere for more, (because the table seats 12!!) if you ever see or come across anymore I would love to know the manufacturer or any info on them!!

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