Every so often, I get a submission that knocks my socks off. I have to thank April Nielson for sending me the barstool project. April is a loyal All Things Thrifty fan that I have had the opportunity to meet in person! In fact, her and her sister Summer have been to my house and every time they comment on my site, I find myself CRACKING up! They are so much fun. On Halloween, April and Summer came to see our pumpkin carving display. I about died of laughter when I realized their costumes were a furniture transformation “before” and “after” complete with lamps and picture frames attached.
So, today I have two Blue ribbon Awards to give: One to April and Summer for their amazing creative Halloween costumes, and one for the project that April sent to me from Casablanca Transformations.
If you are new to All Things Thrifty, you may not know what a Blue Ribbon Award is. I don’t just shell out these awards to just anyone and they must fit these requirements:
1. Unique   2. Demonstrates Originality    3. Crazily Creative    4. Thrifty     5. and YOU LOVE IT!
Here are a few past projects that have also fit the bill. Click on the photo to see their award posts:
Painting Furniture Lamp Tutorial springtime desk 004
April and Summer’s Halloween costume DEFINITELY fits this description! I just love these girls. It made my night that they showed up dressed as a dresser covered with stickers and a transformed pink dresser complete with a new paint job and stenciled front! 
before and after 003before and after 004  Blog Stalking copy
April sent me an e-mail with a link to our second blue ribbon award. These painted leather barstools are so cute! Casablanca Transformation is the second recipient of a blue ribbon award today! Amy did a fantastic job making these barstools unique and custom.
Barstools 1barstools 2barstools 6
Look how cute they are! Oh. MY. GOSH. I love her white and gray pallet!
barstools 5 She used a stencil for this fun project.barstools 4
Think of the possibilities! When I see a project like this, it IMMEDIATELY inspires me. It makes my creative brain start spinning. :)barstools 3
Great job AMY, APRIL, and SUMMER!
If you have seen a project (Yours or anyone else’s) that deserves a blue ribbon award, please send it to me at allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com.
Blue Ribbon Award at All Things Thrifty Go visit Amy’s site and give her some love and comments!


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    Brooke those girls look like my kind of people. You should get to know them more. They should be your new best friends. I may be a little prejudice being one of them but still. We fun people.

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