Silhouette Deal Details!

Nov 23rd, 2011

Ok peeps, here are the details!

Use the code “BLACK” from Friday 25th – Monday 28th. to get 30% off of everything in their regular store!

THEN….use the code “THRIFTY” to get an additional 10% off on top of the 30% off!

SO, with both codes you will get 40% off at their regular store.

BUT….if you want the CAMEO, you won’t find it in their regular store. YOU NEED TO GO TO THE SECRET SITE to buy the CAMEO.

To get to the secret site, go HERE!

The CAMEO will not be available to buy on that site until Friday, and the Silhouette peeps have informed us that the CAMEO’s WILL SELL OUT. So, if you want one, you will need to be on top of things. Don’t forget to use the code “THRIFTY!”

Good luck!

UPDATE: The sale for the CAMEO will begin at 12:00 AM Mountain Standard Time on Friday (at the secret sale website). You will not find the CAMEO deal on their regular site. I don’t know the discounted price for the CAMEO, but I do know it will be a “nice”, “discounted price”. AND…you WILL still need to use the code THRIFTY for you to get that discount. 


  1. So do you know if both codes can be used to get 40% off the Cameo? Thanks a ton!!!

  2. How exactly do you enter both codes? Do I enter one, submit, then enter the next? Also, will it be available at 12:01am EST on the 25th? Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure I'm prepared because I have been planning on getting this since last year!

  3. I was wondering the same thing…how much can we get off the Cameo and what codes to use? Thanks!

  4. Hi and thanks for the info :) I just want to buy the regular silhouette but when I click on "regular store" it's not listed there….help me, pretty please. Thanks, Sue

  5. I got an email telling about the 30% off, but it said it excluded the Cameo. Do you know if this will for sure work on the Cameo?

  6. Brooke @ says:

    All I know about the Cameo discount is that it will be a "nice discount" I don't know what the price will be. As for the time of the sale…let me find out.

    Kimberly, you cannot buy the cameo from their regular site, and the only people that will know about the secret site to buy the cameo will be the ones on the secret site.

    So to answer your question, it is excluded from the regular 30% sale.

  7. Brooke @ says:

    The sale will begin at 12:00 AM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME on FRIDAY!

  8. Thank you thank you! I am so excited! I decided that it goes under 200 I am buying one! I just bought the SD off of about 5 months ago and I am obsessed, I use it almost everyday!

  9. Brooke @ says:

    The SD is discontinued. The CAMEO is the product that they are carrying now.

  10. I did try the Secret site for the Cameo, but guess what, it didn't work. It still shows not available on their site. Am I doing something wrong? Or the link is not correct? Oh well. Thanks anyway.

  11. So, the discount for the Silhouette can only be 10%. You cannot combine them to get it at 40% off. Bummer. My wife would have liked one of these.

  12. I have added the Cameo from the secret web site, but THRIFTY is not producing a discount and the price remains $299. Has anyone else been successful with this code? I have used the code BLACK to get 30% of the tools.

  13. Thrifty code worked for me last night for $50 off the cameo. I didn't buy it though. Still too expensive for my budget.

  14. Brooke @ says:

    I checked the code "thrifty" and it works to give a $50.00 discount from the secret site.

  15. I also got $50 off last night at midnight…really disappointed that the discount was only 20%! It was also extremely frustrating to me how Silhouette did this whole thing…making it seem like we would get 30-40% off, then saying it's a "mystery discount" or something…I definitely have not been impressed with the way they handled this, I thought it would be a much better discount and not knowing beforehand was also horrible customer service. Just my two cents :)

  16. FYI, I ended up returning my Cameo and buying it from Oh My Crafts for only $215.99! Much better deal and it might still be available with the code THANKS20!

  17. Haley–
    How did you return it? I tried calling Silhouette but I could only leave a message. I would love to return mine and order it from oh my crafts for the cheaper price. Thanks

  18. Hey Megan, I just emailed them at and asked for a refund/cancel my order. I referenced my order number and they responded yesterday saying it was cancelled. I hope that helps!

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