I have been treasure hunting for THE. PERFECT. unique home accessories for Jill’s House for months. It has been so hard to keep everything a secret for this long, but I am so excited to be close enough to complete this project that I can start POSTING ABOUT IT! We have been working hard and have a bunch of projects ready to blow your socks off! Yippeee!

If you missed the before pictures of Jill’s house, you should check them out because you are in for an amazing ride!

As you know, unique home accessories are kind of my ob-sess-ion. I love decorating with unconventional things, and I found these street lamps at the local Restore. I fell in love immediately. In case you are wondering, I will be using this street lamp INSIDE! Ha ha. I can’t wait to show you the room!!

Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and be daring with your accessory choices! Use something that someone has never used before as your focal point in your room. When you use rare items your home automatically feels more custom. Those are the best items that make a home feel whimsical. Plus it is very fun to have something that others don’t have! I definitely consider myself a treasure hunter, and these street lamps were a huge JACKPOT!
Next week will be another “week of chairs” week, where I will show you a chair transformation EVERY single day!

My first week of chairs took place in June of 2010. Here are the chairs that made their debut that week!

Week of Chairs Day 1: Chair Transformation

Week of Chairs Day 2: Chair Transformation

Week of Chairs Day 3: Chair Transformation

Week of Chairs Day 4: Chair Transformation

Week of Chairs Day 5: Chair Transformation Linky Party.

Here is the kitchen table that all these chairs were transformed for! I am in love with this table. I sold the bad boy, and I am still ticked off at myself. That is one of the HARDEST parts for me. I. WANT. TO. KEEP. EVERYTHING. I could be categorized as a hoarder when it comes to furniture. I have a love affair with it!

Make sure that you check back every day (starting Monday) for our second weeks of chairs event! Get ready for a week of refinishing furniture projects!


  1. says

    Ok, I wanna go shopping with you!! Wish we lived closer! You find the kind of stuff that I'm always in search of but can't find around here. Looks like I'm off to my Restore…please don't beat me there!

  2. Tristie hearts Dax says

    i'm crying about the beauty of those lamps. You lucky dog living in St. George with access to all kinds of fun things. I can't wait to see the after shots of that house. I know it will be awesome. I am aching for a house redo myself so I can't wait to live vicariously through Jill's!

  3. says

    Where do you find all of these chairs? I have been checking at Salvation Army and Goodwill with no luck and the ones on Craigslist are too expensive. Anywhere else I should be looking? Thanks.

  4. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    Every area is going to have different luck with finding chairs like these. I got mine at the local D.I. (a Goodwill type store in Utah). Don't get discouraged. Keep looking. Garage sales or Estate sales are a GREAT place to find old furniture, too.
    It also doesn't hurt to offer the Craigslisters a lower offer for their chairs. Good luck. xoxo


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