One of my favorite gifts that I have ever received was from a friend who made me a custom jewelry watch band out of the colors that I wear often.
So, step 1 of this idea involves some secret spy work. Ha ha. You MUST pay attention to your friends’ fashion habits! If you are like me, you tend to wear the same colors OVER and OVER and OVER again. Well, my good friend JoLinn noticed this about me and made me jewelry to match my favorite fashion colors. She is a very considerate friend. It blew me away. As silly as this sounds, I had not noticed that I gravitated to the same colors. You say that your friends know you better than you know yourself, and this was a prime example of that.
I LOVE EARRINGS! But sometimes it is hard to find the color of earrings that you are looking for. So, if you know All Things Thrifty, you know that this post probably involves SPRAY PAINT! Ha ha. After you have done your investigative work to find out which colors your friends wear, all you need to do is make them some custom earrings to match their favorite outfits!
I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores) and found some SUPER cheap jewelry accessories. I tend to gravitate to longer styled earrings, so I specifically bought a certain items that I could hook together to make my earrings longer than average.
This is all you need to make this fun gift: A set of jewelry medallions, some long kidney ear wires, and some jump rings (everything i bought was 50% off). I spent less than $3.00 on everything! Londyn's birthday 316 Next, all you need to do is hook these bad boys together with needle nose pliers by using the jump rings.
Londyn's birthday 324It literally took me less than 5 minutes to do this entire project from start to finish.
Londyn's birthday 330
I love them enough that I’m totally keeping a pair for myself!! Do you like my husband’s photo shoot of me! Ha ha. Man, I. AM. SEXY. Ha ha (sense the sarcasm).
I do totally love the earrings though. That part is not a joke. :)
  Londyn's birthday 331Londyn's birthday 333

Londyn's birthday 332
Don’t forget to spray paint them the color of your choice! I have spray painted earrings before, and it is a cheap and easy way to customize your jewelry! Just make sure that you don’t spray the portion of your earrings that go inside your ear. That would probably cause infection.
Now that’s what I call a THRIFTY present idea! What color do you gravitate to?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. The Yoder's Four says

    Oooo nice job!! I love making earrings! And where were you that was near a Hobby Lobby?! I used to have one minutes away in Albuquerque and I have missed it so much. St. George NEEDS one.

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