Jill’s House is getting closer and closer, and we are aiming to reveal the entire space right after Christmas!! So count on the reveal in about THREE WEEKS! EEEEEKKK are you freaking out with excitement?!?!
I wanted to show you a little sneak peak of the most amazing rug that we chose for her entryway!
I love the color combination and the thick wool detail is breathtaking! I am jealous. I WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE!!
The rug is an Amy Butler Rug Design. She is a designer that I am always drawn to. Her style is amazing, and I tend to gravitate to her colorful nature. Finding the perfect rug is a great way to tie in the colors from the entire room.

I have a MAJOR love affair with rugs and fabrics. I have searched high and low for the perfect rug, and this one was definitely THE. ONE. :) I love the turquoise, gray, tan, light green, dark green, and touches of rust in this rug! It is very thick and lays perfectly flat. With the help of Matt (Jill’s super handy Hubby) the building portion of the remodel is almost complete. He has worked hard! We just got a delivery yesterday with some hardware to help with the installation of an amazing focal point!  I can’t wait to show you!
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    I have been oogling Amy Butler rugs for months. WAY out of my price range. Overstock has them but they're still out of my budget. I keep haunting the Overstock Outlet store by my Mom's house in Sandy hoping one will show up at some point. That place is fabulous for killer deals!

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