Interior Decorating a cottage style kitchen, Jill’s House reveal part 3

Jan 23rd, 2012

I cannot believe that this is the last post of Jill’s house reveal! (sadness) It seems like I should have a LOT more to post about!! Showcasing the house is definitely the fun part though! I will have a tutorial or two to share, but this is the last reveal post. I hope you like it!   If you missed the living room and entry way, don’t forget to check them out!!

One of my favorite things to do is bounce decorating ideas off my friends, family and clients. THEY might not enjoy everything that rants out of my crazy/decorating mouth, but I SURE DO! Ha! When I told Jill that I wanted to make fork and knife curtains for her kitchen, she looked like she was going to fall off her chair! I think I even followed the comment with, “You will JUST have to trust me!” I had a vision, and I was really excited to show her what that vision was!!

The cozy cottage style kitchen is decorated in the same serene turquoise, white, grey and olive pallet that I love. It is very clean and bright, and I cannot get enough of it! I wish it were my kitchen/dining room! When I was making decisions for Jill’s House, my main agreement (with myself) was that I would not put anything in her home that I would not put in my own. I stayed true to that guide throughout the entire decorating process. cottage style dining room

My favorite part of the dining area is the curtains! (They are Jill’s favorite too!) The curtains were really inexpensive to make and I will be sharing a tutorial soon! The curtains add just the right amount of whimsy to the room in my opinion, and I loved how the ruffle at the top turned out. The amazing blue hutch is one of Jill’s fabulous furniture that she had in her son’s room. I think I probably ranted the sentence, “THAT FURNITURE IS COMING OUT FROM BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, LIKE NOW,” when I saw that bad boy. (Yes, I was yelling at the top of my lungs too!) Just kidding. The only thing we needed was to repair the glass and it was ready to go.
cottage style curtains7383

Since Jill’s cottage country style living room and entryway were painted blue, I decided to change it up and tone the kitchen a soft creamy tan color. I chose this color for a lot of reasons. Jill loves neutrals, and for her dining room and kitchen, I decided to tone down the wall color to naturally showcase the amazing furniture and cabinets in the room.

We added a pot rack (that we constructed ourselves) and hung it with rope (because of my love affair with pottery barn and restoration hardware who have both used rope in their designs this season). I loved the idea and even secured the rope with legit bailing wire. As a farm girl from central Utah, I couldn’t help myself!   cottage style house

The chandelier was another item that Jill had in her garage that was not being used! (I KNOW!!!! I WAS DYING!!!) After a few repairs, the chandelier was perfect for above her mismatched dining table and chairs. And, you might recognize the intricate dresser (below) from the before pictures of Jilly’s entry way. It now fits perfectly in the dining room and serves as the seasonal decorating area in her home. The authentic old window is adorned with a wreath that is intended to be switched out for the current holiday or season. Plus, the fun apothecary jars can also be filled with candies of all kinds, colors and seasonal items!
7374cottage style kitchen 1   
The before and after photos are always a favorite of mine, and hopefully you will enjoy them too! After Shelley from House of Smiths painted her pantry room door, Jill and I agreed that giving her pantry door that extra pop of color would be a PERFECT way to add more of the serene blue color from the other areas of her home. (The blue color is called Sauna from Allen Roth Valspar Brand from Lowes). I glazed the door to add some character.
We painted the kitchen island white and now the curvy wrought iron bar stools can be seen due to the new-found contrast.

After5If you have been a reader of my site for a little while, you know that mismatched furniture is definitely a love of mine. So, I’m sure you aren’t surprised by the mismatched chairs around Jilly’s dining room table. The green velvet chairs at the head and foot of the dining table were purchased from Marshalls, and the others were made over by yours truly. Of course I used my FAVORITE spray paint from Krylon!! I showcased them in my fun week of chairs posts.ready to go2

Most of the accessorizing was done by Leslie Thomas, a good friend and talented decorator who placed most of the accessories above all of the cabinets. I made the fun confectionery shop window and I loved how fun it turned out! Making boutique-like items for Jill’s house was a lot of fun for me (and super duper thrifty too!)

fork and knife curtainscottage style kitchen 3

decorations above cabinets One of my favorite subtle details of the kitchen includes “his” and “hers” aprons that I also made for Jill with my Silhouette CAMEO machine. AND, the magic machine also helped me make the fun fork and knife curtains displayed earlier in the post. I’m telling ya, my Silhouette CAMEO was my right hand man (or girl) during this makeover!

Most of the other accessories for this space was purchased at HomeGoods, Tai Pan, and Michaels crafts.After7 The fun sugar and flour glass canisters that I also labeled using my Silhouette CAMEO are pretty cute, and they were simple canisters bought at a big box store. The amazing rug for in front of Jill’s sink was a STEAL of a deal on Hautelook a few months ago. After6

I worked really hard on Jill’s House. In fact a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this transformation. I am really happy to be able to be sharing the final result with you! If you have any questions about where be bought any of the items in this room, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am willing to share every single detail.

The fun farmhouse style table came from Down East Home (on of my FAVORITE home decor stores in St. George Utah). The rug beneath the dining table was super duper cheap from (Similar to the one linked here, but a different size).

7427 Living Room decorating ideas cottage style kitchen 1 7410

I hope you love it, but above all else, the fact the Jill loves it is enough for me!

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