Decorating Jill’s House has been a lot of fun, and she LOVES country cottage style. It was a lot of fun to add some really fun conversation pieces to her living room, and I have to say that the sliding barn door is my absolute favorite part of this room. I love the entire room, but I especially love the authentic chippy white barn wood that we got from an old Barn in central Utah. (Thanks sis for hooking me up). Yes, you heard me correct, the wood is ACTUALLY from a barn!!! Doesn’t it make it THAT much cooler now!?! Jilly’s hubby Matt built the door and installed the board and batten. He did a fantastic job, and I’m sure he won’t miss me (or my to do lists) around his home.cottage style by All Things ThriftyThe wood on the door was literally chipping off white paint chips, and to prevent a huge mess in Jilly’s house, we sanded down the wood and even used a wire brush to remove the lose pieces of the paint. The barn door hardware came from Crown Industrial, and they did a great job customizing the hardware to the specifications of our door. Matt did a great job adding the “Z” to the front to add that extra barn door feel. Remember the chair we had reupholstered? Look how amazing it looks!  barn door Since I love before and after photos, I am going to show you what each space looked like before Jilly’s makeover. Like I said in Jill’s House reveal part 1, the house was mostly “all neutrals” so we added a calm color pallet to jazz it up!  The color pallet we chose was a calm turquoise blue, olive green, white, tan, teal and a warm grey.
Take a gander at these amazing transformations!!! After3ready to go12011-08-30 Martha Stewart Table3 As you can see, the before and after pictures demonstrate just how BIG this makeover was. It looks like a brand new home!  It even feels brand new when you walk through it in person. Here is one last look of the before picture from the day I met Jill’s House. Jill's House before 1And now she looks like this!! Don’t you want to MOVE IN!?! I do. Cottage style living room
The media cabinet came from Living Eclection, and the TV frame was built by Shawn over at Aspen Mills. Most of the accessories for this space were bought at HomeGoods here in St. George, Utah. I have an absolute LOVE for that store. I became a regular shopper, and we found some amazing accessories including pillows, photo frames, lamps, decorative trays, birdies, a canvas picture, lanterns, bird cages, glass jars…etc. A few items came from Tai Pan, Passport, and Michaels Crafts also.
cottage style living room 3  My favorite pillows in the space are the beautiful tan, turquoise, and olive/lime green ones you can see on the couch below. I posted about the pillows in a previous post because they were LOVE at first sight. I carried the pillows EVERYWHERE as an inspiration piece, and to use as a color matcher for every choice along the way. As you can see, we cut them in half to better fit the couch. They were another GREAT find at HomeGoods.
7328 One  of Jilly’s main requests was to create a gallery wall to display her beautiful family. She has three adorable kiddos and a gallery wall is a great way to show off her kiddos, her faith, and her spunky life! I love it! The only frames we had to buy (since Jill was a photo frame hoarder…..just kidding Jilly….kind of) were the big collage black frames from Hobby Lobby.

gallery wall 1  Cottage style Living room ideas
Along with Leslie Thomas’ help (contact me for her contact info), we created a beautiful cottage airy feel throughout the house. Leslie is my friend I told you about in Jill’s House reveal part 1 who has an amazing talent for vignettes. I made a few tiny adjustments here and there, but she was the main mastermind behind most of the accessorizing.
After we decided to put this amazing mirror on the mantle, we had a hard time because it reflected NOTHING. It actually reflected the ceiling fan when you walked in the front door. NO BUENO. So, I opted to put three airy wreaths (from Tai Pan) to create a place where your eyes can land.  Jill already had this mirror by the way. I’m tellin’ ya, Jill has GREAT taste. She just needed some help with execution. ready to go
Speaking of Jill having good taste, like I’ve said before, Jill had some AMAZING furniture pieces! Her hutch has already been introduced in the entry way post, but check out this amazing chest of drawers! Jilly has a little boy (Jo Jo), so this chest is a place for Jo’s toy storage. I wish you could see how HUGE this bad boy is. It wasn’t even being displayed when she hired me! I made her bring that bad boy OUT from behind closed doors. Doesn’t it make you want to go paint something teal, like NOW!?!?

Interior Design by All Things Thriftyamazing furniture
The white finials were in Jilly’s garage! I painted them white with my trusty can of Krylon Dual (Flat finish) since they needed a little update. The beautiful green and white ikat fabric, on the pillow on the chair by the barn door, is from Hobby Lobby and so are the adorable brown, white and green poof balls that adorn the edges. I got the beautiful curtain fabric from my favorite fabric store in Las Vegas called Home Fabrics and Rugs (I WISH THEY HAD ONE CLOSER!!). I hired Tonya Stoor (contact me for her contact info) as our seamstress for Jilly’s house, and she did an AMAZING job sewing the lined curtains and pillow for us! (Sidenote: her prices were GREAT!) I tied back the curtains with fun rusty tie backs from Hobby Lobby. After1The tufted velvet bench was a yard sale find that Jilly found for $20.00. :) And the sofa table below was the PERFECT fit for behind the beautiful couch. This spinney legged table was bought at Passport (a great furniture store located here in St. George, Utah). Doesn’t it look like it was MADE for this space!?! I love how narrow it is too! Something big and bulky wouldn’t have worked in this walkway to the kitchen.

sofa table 7339
As you can see, we’ve been a little busy. HA! And do you want to know the coolest part of today’s reveal!?! I’m not even done showcasing this house!! I get to show you the kitchen next! Here is a little sneak peak. Living Room decorating ideas
Sorry about the picture overload! Hopefully you don’t mind.
The photos were taken by Natasha from Photo Love Stories.



  1. says

    So gorgeous!! I Love everything about it, especially the wall color and yellow curtains! Oh, and the barn door…and the little wreaths. EVERYTHING!

  2. says

    Beautiful job!!! I especially love the tv frame! I am recreating that same frame for my friends house because 1. Aspen Mill's is in St. George and we live around the Lehi area and 2. She doesn't have $300 to spend :(.
    I love the crown moulding he used and the paint color is gorgeous!!
    You did a fantastic job on the whole redo, can't wait to see the kitchen :).

  3. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love it all! I love that you framed the flat screen and removed the media center. That made such a huge difference! That barn door is simply to die for!

  4. says

    Wow you sure did a great job, it looks gorgeous. I love the little cornor by the sliding door. I would sit and read in that chair all day if the kids would allow me.

  5. says

    LOVE the colors! I've been wanting to do these colors in my home! Any chance you could give us the wall paint color? Great job! Any chance you want to come to Idaho? :) We just moved into a house that has huge ceilings and this big 8 foot wall between the dining room and living room. NO IDEA what to do there!

  6. says

    i do alot of blog hopping and i have to say that this room jumped out at me…its very beautiful…i don't often see something that i love as much as i do this one..great job

  7. says

    Wonderful job! What is the wall color if you don't mind sharing? I have that same large clock that sits on the hutch and I am trying to find paint and things that go with it. Thanks!

  8. Brooke @ says

    I can't believe I forgot to mention where the couch is from. It is from 4 chairs furniture in Lindon Utah. :)

    Thank you all for the nice comments!

  9. Jill Franklin says

    Fantastic! I especially love the picture wall, sliding door {Super Love that!}, and the fireplace mantel.

    Sadly, I too suffer from neutral overload.

  10. Ken, Julia, Rue, & Atlas too! says

    Thank you for the inspiration piece for the day. Now back to the grind, but with good visions in mind. Great job!

  11. Brooke @ says

    Huffman Mommy,
    The paint color was Sauna from Valspar, an Allen Roth color. I posted it in my part 1 reveal, but I should have mentioned it here too! :)

  12. jamie says

    All I can say is that room is AMAZING…..We just moved into a new house and I have yet to put out all of decorations for lack of inspiration! I have a ton of cute stuff but would love some help placing it, wanna come to North Carolina? We are just renting so I dont know if I could paint, but I could really use some added color! Thanks for all of your inspiration ideas! Can't wait for the kitchen reveal!

  13. says

    Wow Brooke! We're loving this room. You gave it such charm with the architectural details. We're totally crushing on the barn door. Thanks for shouting out to us on Twitter! – HomeGoods

  14. says

    Your living room looks amazing! There's this website that I stumbled on called, they have a huge selection of home decor things. I just bought a few home decor things for my living room. Hopefully it'll be just as beautiful as yours. Here's the link if anyone is interested.

  15. says

    This is amazing! You did an awesome job! The barn door is my favorite and I love, love the mantle!! Do you mind sharing some info on the teal chest? Did you spray paint it? What color? What do you put on to protect it? I have a buffet Im getting ready to redo. I bought a turquoise spray paint but Im thinking I love this better! Your blog is amazing and I love following it.

  16. thecollettes says

    AMAZING! I love the wall with the board and batten–what a difference from the before picture. Very striking. I love all of the furniture and accessories. Great use of the space!

  17. The Yoder's Four says

    What an improvement!!!! Looks amazing! I am going to have to hit up Home Goods next time I'm in St. George! 😀

  18. says

    Loving how you picked furniture that perfectly ties the look together. The couch, the media center, the dresser…they all make a statement on their own, but together they set the tone for the whole room. I love it!

  19. says

    WOW! Don't get me wrong, but Jill's space looked okay before, but NOW? WOW! If I had to use one word or two to describe the room it would be Peaceful Chic! The furniture, walls, and accessories blend so well and no pieces argue with the other. Just peaceful perfection. Beautifully done! My walls are benji moore thunderbird and after 6 years I still love this hue of blue. Happy Sigh!

  20. says

    What a beautiful space! I'm not even kidding when I say my house looks almost exactly like this right down to the picture of Christ and photo collage. I have a TV stand almost identical to the one you got from Living Eclection and I have an accent wall painted with a suede texture that is the same blue. The color scheme of my front room is the same browns, blue, yellow, and green. Glad to know I have good taste. :)

  21. Brooke @ says

    Thank you soo much for the fun comments! The feedback is great, and I'm so glad you like the room!

    No I did not paint the chest. Jill already had it on hand. I didn't do a thing to it! I pinned it so if you want more details, maybe you can trace it back that way.

  22. says

    When I'm online and somebody shows a room reveal I usually find a "few" things that I really love in the room. Not here. I LOVE every single thing about this reveal! Awesome job!

  23. says

    Hey, I'm wondering how high up the wall Jill's board and batten goes up. I'm in the process of adding some in my home and am a bit puzzled about the height because I want to have room for artwork above it but I don't want to go as low as a traditional chair rail.

  24. says

    I love this room!! I'm about to redecorate my room and I've been at loss of what color to paint it. Can you tell me the color you used for the walls? I love the soft blue and I want to use the exact color! Thanks :)

  25. jamie says

    WOW…I still cant believe how wonderful this room turned out, your work is amazing. I just did a picture wall and I am debating on adding just a blue frame, I was on the fence but I can see in this room you have done it and it looks great! Would you be willing to share the color for that frame? Thanks for the inspiration….

  26. Brooke @ says

    The board and Batten is 5 feet tall- half way up the wall since their ceilings were 10 feet tall. Oh, and the color for the Kitchen is Valspar Cliveden mist.

  27. says

    I just speed read through this post to find out where you got the awesome tufted bench. Love it! Yard sale for $20?!?! Score! That would be perfect in my living room. Beautiful space.

  28. says

    This room gives me inspiration for my living room which is ALMOST the same exact lay out as mine. I love the color palette and the sofa. Two questions… Where did you find the sofa ? And what color was the paint you used on the walls ? So pretty.

  29. says

    I love this room. I wish I could transport it to my living room. It really is perfect. I will have to check out some of your other past projects.

  30. Julie says

    I’m dying to know who the artist is of that picture of Christ. Do you know?!! Thanks! LOVE this room! Perfect!

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