All Things Delicious copy I still remember the day I tried this cake for the first time, it was my niece’s baby blessing. There were an array of cakes, treats and snacks to choose from sitting on the table. But then, I heard a ruckus. People were excited about something. They were all talking about some “cake” that was “to die for.” I heard words like “delicious” and “moist” and “I’m going to have to have another piece of this.” So, if I remember correctly, I was on a diet (bahaha as always), and I took one bite. That one bite turned into two, three, and so forth. It was the most delicious cake I had ever tasted. My brother and sister in law’s friend made the cake. Well, as time went on, we tried to get the recipe. After a few months persistent bugging on my part, Chris called with success. He had gotten the recipe. Chris has the BEST recipes! (Maybe I’ll convince him to share his Ruth Chris’ sweet potato recipe next!)

Don’t ask me why I am sharing the recipe to this cake right now. The first week of January. The week that everyone is “doing better” the week that we have all sworn off sugar forever.  I made the cake over Christmas a few times for a few different parties, and as always people RAVED over this cake. So I figured I would take a few pictures of the cake to share with you. If I don’t share it soon, the pictures will be buried and lost FOREVER.

So, this is what I expect of you. I expect you to PIN THIS recipe for later or save it if you don’t have Pinterest. Capeesh? I don’t want to you to go and make this recipe today or tomorrow. Make it the next time you need a new recipe to take to a get together. You will NOT be sorry, I promise.

Just remember that it is NOT my fault that you ruined your diet. Consider yourself warned:

WARNING: You will eat the entire bundt cake yourself if you make this cake.

 Photo Source  {a reader of mine made my recipe and took this delicious picture!}

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1 (Betty Crocker) White cake mix (make as directed)
Add 1/2 cup applesauce (no cinnamon)
Add 1 small package of instant vanilla pudding (just the dry mix)
Mix batter well.

Now that you have your cake batter mixed up nicely, you need to separate the batter into two bowls. So pour 1/3 (approximately) into another bowl.

Defrost 1 cup frozen raspberries and mash them up with a fork. I usually do this on a paper plate so that I can mash them easily.
After the raspberries are nicely mashed, add 1 Tbsp flour and mix.
Add the mashed berries to the bowl containing 1/3 of the original batter and mix well. Set bowl aside.

Take your 1 c. melted white chocolate chips and melt them gradually in the microwave. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. I put them into my microwave in a bowl for 30 seconds the first time, and then I stir the chocolate. Then I put it back into the microwave for 10 second increments while stirring in between until the chocolate is melted completely.

With remaining 2/3 batter add the melted white chocolate. Mix nicely.

Grease bundt cake pan well (I use “Bakers Joy”). I use a silicone bundt cake pan, and it has a nonstick surface that is fantastic. I have never had it stick!

After your pan is greased nicely, coat bottom of pan with 1/2 of the white chocolate/cake batter mix.
Then add dollops of all of your raspberry/cake batter mix to the pan on top of the white chocolate batter.
Then add the remaining white chocolate cake/batter on top of the dollops.

Next you need to create the marble look, so make an S pattern through the batter using a skewer or handle of a wooden spoon. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the pan. This will mix the two batters perfectly to create that marbled look.

Bake 42-45 minutes.
Let the cake cool in the pan for a bit, then turn it out onto a cooling rack.
IMPORTANT STEP: Triple wrap the cake in saran wrap and put it in the freezer (yes I said freezer) for 5-7 days (yes I said DAYS and I meant it). (I’ll be honest here though, we have only done this part ONCE. We are much too impatient.) So, this is what we do, we place the cake in the fridge until it is COMPLETELY cool. Then I frost the bad boy. After the cake is frosted, I place the cake BACK IN The fridge to cool the frosting again, and then we serve it cold. It is a MILLION times better cold. Don’t get impatient and eat it warm. You WILL be dissapointed if you do.

1 stick softened (NOT melted) butter (1/2 cup)
1 brick softened cream cheese (8 oz)
Mix butter and and cream cheese until soft, add 2 tsp vanilla, beat until light and fluffy.
Add 4 1/2 cups powder sugar, one cup at a time. Beat frosting until smooth. (Oh, and I added a few drops of red food coloring to make the frosting pink, and added a few little sprinkles to make it pretty).
white chocolate raspberry bundt cake recipe 1 white chocolate raspberry bundt cake
I can’t wait for you to try it. I’m tellin’ ya, you have to trust me on this. You are going to love it!


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  1. says

    A pink cake is so appetizing and inspiring, you could organize an entire pink evening around it, people with pink costumes, a table decorated in pink, totally La vie en rose.. Thank you, when is your shop opening, really looking forward to it. Have a super Year 2012, a multitude of joy and happiness.


  2. Brooke @ says

    Camille, 5-7 DAYS. YES, DAYS. But if you keep reading, I give you an alternative method too!

  3. Brooke @ says

    Unknown: I've never tried it in a regular pan, but let me know how it goes if you try it!

  4. Brooke @ says

    Geesha, YEP, the freezer. Of course you need to thaw it before you eat it though. :) xoxo.

  5. says

    Hey Brooke….yeah it's me again! I went out last night bought all the ingredients….but I have one more question is it the small package of vanilla pudding or the large one? Thanks….hoping to make it to night

  6. says

    Hallelujah! That's what I bought…guess I'm making a cake tonight! Thanks Brooke….I will let you know how it turns out wish me luck….making it for the girls at work!

  7. says

    Looks delicious!

    But 5-7 days in the freezer?? That must have gotten confused with hours. How would that make it better? Especially if a few hours in the fridge does the trick.

  8. Brooke @ says

    A small one! I will change it in the post so that it is clear for everyone else! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  9. says

    Oh, my, aaaack! Good thing I'm really trying hard to eat right otherwise I'd be rushing to the store NOW! However, I like the idea to use it for Valentine's Day — perfect!

    Oh, and in regards to freezing cake for that long, I don't think it's odd at all. When I make birthday cakes, I always freeze them a couple of days. For those who've never done it, believe me when I say it just tastes better. The fridge will dry it out, and the freezer allows time for the flavors to mesh.

    Yum, I hope I can wait another month!

  10. Brooke @ says

    Yes DAYS not hours. :) Ha ha. I know it sounds weird, but it makes it soooo moist! The only reason we have done the fridge trick is because we are too impatient to do it the "right" way in the freezer. xoxo

  11. says

    I just made the cake, however I used one varied ingredient, I tried strawberries instead! I got a juicer for christmas and the pulp that's left seemed like the perfect additive in place of smashed raspberries (plus, I'm getting my money's worth of the over priced strawberries I bought). It's cooling now, lets hope it turns out! Wish me luck :o)

  12. says

    I made this three days ago, froze it for 2 days, thawed and frosted it today, and served it to company tonight. May I just say, I know what I'm requesting for my last meal should I ever find myself on death row. I imagine there's never a better time to have dessert for dinner, and ONLY dessert.

  13. says

    I made this and it is currently in the freezer for Girls Night here on Thursday. I can't wait to hear how they all love it! Thanks for the recipe.

  14. says

    Planning to make this tonight to eat on the weekend. It looks amazing! Just a question… The recipe says to make the white cake as directed. Does that mean use the oil it calls for AND add the applesauce too?

  15. Jenn says

    I am so excited to make this in the morning, I even have all the ingredients on hand. Good to know I really don't have to freeze it for 5-7 days, because I am super impatient too!

  16. says

    Just made it, haven't had a bite yet. It's my birthday, so my daughter and I decided to host an episode of Cake Wars in my kitchen. I tried it again, only this time, used chocolate pudding instead of vanilla and used dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. EEEEKKKK!!!! I'll let you know how it turns out! :) Thanks again…this is going to be the best birthday cake EVER. :) -Jaime

  17. Laurie says

    So……Miss Brooke……I made this cake for my mother-in-law for this past Mother’s Day along with an orchid plant (she loves ‘all things flowery’. I took it on your on advice that it would be amazing without first trying it out myself (untried recipe gifts could equal a disaster) :) But to my joy she called a few days later and raved about the yummy cake and how moist it still was and…..the plant was still alive! The cake was a huge hit. Thanks for posting

    • Brooke says

      Thank you!! I’m glad you like it! It is one of the most delicious recipes I have. Mmmmm. I might have to make it soon again.

  18. KarliF says

    I will be making this for my boyfriend’s 29th birthday next week. I can’t wait to start the process. All ingredients have been purchased and are patiently waiting for some TLC. Woot woot!!! I can’t wait!

  19. KarliF says

    This is my new favorite cake. It was made for the boyfriend’s birthday. I let mine sit in the freezer for 6 days and it seems to have made the cake more dense. Which is awesome! The frosting was a little much. I think next time I will use less of the powdered sugar and also spread less on the cake. The cake by itself is incredible!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. The boyfriend loved it. Mission accomplished. Yeow Yeow!!


  20. Katie says

    I have made this cake three times. And every time I make it people freak out. My husband always wants this cake FYI. And last night he had a work party celebrating his promotion and it did not disappoint. I honesty can say that this recipe is an exact comparison to the nothing bundt cake cake. I can’t tell the difference! Thank you for sharing this recipe!! It’s amazing!

  21. tannia says

    I modified the frosting, instead of food coloring I just used raspberries for coloring and taste. Has anyone made this in cupcakes? What temperature and how much time?

  22. Jennifer says

    This was moist and delicious. I made it 2 weeks ahead for an event and kept it in the freezer. I put about 1/2 tsp. raspberry extract in the cream cheese frosting.

    • Brooke says

      Tell me more details. Is is falling apart when you take it out of the bundt pan? Tell me more so I can try and help!

  23. christine says

    Can americans not bake properly, where are the proper recipes that dont rely on awful cake mixes. When i search for a recipe, i want a proper recipe not cheating with crappy ingredients

    • Tianna says

      But doesn’t everything taste awful with a tongue that sour? Try it anyhow; it’s so good it might melt that stick you’ve got stuck…


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