sugar cookie

I posted about my favorite {tried and tested} Sugar Cookie Recipe last year, and since Valentine’s is just around the corner I thought I would post about it again. If you are making sugar cookies soon, you should check it out! Since I am dieting, I won’t be having any sugar cookies anytime soon. So, eat one for me will ya!?!? :) I promise, I have tried a ba-dillion recipes and this one is my very favorite!


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    I respect a girl who writes about weight in one post and follows it up with a sugar cookie recipe. I promise I will try it, seeing as I have made your little bundt number FOUR TIMES (and once of a chocolate variety, just to experiment) since you wrote about that. So I believe you when you say this is a good recipe. Excellent kitchen cred.

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    I made this recipe last year, several times and it is now my favorite sugar cookie recipe! and my friends and co-workers that I share them with love it too. I will have to make some for Valentines too. Thanks for sharing this~last year and this year~

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