Good morning!!! I get to be on Studio Five today to share this cute gumdrop treat, so if you are in Utah, be sure to tune into channel five at eleven o’clock!! If you are not in Utah, I will post the segment for you as soon as I can. :)

If you are like me, good girlfriends are the GLUE that holds your life together. Sometimes a little GNO is all I need to feel rejuvenated in life. So, my inspiration for my gumdrop project comes from all those amazing people in my life that I need to thank sometimes. A little treat is a great way to tell them that you are thinking about them. “Dropping” off a treat {a spin off of the gum DROP} is the perfect way to tell them that you are grateful that they are in your life. 

These fun little shoe treats full of gumdrops telling your favorite girlfriends they are your “sole” mates is a fun way to express your appreciation! {Thank you to Jami Winget for sharing her cute pattern with me!} I actually drew up the pattern onto my Silhouette so that I wouldn’t have to cut all the shoes out by hand. {I’m lazy that way…why not let the machine do the cutting!} If you are the lucky owner of a Silhouette, you can download my file for FREE by going HERE.

If you don’t have a Silhouette, here is the pattern for you to cut it out by hand!

paper shoe templateTo download the paper shoe template go HERE.heel and flower To download that heel and flower template go HERE.

Cut along the solid lines. After you have your shoe cut out, make sure you fold along the dotted lines and start assembling your shoes with glue. Use a lot of glue.

_DSC0096_DSC0074_DSC0106  _DSC0077 
I used a simple paper Elmer’s brand glue stick.

_DSC0081After you have your shoes glued, make sure you let it dry completely, and add the cute heel accessories to the back and flowers to the front.

Next, get a small pile of yummy gumdrops and wrap them in tulle. _DSC0166Tie a ribbon around the top to keep the little pouch of treats together and stick them snuggly into the shoe._DSC0170Aren’t these cute little shoes just adorable!?!?_DSC0147Next, all you need to do is add the cute tags to the side….. Shoe Tags…and tie them on using twine. _DSC0144 You can make them in a jiffy!  _DSC0150_DSC0143AND, you an make all sorts of varieties and colors!_DSC0153 _DSC0119_DSC0121Next time you need a fun idea for a girlfriend gift, you should make her a fun little gumdrop treat!! What a fun party idea to make for your next party too!


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    These are Seriously Cute! I am a total shoe LOVER! And I have to tell you that polka-dot shoes that you used on your printable tag… Well I actually own a pair! They were the best things to happen to my feet :0)


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