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We are REALLY excited to be in Disneyland for the next couple of days! Wish me luck, and if you have any tips, tricks, or advice to make our Disney experience better, lay ‘em on me! XOXO.


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    If you get an early day, run straight back to fantasy land and hit Dumbo/It's a Small World. Those are the WORST 2 lines in the park and we got on both on our early day with only a 5 minute wait :)

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    I'd highly recommend the Bibbity Bobbety Bouque for your girls… at least if they still like princesses. Bring a princess dress from home and princess shoes if you have it and just pay for hair to be done (and maybe nails its only $5 more) its total like a 3 hour experience that I think they will NEVER forget… the hair stylists address them as "princess Sophia" etc and its a totally fun experience (I think my nieces will remember this more than any other ride we waited hours for!)

    Get Fastpass for the rides you can… wait in line at its a small world when fireworks/parades are going on (if you are going multiple days). Everything really dies down at night if youre willing to stay late.

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    Good luck! I don't know if this is your first marathon or not, but regardless, my advice is the same – trust your training, start out SLOW and respect the distance. After mile 20, the battle is mental vs. physical. Keep your mind strong and believe that you can do it! You can do it!!

    Finishing a marathon ranks right up there with childbirth in my life as far as accomplishments go. Can't wait to hear about it!

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    We just went and loved it, your cute family will have so much fun!

    I just saw the picture and wanted to tell you that you are looking so good, I can see a big difference already. Keep up the good work, I know its so tough!

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    With all your kids…..at the Carnation Plaza there is a family bathroom tucked back in the corner by the big gate where the cast members go back stage….hardly ever any waiting.

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    With all your kids…..at the Carnation Plaza there is a family bathroom tucked back in the corner by the big gate where the cast members go back stage….hardly ever any waiting.

  7. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    Megan…no I am not running the Disneyland marathon. Ha ha. But being at disneyland with my four kids is a "marathon." :)

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    You can have more than one Fastpass at a time. There's a time printed on the bottom and you can get another Fastpass from another ride after that time. That way you can have Fastpasses for rides that will be out of them later.

    Plus, go left cos everyone normally goes right.

    Have fun!

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    I highly recommend taking a break in the afternoon. Go back to your hotel and take a nap, restock snacks/water etc. Your feet will thank you! Make sure you tuck a little paper into all of your kids pockets with your phone number on it in case they get separated. Also, at night, there is a great spot to view the fireworks between the Matterhorn and Tomorrowland. Hardly anyone there, great view and you still see Tinkerbell flying etc. Also, there is something called a "No Strings Attached" voucher. If your kids ice cream falls to the ground or something, just find a cast member and they will fill out a voucher for you to get a replacement free! If you are going to California Adventure, too, go straight to Toy Story Midway Mania. It is SOOOO fun but the lines get freakishly long really fast. Have fun! I would LOVE to go to DL again, but it will probably be a few years before we get to go again.

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    Also, be forewarned that Snow Whites Scary Adventure really is quite scary, especially for littlies! And after the fireworks, there is a line to the side in front of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Peter Pan that is for both of those rides, not just the one it says on the sign. (I learned that the hard way). It takes them about 1/2 an hour to open up those rides, though, after the fireworks.

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    We took everything we needed for lunches in our car and went back to the car and relaxed and ate every day. We have 6 kids and so this saved us a TON of money. We ate one meal in Disneyland (desperation at the end of a LONG day) and it cost us $70, for nothing fancy, just burgers and a few fries with waters. That was more than we paid for lunches the whole rest of the time we were there. There are also lockers outside of Disneyland where you can store your food. I'm not sure how much they cost. But, there's a really nice picnic area on the West side by the lockers before you get to Downtown Disney. Have so much fun!

  12. shansen20 says

    Have a kid lose a tooth and ask city hall for something to put the tooth in. This happened to my son and not only did they give him a Tinkerbell envelope to put the tooth in, they wrote "lost a tooth" on a "I'm celebrating" button plus gave him a front of the line pass that we used to get our whole family onto the toy story midway mania ride without waiting the 60 plus minutes for it! If they have a loose tooth, really encourage them to get it out while at Disneyland!!

    If your kids can tolerate being at park till closing, stay in line. All guests in line are allowed to ride even if the park is closed.

    Ask for cups of water or refill your own bottles from drinking fountains. Go to the store and get the packs of single sized lemonade/crystal light and drink these instead of buying sodas in the park.

  13. Nicole and Justin says

    aaack I wish I would have remembered to call before you left. I've been to disneyland over 50 times with 3 years of season passes…. have so much fun! It's one of my favorite places.

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