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Mar 2nd, 2012

First of all, I know that you are super duper anxious to see Part 2 of the brick project. Don’t worry, I will be posting it soon {on a day that starts with M and ends with day}. Ha ha. Believe me I’m anxious to show you too! Don’t forget to check back. Refinishing Furniture Almost every Friday I feature amazing furniture here at All Things Thrifty in my “Freakin’ Fabulous Furniture” series. I love transforming furniture into the. perfect. style. for a specific space. It is really fun for me! A friend of mine had this sofa table in her house, but as you can see the top of the sofa table had been destroyed by spilling something on it. So, naturally I can’t resist painting furniture, especially if I can use a BRIGHT color! Because if you know me, you KNOW I love COLOR!! Ha ha {that’s an understatement}. If you have missed some of our furniture transformations, you should check them out. This sofa table just needed a little love and elbow grease to turn the bad boy into a beauty!

Check out this bad boy before: Refinishing FurnitureThe first step was to sand the top of the table to even out the surface because of the spill. It took 2 minutes with 220 grit and my electric sander to do a sufficient job. I always use the same techniques to paint furniture. I have an in depth painting furniture instruction post to answer all of your questions. I have tried a lot of different products and techniques over the years, and I don’t recommend painting furniture with any other products. I always prime with KILZ primer. Then I sand with 220 grit {after it is dry of course}. I sand with 220 to get rid of the sand papery texture that can happen at times. I want my furniture to be smooth! Then I use Krylon Spray paint. I don’t suggest using ANY other brand. I love the Krylon nozzle because it sprays a flat wall of paint. It makes the final product look a ton better, and I love that the nozzle rotates. The color I use a lot is called Blue Ocean Breeze.

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After the furniture is primed and painted, I add glaze to dress it up and add dimension. It is really fun, and it adds a LOT of character. If you have never glazed something before, don’t worry. IT IS SUPER EASY, I promise!! I have a super easy glazing tutorial explaining this process, too!

Refinishing FurnitureRefinishing FurnitureRefinishing FurnitureThe bottom wrought iron part of the furniture was painted with Krylon Dual Ivory paint. I love Krylon dual to paint metal projects and little projects because you don’t have to prime the furniture first. I prefer regular Krylon to paint furniture though. It dries much much faster than Dual.

After the Dual was dry, I took my sander with 220 grit sand paper and sanded the wrought iron to distress it. It just looked too perfect before hand. It needed a little somethin’ if you know what I mean!

Refinishing FurnitureRefinishing Furniture Refinishing Furniture Refinishing Furniture

I think it turned out FREAKIN’ Fabulous!! Here is one last look of the before and after photos! 

Refinishing FurnitureRefinishing Furniture

Visit my tutorials! :)
Refinishing FurnitureRefinishing Furniturespraypainting101-1
I am not currently affiliated with Krylon or KILZ {I WISH}. I share information about products that I love. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. So lovely!!!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration! You've totally changed the way I look at furniture :)

  2. That table looks so awesome, so much better than before. I found a fantastic kind size antique sleigh bed at a yard sale last week for $5.00 (SCORE!). It had been sitting outside in the rain and needs a lot of work, but I can't wait to refinish it and show you. If you want to see before pictures right now, let me know and I'll e-mail them to you.

  3. Beautiful makeover! Love the color.

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Amazing!! I love painting furniture with spray paint, and I always thought I was missing out not buying the big fancy paint sprayers! Thanks for sharing all your tips!!

  6. I love spray paint. Love the blue.

  7. I adore this!

  8. That is a great color! I'm working on an orange piece I should finish this weekend … will try the glazing and distressing techniques you have shared. Thanks!

  9. That turned out so beautiful! I love the color. I want that color in my bedroom.

  10. love!

  11. Brooke @ says:

    @Chantel, OF COURSE I want to see!!

  12. I have this paint and have painted a few things. It's a gloss. How does the glaze work over a gloss that I would think would not allow the glaze to penetrate. Did you wipe it all over the piece and then rub off? I see it's darker on the corners and edges – were they sanded a bit first so the glaze would get to the actual wood?

    I have almost the same piece at home metal bottom – wood top two drawers – I'm going to do the same thing with mine. I might even go out on the ledge and do orange!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Suzanne says:

    I agree that's one freakin fantastic makeover! Seriously. Ah, I love it!

  14. Rochelle says:

    I LOVE IT! That color is perfect!
    I do have one dumb question though.. How do you separate the two colors when you're spray painting? Like, for example, how did you NOT get blue on the ivory wrought iron part and vice versa?

  15. I agree, freaking fabulous! You used what I now call in my house coke can blue (from my silly spray painted spring coke cans).


  16. It looks fantastic! Love it!

  17. so awesome!

    m ^..^

  18. Love how this turned out! I love this color….I want to find something to paint in it NOW!!

  19. The Yoder's Four says:

    OOO!! Can I have that table?! It is fabulous!! Would be perfect for my house! ;)

  20. VERY cute….. love it.

  21. THANK YOU for showing me what the Blue Ocean Breeze colour looks like in real life. I have a kitchen table that is going to be a turquoise blue in the future and that is exactly the colour I was looking for!

  22. Turned out great… such an improvement from the outdated piece. Thanks for sharing! – Julie from

  23. That turned out amazing! I absolutely love it.

  24. I am using blue ocean breeze on my dining room chairs and my bathroom mirror! LOVE!!

  25. I love this! I was also wondering how you separate the colors, do you take the table apart?

  26. To answer the question above:

    This particular table WAS able to come apart. It was attached with different hardware that I removed. I was then able to paint the individual pieces. I wish this was the case with all my furniture! Ha! Hope this helps!!

  27. I love this color! And the way the table came out! It looks amazing. I love spray paint too, but right now I'm using Chalk Paint which I love even more. I wish chalk paint came in a spray paint can that would be fabulous!!!

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