DIY: How to upholster a bench.

May 4th, 2012

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I upholster a bench?” I always practically SCREAM, “IT IS SOOOO EASY!!” I have helped dozens of people with this task. So, today I want to share the simple and easy instructions on how to do this yourself! You can even take these instructions and apply them to upholstering other items also. The same instructions work on upholstering dining room chairs too! How to upholster a benchBefore moving on to the next step, observe where the original fabric is stapled. You need to make sure you have enough fabric! Then, you will need to decide if you would like to remove the original fabric. I make this decision on a case by case basis depending on where the furniture came from and if it is in good shape or not. Don’t be shy, just start shredding it with your scissors and remove the staples with pliers. How to upholster a bench Make sure you have enough fabric to pull tight. Plus, make sure you use a fabric that is heavier than cotton. I use at least a canvas fabric when I upholster furniture. I have used cotton before and it is not strong enough when you pull hard. {Yes, I am speaking from experience when I say that your fabric can rip if you use cotton.}How to upholster a bench copy2
Once you have removed the legs and chosen a heavy enough fabric, lay out your fabric on a clean surface. DON’T try and upholster your bench out in your garage…YES, I am THAT dumb…I’ve done it before. I now prefer to upholster inside, but you can’t have little ones around since there will be sharp objects, tools, and random staples all around you by the time you get finished. How to upholster a bench Make sure that your fabric pattern is EXACTLY centered. Remember that the goal is to make it look like you BOUGHT the bench. :)How to upholster a bench copy copyThe nex step is my favorite. Maybe it is because my husband teases me about this stuff ALL THE TIME. I’m a dufus. I start projects all the time without checking if I have the right hardware or tools handy. PLUS, I never put stuff away when I get finished with a project. SOOOO, I’m constantly looking for the hammer. I’m awesome like that. {Thumbs down}. How to upholster a bench I usually use my electric staple gun. But, if the fabric I chose is super heavy duty, the air compressor is a much better option. Sometimes I get started with my electric staple gun and realize that the wood is made of STEEL {not literally, but it is too hard for the electric stapler to penetrate the surface}. So, I end up switching to the compressor in that case.
I have tried to explain this process without images and it is super hard, so I decided to draw up an illustration for you to see. I have this down to a science, so I have made a LOT of mistakes along the way. If you take my advice, and do it meticulously, I promise your bench will look amazing. No cutting corners peeps. You want your upholstery job to look profesh, NOT homemade. :)  How to upholster a bench illustration part oneHow to upholster a bench illustration part twoHow to upholster a bench illustration part threeHow to upholster a bench illustration part fourHow to upholster a bench illustration part five       How to upholster a bench You will need to cut small slits into the black fabric so that you can replace your bench legs. How to upholster a bench
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