I promised you it was easy, and I was not kidding. I upholstered this bench in less than 20 minutes. {Well, except that I couldn’t find my staple gun and that took five minutes more than it should have!!} I’m an idiot like that…I don’t ever put things away!!! Ruffle headband bench dining chairs 108 Remember when I showed you this FUN colorful IKAT fabric!?!? I couldn’t wait to reupholster this bench with it!Ruffle headband bench dining chairs 100 I bought the bench at DownEast Home (one of my favorite stores) for $50.00. It was on major clearance because the fabric was totally stained with kids footprints and such. I don’t have a before picture, but it wasn’t all that unfortunate looking. You probably wouldn’t have even been able to see the stains. Ruffle headband bench dining chairs 101 But THIS is more my style. Colorful. Funky. Ruffle headband bench dining chairs 102 It makes me HAPPY!!!! Don’t forget, if you need instructions on how to upholster a bench, check em out! :)



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