best homemade stain remover everI love pinning, and Pinterest rocks my world, but before I ever post about anything that I pin, I vowed {to myself} to MAKE the recipe first, TRY the sewing technique, and TEST the technique before I share it with me readers. I don’t want you to ever try something and think, MAN THAT cookie is DIS-GUSTING and BROOKE TOLD ME TO MAKE IT!! Ha ha. So, just know that I will never do that to you, kapeesh!?!?
With that said, do you want to know what has CHANGED my life from PINTEREST lately!?!? :)

hydrogen_peroxide_pint-4080 dawn
It seems so simple, and believe me it is. My son Connelly plays baseball and his baseball pants are WHITE. Since I live in St. George Utah, our dirt is RED. No bueno. Every week, his baseball pants are covered in red dirt stains that were impossible {until now} to get out. I tried everything humanly possible. I even resorted to soaking them in BLEACH for an entire day once. It didn’t work. The pants still had red dirt all over them.
Well one day I was venting to my sister Adrian about how LAME I am at doing laundry and how I CAN NEVER get stains out. We were chatting about fels naptha, zout, and thoro. Well, all of the sudden she stops me and says, “I have the PERFECT solution that I promise will work.” I bow to her now. I’m pretty stubborn and don’t normally stop talking, but I knew I could trust her on this. She’s super duper awesome.
She explained the solution and I found it on Pinterest. The original source comes from Modern Day Moms, and I will forever be grateful. I was warned by the sis to ONLY use original blue dawn, and I have never used otherwise, so just know that if you stray from the recipe, I cannot guarantee the results. BUT, if you TRUST me…make it perfectly, and I promise you won’t be sorry.
Head over to Modern Day Moms for the stain removal recipe, believe me it is super duper simple and you won’t regret it.
You can use it on all colors too {not just white}. I have refilled my spray bottle three times since this amazing homemade stain removal solution came into my life. :) It truly has made my life easier, and when I find something life changing, I cannot help but share it with YOU!! :)

If you need a quick and easy solution for your car mats, check out this popular post also!



  1. says

    Equal parts Dawn dish soap, vinegar, and water also works well for grass stains. Better than any other stain remover I've ever bought.

    • Norma says

      This didn’t work at all for me and I was only trying to get rid of old groul stains… Did I not add enough dawn dish soap maybe?

      • Emily says

        It won’t work if you don’t put this mixture In a dark spray bottle. The Hydrogen Peroxide is in a dark bottle for a reason. Sunlight breaks apart the atoms and makes it water, so make sure you use a dark colored spray bottle or it won’t work!

          • Lantana says

            I have been trying for 2 days to get my dawn and peroxide to mix. I can only shake the bottle a few times and it is too sudsy to mix completely. It is in a dark bottle and the measurements were correct. I didn’t have this problem last time(which was my first time and it worked great). What could I be doing wrong and how do I fix the problem?

  2. says

    Original Dawn rocks! I always have a bottle around for my itty bitty bottle fed foster puppies because it's safe to use to kill fleas.

    Also, if you have grease stains on your clothing (chapstick or food grease/oil), rub original Dawn into the stain then rinse and wash as usual. No more grease stain! One of my husband's work projects involves a solution of vegetable oil and it's messy. Some of his field shirts look so clean now! 😀

      • lynn says

        i use dawn as i’m combing my cat – just have warm water, flea comb and dawn. warm water only cause cold would be a shock to kitty – hope this helps! – – – they die pretty quickly. just stay on top of them….i’m very allergic (bites) and this has save me and my Moxie 😉 spread the word to your friends

      • Cami says

        I just wash my dog with dawn instead of dog shampoo and it has worked perfectly! A vet suggested to try it and my dog is flea free and has no skin issues.

      • Michele says

        How do you use the murphys oil soap? I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and my oldest dog looks like he has leukemia because he is allergic to fleas and I am at my witts end trying to get rid of them. I use dawn but now i think they are looseing their hair because f the harness and dryness from the dawn

        • says

          How do you use the murphys oil soap? I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and my oldest dog looks like he has leukemia because he is allergic to fleas and I am at my witts end trying to get rid of them. I use dawn but now i think they are looseing their hair because f the harness and dryness from the dawn

          I have used Lemon JOY and Dawn as Flea Shampoo n dogs and cats for years. Fleas immediately die.
          RINSE – RINSE – RINSE !
          ALWAYS follow a flea bath with a skin soothing shampoo like oatmeal, at the same bath !

          1 TBL of JOY to a Quart of water in a spray bottle – spray/misted on the entire carpet kills fleas.
          Spray, let dry, vacuum.
          THEN, spray the perimeter walls of the room, 12″ from floor. Just let it sit.
          REPEAT both steps every 7 days. (Because eggs keep hatching)

          Vacuum your rugs.
          Sprinkle Borax OR Boric Acid all over the surface liberally.
          Broom the powder into the carpet.
          Do NOT vacuum for 1 week.

          1 TBL of JOY to a Quart of water in a spray bottle – sprayed on patio screens KILLS and REPELS spiders in their webs. Repeat after each rain.

        • Becca says

          I have a Himilayan cat that had the same problen. She lost most of her hair, had sores and scratched all the time. Vet gave her shots twice. They helped but I don’t want to put that poison in my Baby. Went to Petco (Petsmart has it too). Got Greeniesss Smartbites Healthy Skin and Fur. Problem solved. Her hair is so thick now I dread Summer shedding. Hope this helps.

        • Raina Fountain says

          If you think your dog is allergic to fleas, you can give him Benadryl once a day! Our cat is allergic to fleas & scratches her hair off all over the place too! I read somewhere to try it & I did & it works! It works so good that I only have to give it to her once a week, but a dog might be different not sure. All you do is google it & the weight of your dog & you will get responses as to how much to give him/her. Just google the murphy’s soap too. I love the internet! lol

  3. Lois@frugaldecormom says

    I saw this on pinterest also, except it said to add baking soda, which I did. The results were disastrously funny. I put it in a sealed container and when I went to switch my loads of laundry there was water all over my washer. Took me a while to realize the pressure in the container had made the top explode and go everywhere. I will definitely leave out the baking soda this time!

  4. says

    I will have to try this. My boys play baseball also and I have been using Murphy's oil ( YES) on their pants. Just spray on and wash and it works great but this will definitely be cheaper.

  5. Liz says

    Try the dawn and hot vinegar solution from pinterest in your shower. I left it for several hours and it was amazing, my shower sparkled like new.
    I need to try this solution on some of my kids clothes! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. says

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I had pinned this forever ago, but hadn't done much about it. Your story about the baseball pants SOLD me and I whipped this up last night. I've already successfully tackled red wine, spaghetti sauce (that when sprayed and washed the same night didn't come out!), strawberries (a stain I let sit for 3 days out of laziness) and some "unknown, been there forever" carpet stains. Wow, I'm soooo excited! Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. <3

  7. says

    I think what works is mostly the peroxide, not the dawn liquid. I've tried a paste of peroxide + baking soda and it also gets tough stains out, but you have to be careful with this things because peroxide is tough on most fabrics.

  8. says

    Hi Brooke,

    My name is Mara Greenwald and I am reaching out to you on behalf of Procter & Gamble. I really enjoyed reading this post. We would love to have you join our blogger outreach program.

    If you are interested, please reach out to me at I look forward to working with you!

    Mara Greenwald on behalf of P

  9. Courtney says

    Would this maybe be good for carpet stains? Or is the hydrogen too harsh? Also, I’m afraid of the potential bleaching effect. Anyone tried it on carpet? Or have a better homemade solution for carpet stains? (Not pet … so just focused on stain and not odor)

    • Sylvia says

      Hi Courtney, did anyone answer you about the carpet stains? and if yes on how to apply it? That is what I am most interested in

  10. Leah says

    what is the percentage on the bottle of peroxide that everyone is using cause I tried this 2 times on various items and various stains and it diden’t do 1 thing to it my peroxide is 3%

    • Brooke says

      Mine is also 3%. I wonder if your products were old? I LOVE this stain remover. It works great for me. Maybe buy new products and try it one more time before you give up.

      • Leah says

        they were new that I had bought just to try this out with and it diden’t work better than store bought what is the exact amount of everything you use? and how long do you usually leave it on for I tried 1 hour and then about 130 but still not much of a difference

  11. Liz Kurz says

    Just wondering does anyone else have issue with the spray? One, it doesn’t take out the stains on my children clothing, which is your typical kids stuff, dirt, grass, tea, etc. Secondly, when I spray it, no matter which type of bottle I use, there is a mist of crap released into the air that gives me horrible coughing fits. I have to quite literally hold my breath while using it….though as soon as I”ve used up the batch I made, I’ll have to find something that actually works.


  12. Joe Cedatol says

    Will try this on my son’s baseball pants. Vinegar, water and blue Dawn. What temp should the water be?

  13. sarah s says

    I’ve been using this for awhile. But I do 4 parts peroxide to 1 part soap. It works really well on laundry stains – all the random stuff DD gets in to.

  14. Sierra says

    One of my favorite snacks is feta cheese, grape tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar, however when the lid of my Tupperware came off in my car and my favorite snack spilled all over my light grey interior of my barely one month old Honda civic I almost cried! However, the Dawn dish soap and Hydrogen Peroxide got the stain right out!! Definitely telling all my friends about this!


    you can watch most other youtube videos. most of them i counted say for carpet cleaning are 1 tablespoon dawn dish soap and 1 tablespoon baking soda to a gallon of water for those worried of fading color off carpet. a vast majority of videos call for oxyclean 1 tablespoon with 1 tablespoon dawn dish soap with 1 gallon of water.

    • Brooke says

      Hi Deeb,
      It isn’t my original recipe. So, to be fair to the blogger where I got the recipe, I link to that post. You actually don’t have to go to Pinterest, just head over to the blog that I linked to, and you will find the recipe.

  16. Tracy says

    Does this work on those pesky grease/oil stains that show up on my little guy’s clothes? I am using spray and wash now, but even then, I can’t see all the stains show up when they’ve come out of the dryer, :/. Spray and wash gets pricey and I am really working on incorporating all natural, diy cleaning supplies and laundry detergent in our home. Thanks for your help!

    • Tracy says

      OK, sorry for what seemed like I was incoherent for a second!
      I meant: I can’t see all the little stains until they show up after the garment’s come out of the dryer.

    • Brooke says

      YES! I think it is definitely worth a try. I use this all the time, and it works wonders. Sometimes for super pesky stains it takes me washing and spraying it a few times for it to come out as well as I want it to though. So, try it again if you need to!

    • Ellen says

      It is better not to put” previously” stained items in the dryer until you are sure the stain is out – that means just let it air dry. The dryer often (usually) sets stains.

  17. Bridgette says

    I have been using Blue Dawn, Vinegar and water for ever on everything. Works great on stainless steel, and in my shower, kitchen everywhere. I am going to try the Blue dawn and peroxide on Baseball pants and all other stains little boys tend to have. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  18. Frances says

    Murphy’s Oil Soap gets out red dirt stains. My husband plays softball also, here in Hawaii. The red dirt is so potent there are shops that sell “Red Dirt Shirts”, that have been dyed with local red dirt.
    I know it’s not homemade or necessarily cheap but something to keep in mind and perhaps experiment with since a little goes a long way.

  19. Renee says

    I use Tide pretreatment for tough stains. I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked. Oxy clean has but I’m allergic to it and it still doesn’t get some things out. The tide got BLOOD out of my carpet, red mud out of anything, you name it. I just don’t like the price for how much we use. For fleas we keep our dog and two indoor cats on frontline plus. There’s just too many things they can get other than fleas. Heartworm, mites, ticks, even your indoor pets. Saving the money isn’t worth making them sick and miserable in my opinion. I am going to try the dawn mixture to see if I can switch it up and stretch out my tide. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Chris says

    This concoction RUINED an irreplaceable HD lined pullover. The beautiful black shirt now has lg gray splotches on it. No other black cotton shirt was affected, just the ‘good’ one. Even those had to be re-treated & re-washed more than once. Better off uusing SHOUT greasebuster can!!

  21. Layla says

    This trick worked wonders!!! I thought my sliding pants were ruined, but this actually worked!!

  22. Xist says

    I see comments about using dark spray bottles, but I am surprised that nobody mentioned getting a sprayer that fit the hydrogen peroxide bottle. It worked for me!

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