I know I posted about my gallery wall design after I designed it in Photoshop, and I’m proud to say that it is finally done! I changed my mind on a few things as the process unfolded and, for me, that is just part of the design process. I probably drive my hubby NUTSO with my wishy washy behavior, but it takes time to get things just right! And sometimes things just don’t turn out exactly as your vision, no worries, that is just how it is. Don’t fret, just adjust and move forward! I decided to put a large chalkboard board in my middle frame after trying several other options first. It just didn’t look quite right, so I changed it, and changed it and changed it. Ha ha. The final result reflects the look and feel I was going for, and I’m VERY happy with the results.
I really like the idea of changing out the quote to something that is relative to my life each week/month. This saying {found via pinterest from Homegrown Hospitality} is quite fitting for my life, and I love looking up at it several times each day. Gallery Wall Quote My kids are soooo stinkin’ cute! It feels good to FINALLY have their pictures hanging in my home again!Gallery WallTaking four kiddos pictures for this project has been on my “to do” list for about six months! Wow, that is embarrassing! Gallery Wall design  Gallery Wall arrangement   But, the most important thing is that I finally got to it, and I LOVE them!
The pictures don’t do this gallery wall justice {story of my life!}.
Gallery wall 1 Step one: Find frames and hang them on the wall in your preferred spots. I have done gallery walls before and designed them with paper on the wall all organized and such, well this one was a bit different. I simply started making nail holes, hanging them up and moving them if I didn’t like it. I made a lot of holes in the wall, but the hubsters was ok with it. He’s a pro at filling holes and touching up as you can imagine after living with me for ten years! Ha ha. I started the project on a whim one day after deciding that I couldn’t wait any longer! When the hubsters is gone, things get a little crazy around here. Luckily he was in a good mood and didn’t care. He always jokes that one day he’ll come home and a wall will be torn out! Ha ha.
may 2012 iphone 005
I was FINALLY ok with the arrangement after changing it for a week straight. Then, I painted the frames. You are going to be SHOCKED, but I didn’t spray paint these bad boys. I actually BRUSH painted them! WHAT THE!?!? I wanted the frames a perfect teal/turquoise combo, and I just couldn’t find the right color, so I bought Valspar {Backstroke} and brushed them with my PURDY brush. Whenever I brush any of my projects, using a PURDY brush helps lessen the look of brush marks.
may 2012 iphone 006 collage wal
After I finally had the frames installed, I measured how big my kiddos pictures needed to be, went in the backyard and took some pictures facing the correct ways, and ordered them at Costco. Costco pictures are great quality and only cost $5.99 for 16X20 enlargements, and they are ready within an hour or two {which is perfect for my “last minute” personality!}_DSC0025Gallery Wall layout After I picked up the pics, I bought some cheap foam core and began cutting it {with my olfa cutter} to the correct sizes of the frames. I tried cutting it with scissors, and the foam core was getting torn to pieces, so I found that the olfa cutter worked MUCH easier.

I wanted the pictures to fit perfectly and since my frames were bought and collected from friends, thrift stores, old mirrors and paintings, I didn’t have the frame backs or glass to fit. _DSC0024Foam core is a great way to mount the pictures on the cheap. I simply cut the foam core and sprayed it with Elmer’s spray adhesive and mounted the pictures perfectly. {I had to have help from the hubsters during the picture mounting process because it is definitely a two-person job. You have to hold the picture perfectly straight while you place it on the sticky foam core or you will end up with ripples and bends in your pictures. Gallery Wall 2I am loving the new look to my living room/kitchen area, and if you missed some of the other projects in this space, you should check them out!

Old movie theatre sign

How to make brick look old {using faux brick paneling}

Antique your furniture with glaze

Ulrich family confectionery sign.Gallery Wall with movie theatre signI love my gallery wall, and I hope you like it too! xoxo, Brooke


  1. says

    So amazing! I have something similar in our house, but I bought a bunch of dollar store frames and antiqued them in different tones of green, brown and cream. Some I filled with pictures, some with vintage post cards and some with nothing!

  2. says

    It turned out AWESoME!! So you were in my dream last night…don't be scared…all I can remember is us laughing hysterically together. I think that's a sign that it's time for another girls night to laugh our heads off.

  3. Britt says

    I love it!! and your kids so beatiful!!
    Hey Brooke I want to ask you (curiosoty is killing me) are you participating in the new TLC show craft wars? I watched a TV commercial last night and I think a I saw you and your husband. If you are I''l be chearing you up 'cause you are awesomely talented!

  4. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    @Britt: I can neither confirm nor deny your allegations. :)

    @April: That is hilarious! It must be time to get together again!!

  5. says

    You have probably been asked this before, but what color is your walls because I love it, and what color Israel your games? I looked for it on the post,but didn't see it.

  6. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    The color of the frames is called "backstroke" by Valspar {from Lowes} and my walls are "nomadic desert" from Sherwin Williams {99% sure}.

  7. says

    Just found your blog (Pinterest maybe?) and LOVE IT. . .can't wait to come back and visit again. . .for now I have it bookmarked. . .I've spent the better part of the last hour browsing. Wow. Good stuff :)


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