Ryobi Paint Sprayer {DO NOT BUY}

Jun 1st, 2012

Ok peeps, this post is something I have been contemplating for awhile. You all know that I LOVE SPRAY PAINT! I love it sooooo much, and for good reason. When I paint something, I don’t want brush marks. I don’t want it to take 50 hours to paint a dresser, and I want the paint finish to look professional when I get done.

Well, the hubsters and I have been talking about trying out a paint sprayer for years. YEP, I said YEARS! But, he knows how picky I am about spraying. So, I’ve borrowed a few sprayers here and there from friends and I have yet to find one that meets my expectations. We’ve used a few different sprayers, but I don’t know the other brands and specific models of the other sprayers. All I know is that they didn’t do the trick for me compared to my trusty can of Krylon, KILZ, and 220 grit sand paper. If you want to find out everything I know about spray paint, you should check it out!

This Ryobi cordless sprayer started out as the closest thing we’ve found yet. Dan bought this bad boy for me for Christmas. Yep, that’s right. I’ve been trying to figure out if I liked this thing since CHRISTMAS! The first time I was impressed. I painted a few chairs. I loved that it was cordless and it made things easy to paint at all angles. I liked how the nozzle can be rotated just like the Krylon nozzle, and I loved how the tip allowed the paint to spray out a flat stream of paint instead of round. {It actually has a tip to do both, but I prefer a flat stream}.

I also liked that the paint didn’t need much thinning {per the instructions}, but we followed the advice of the paint guy at Lowes and thinned it just a bit prior to using itRyobi
As I painted the chairs, I got the hang of it right away. It sputtered a few times, but nothing too serious. The battery died before I could paint four chairs in a ten-fifteen minute period. {TERRIBLE BATTERY LIFE}, and I noticed that it was using A LOT of paint. In fact, to paint the four chairs, I had to fill the paint container twice {which was a half gallon of paint}. For your information I used paint plus primer from Lowes. :)

Right off the bat, I knew that Dan would have to be the one to clean it out after every use because he is METICULOUS when it comes to small parts. Me, notsomuch! So, after that first use we took the bad boy apart and followed the directions perfectly. In fact, I was thinking the whole time, “Man, I’m glad Dan is doing this because if I would have done the cleaning, it probably wouldn’t work after this because I wouldn’t have done a good enough job.”

Fast forward a few months. The paint sprayer sat in its box for three months before I used it again. I wanted a spare battery because I don’t do projects that last less than ten-fifteen minutes. So, I finally had some mula for the extra battery and FINALLY remembered to charge both the batteries. PLUS, I had even picked up a gallon of the perfect paint color because after all, I couldn’t start the project until I had the PERFECT color, right!?!?

After all the preparation, I started spraying this adorable dresser for my girls’ room.
refinishing furniture I decided to start painting at 6:45 am one morning after I got home from the gym, and I was soooo excited. I had already washed the surface thoroughly and taken off the doors and removed the drawers before embarking on this quest.

Well, first things first…I couldn’t get the paint to come out. I poured in the paint, assembled the sprayer exactly correctly and NO PAINT WOULD COME OUT!! I was thinking, “What am I doing WRONG!? Am I really THAT pathetic, and am I going to have to wake up Dan at the butt crack of dawn to help me with this!?!?”

I struggled with the darn thing for 30 minutes. I took it apart, read the instructions a ba-dillion times. I tried to see if the nozzle was somehow plugged {remember that we cleaned it out perfectly the time before}. It would NOT work. I had to wake up Dan. I felt horrible. But, I had already gotten the sprayer dirty and I didn’t want it to be in vain.

Dan woke up and with his magic “fix it” fingers. He had it working in about five minutes. I started spraying and within five minutes of regaining control of the sprayer things started going badly. VERY. BADLY. This picture illustrates the result. Look closely, you can’t miss the problems. paint sprayerThe paint sputtered and streaked to say the least.

I was instantly mad {that was an understatement because I had just fiddled with the darn thing for a half an hour}. I thought, “Well, this has been a HUGE waste of time. Because now I am going to have to wait at least an hour for the paint to dry and then SAND down all the sputtery mess and try again! Awesome!”

Well, after a few minutes Dan had the sprayer working pretty well for a minute, and I decided to do a little investigation work. I was soooo impressed (or the opposite) of what I found, that I had to video it for proof.


You can’t miss the middle THREEish inches of paint that isn’t covering in the middle of the stream. If you can’t see the result in the video, let me give you another look. Darn.

The sprayer also LEAKS all over the place no matter how hard you try to stop it.

I hope you can see how terrible it looks from the photos because I was so frustrated by the time I got done that the dresser is still looking like this and is laying in my garage while I take a break from this project.

I just don’t want any of you to ever have the same frustration as I did, so I am publicly saying DO NOT BUY the Cordless Ryobi Sprayer. You will regret it.

The good news? Home Depot took the sprayer back and I got store credit to buy another sprayer someday. If you use a sprayer, please, please, please tell me there is one out there that I am going to LIKE!! I’m starting to wonder!

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