I hope you had an amazing weekend! Did you miss me!?!? I hope you missed me because I MISSED YOU! If you read my last post about my computer, you know that I was waiting to hear from the computer peeps about the assessment of the damage. Well, the good news is that the computer can be fixed, but all of my documents are gone. BUM-MER. The hard drive is completely gone. Lame.

The great news is that I knew that day was coming and I backed up almost everything. PHEW!! So, I will be getting a new computer soon so if you have any advice on what I should get, don’t hold back. I want to know. SmileMac? PC?

Moving on….

Painted Dresser

I pinned this amazing dresser to my Pinterest account to use as inspiration on an upcoming project, and the source of the photo isn’t correct. I wish I knew where it was from! {If you know, please tell me so that I can give proper credit}.

Plus, the before picture of this dresser is also missing in the mumbo jumbo of having my computer die this last week. So, I’m so sorry!! It is old, solid wood and had been painted white a long time ago. The paint wasn’t even, and it was coming off in certain spots. When the surface you need to paint starts out in bad shape, you need to strip off the paint.

So, I started with stripping the dresser.

Stripping Furniture

I recommend using Citristrip. A stripping agent that doesn’t burn your hands when you use it. Believe me, I have used plenty of strippers that have left my hands in BAD shape. So if you will notice, I am not wearing gloves during the stripping process, and it didn’t even hurt!! Bonus.

I had to strip this bad boy at least three times to get down to the wood. I brushed on a thick coat of the Citristrip and followed the instructions. Then I took a flat puddy knife and scrapped off the paint {talk about INSTANT gratification!}

stripping a dresserWhen I got to this point of the stripping process, I e-mailed the gal that I’m doing the dresser for and asked her if she was SURE that she wanted me to paint the dresser. BECAUSE I LOVE THIS LOOK. Oh. my. gosh. I think it is gorgeous. It is chippy, old, and for the right home looks absolutely perfect.

 stripping furniturestripping paint off a dresser

But, everyone’s style is different, so we went forward with the original plan. No worries. It is going to be AWE-SOME! Stay tuned.

P.S. Say a little prayer for me since my car decided to freak out the same week my computer died. $1100 later is no bueno. Gotta love being an adult sometimes huh!?!?


  1. says

    Just a quick, easy tip with Citristrip. It actually works faster and better if you put a coat of it on the area, and then smoosh saran wrap over top of it. Works like a charm!

  2. says

    I just finished a dresser that I stripped and then ended up leaving it that way!! I'm with you I like the way it looks as is! I agree sometimes being an adult is sucky! You just want to cross your arms and go hmpf! good luck!

  3. says

    my husbands life is computers, he says go mac if you want user friendly, if want compatibility go pc. stay away from dell, asus & lenovo are the best brands.

  4. says

    I had a macbook for a while and I loved it, but I felt like it was a little frustrating sometimes. People would ask me to send them a document or something and it wouldn't be compatible (I'm sure you can get Office for a mac by now, this was a while ago). I like being back in the PC world though.

    Can't wait to see how the dresser turns out! It does look cool after just being stripped. looks like that dresser has had quite the life 😉

  5. says

    Love my Mac. Just got a new one after five years with my old one. My favorite part? Not having to wait through all of the anti-virus programs that take forever all of the time. My husband and kids use PCs, but I'm a Mac Girl – all the way! If you decide to switch, get The Missing Manual series Switching to Mac by David Pogue – a great book that will tell you HOW to do things on the Mac that you used to do on a PC.

  6. says

    AWESOME dresser! I'm still on the hunt for one for my daughters room. Thinking campaigner style. Just LOVE the look. Can't wait to see the completed piece!

  7. says

    I love my Mac Mini but I grew up on Macs (yes, I'm young but not that young; my first computer memories are of an Apple IIe). I agree about getting Office for Mac because it is worth the money.
    I love both of those dressers and I can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. says

    Have had our mac desk top for over a year now. Best computer decision ev-vah! 😉 It is VERY user friendly. When it comes to sending documents and being compatible, I just send everything PDF because the "windows friendly attachment" option isn't always windows friendly. There is Office for Mac. I have never needed it.

    Mac's start up and running with in 15 seconds. Booting up is a breeze. Customer service….amazing. You even get to speak to a rep. who is located in the US! whoot! Apple will even transfer all of your files from your old hard drive to your mac for you. I will never go back to a PC

  9. says

    Just fyi, your info may not be really gone, if you NEED it back you can always send the hard drive to a data recovery company, they will take it apart and put the platters into another hard drive and recover the data. It isnt cheap, but if you need it it is worth it :).

  10. says

    If you can afford it — go Mac all the way. There's not nearly the problems with compatibility anymore.

    PDFs are no problem, documents from Office for the Mac are compatible with Office for Windows, etc.

    A Mac will give you better service for much longer — you'll probably want a newer model before it ever 'fries' like a PC so often does.

    And the Mac is excellent when dealing with graphics & yes, iPhoto does as much as higher-priced PC programs.

    No, you won't get as many games, etc. but I consider that a good point!

  11. The Yoder's Four says

    Ugh, car & computer troubles……those are the worst. Hope everything's running smoothly again! I can't wait to see that dresser finished!

  12. The Yoder's Four says

    PS. I grew up on Macs and they are awesome–iPhoto is THE BEST photo editing program.

    HOWEVER…….you can build a custom, powerful PC for much cheaper. And I've become used to them even if they're not as user friendly. As long as you maintain upkeep on whatever computer you get–you'll be happy.

  13. says

    Go for a Mac for sure!!! My dad is a computer IT man and he says Mac is way better! Your dresser is looking awesome!! Sorry about the car and computer sucky!

  14. says

    I was wondering if you've ever used Krylon's paint and primer in one spray? I'm redoing my dresser soon and since my boyfriend thinks its just a cheap dresser I've promised to stay in a 20 dollar spending limit with it. All I really need now is paint and primer, I've sanded it and we have polyacr to cover it after. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  15. says

    that dresser you love was sold at one time by Horchow I have spent time trying to figure out how to transfer it to a dresser myself

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