Window Valance Color {vote for your favorite!}

Jul 9th, 2012

Photoshop is my best friend and sometimes when I can’t decide which color to paint something, I simply just check out my different options in Photoshop. I told you that I finally chose the fabric for my new curtains the other day, but now I need to decide which color to paint my window valance.
{The hubby and I made the valance for about $30.00 by the way!}
I am raising the valance to the ceiling also, but it was easier to Photoshop them in their current place.
Which one gets your vote? Yellow, cream, navy, orange, red, or turquoise?!?
valance yellow valance cream valance navy valance orange valance red valance turquoise
Leave me a comment with your favorite, I know which one I like {I think}, but now I need other opinions. :)

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