How to make a stencil {without an exacto}

Aug 15th, 2012

You are going to LOVE me. Ok, well, maybe you will if you have access to a Silhouette. If you don’t, you will probably hate me because I just figured out how to cut a stencil with this amazing machine!
If you don’t have a Silhouette, it’s ok. It’s my birthday next week. You deserve it for my birthday. I think your husband will agree.
Right now Silhouette is offering a deal {now through the 22nd} with the code “THRIFTY”: You can get:
1 CAMEO, 1 Silhouette scraper, 1 Silhouette hook, 1 Silhouette spatula, and 1 $25 download card for the Silhouette Online Store for $269.99. {That is over $72.00 off!} Click here for the deal. Don’t forget to put in “thrifty” to get the discount.
If you already have a CAMEO, you can get a bundle with 1 Silhouette scraper, 1 Silhouette hook, 1 Silhouette spatula, and 1 $25 download card for $29.99! {this is a SUPER good deal!}
I have been on the hunt for a way to cut stencils automatically since I did my $3.00 stencil project way back when. How to create your own stencil is one of my top 10 projects EVER. But, it took forever to do. I cut the original stencil out of clear folders. They were thick, and I had to push HARD to cut them. I even bought a stencil cutter after that project because it took forever. I’m talking DAYS of cutting, hand cramping and swearing, I mean….uhhhh…teeth grinding.
The stencil cutter didn’t work as well as I wanted it to either. So…..the hunt for an easier way continued.
One day I was fed up. I wanted a stencil and I didn’t want to spend the next 10 hours making it AND I was too cheap to buy one for $40.00. So, I called the local Staples. The guy was pretty funny. He listened to my frustrations and said, “I think binding covers are exactly what you need.” I think I sat there for like 20 seconds as it sunk in. Wait, you have something that will work!?!? He said he would help me find the right product when I got there.
I got to Staples and he didn’t work there. Ha ha. I went to the wrong Staples. Luckily I called the other Staples from across town and he helped me find the correct item anyway.  #Herocks
You need medium weight binding covers. Here is a picture to help you out. For 25 binding covers the cost is only $13.99. Making a StencilThen I found an image in the Silhouette store that would work as a stencil, placed a binding cover on my sticky cutting mat and pressed “cut”.  I adjusted the blade to cut through the binding cover. I think I put the blade setting on 4. silhouetteAfter the machine cut the stencil, I used the Silhouette hook to remove all of the small squares of plastic. 30 seconds later, I had a stencil. It is a gosh, dang miracle.

How to make a stencil Projects 154 . Outdoor patio table
Within the night I stenciled the top of this fun outdoor table {the complete tutorial for this table will be up on the blog tomorrow}. The possibilities are endless. I’m going to be making stencils like CRAZY now.
How to make a stencil
If you are on the fence about buying a Silhouette, I really use mine all the time. I only promote products that I know and love. If you would like to see some of my past Silhouette projects, click HERE.

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