Decorating with Owls for a Little Girls Room

Sep 12th, 2012
Did ya’all have a great day yesterday!?! Well, Creed {my youngest} dumped maple syrup on my carpet! Good times. Good times. So, needless to say I didn’t get to write the post that I intended to. Ummmm yeah. Moving on…  

One of the best parts of my life is when I get to help someone decorate a room in their home. My friend Dani {who I love dearly} let me help here and there with the decisions for her daughter Abby’s room. It was such a fun process and Dani did all the work herself! She even made the pallet bookshelves by herself {that’s right girls, from start to finish}. She would call Mr. All Things Thrifty here and there and ask for advice and to borrow a power tool, but I was so proud of her.

  Girls room decorThe gallery collage wall is really cute. She got a lot of the elements at Hobby Lobby {one of my fave stores of all time}. The fun little handprint owl is Abby’s little brother Mason’s handprints and she got the idea from Meet the Dubiens!
little girl roomgallery wall in little girls room 
We designed this whimsical window for the focal point of the room, and we decorated the entire room around owls. Isn’t it darling!? You guessed it peeps, we made the window with our trusty Silhouette CAMEO machine. I’m telling ya, that bad boy gets whipped out at least once or twice a week around here. Start saving up because it was really worth your money. I bet they will have a black Friday promotion coming up in November too!

  little girls roomgirls' room decor gallery wall in girls room
Dani’s daughter Abby chose which owls would represent each person in her family and we created a fun tree branch for them to sit on.
   window with owl family
The owl choices were very fitting! Daddy, Mommy, Abby, Chase and Mason are represented perfectly! I’ve posted about Abby’s little brother Chase before. He has leukemia and is doing GREAT!
The great thing about having a Silhouette CAMEO, is that you can choose images from their image store and buy them for $1.00. You don’t need an expensive cartridge. I love that!
Nicole and Justins House 103 Nicole and Justins House 104 Nicole and Justins House 105 Nicole and Justins House 106 Nicole and Justins House 107 window with owls
Dani picked out the stripy owl bedding at our local HomeGoods store. Our HomeGoods/TJMaxx is my all time favorite shopping spot in town. I don’t often find something I want anywhere else, but I do live in a pretty small city. HomeGoods pillows
We got the tutorial for making the pallet bookshelves from Little Lucy Lu! Dani did a great job! pallet bookshelvesNicole and Justins House 114
Overall these pictures really don’t do this room justice. It is really cute! It reminds me of Creed’s nursery when we used owls in windows above his crib!

  Baby Boy Room[3]

Send me positive vibes today so that we don’t have a repeat day from yesterday {here’s to no maple syrup on the carpet today}!!


  1. Awww…I love this. My Gabi would love to have all these cute owls on her bedroom wall. She has a owl lunch bag and folders! Great job.

  2. I think its soo dang cute!!! I would love to have this room! Man I hate growing up and having to have adult rooms. I have a question for you…where do you find the great windows you use?!

  3. The room looks so great!

  4. Love the owls!! I like how there is an owl for every family member :)
    PS. Been there with the maple syrup (several times in fact) with my daughter. You think I'd learn my lesson and hide it better!! Good luck. Hope you have a Bissell!!

  5. Mekenzie @ says:

    That owl family is absolutely darling!

  6. super cute!Ilove to have my daughters room with this but she wants cleopatra theme,and she is only 7

  7. Shanna Gilbert says:

    The owl window is sooo cute! I have to get a silhouette!

  8. This is the cutest room! Love it. Please feel free to mention how on earth you removed syrup from your carpet. Hasn't happened here yet, but it is just a matter of time. : )

  9. I love the window art! I think you've convinced me to buy a Silhouette Cameo :) I've added you to my blogroll at!

  10. too cute! my son's room is owls too!

  11. Adorable room owl room(s)! You did a wonderful job.

  12. Oh so adorable!! Love the owl theme. Great job with all the details.. especially loving the owls in the window art. That is absolutely wonderful! I found you via Silhouette's Pinterest "vinyl" board. :)

  13. Did you use your silhouette for the large owls in Creeds room? Super cute images and idea’s.

    • No. I found a Google image and then used an overhead projector to trace the owls. Here’s the link to the actual post. Good luck!

  14. i wanted to no can we buy the owl picture frame or you made it. my daughter is decorating her room with owls and she loved the picture . did you make it or not just wondering i loved the picture i just want to buy it


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