Beth Here! (you got it… from Sawdust and Embryos!)

Oh MY… each month goes by so fast! Doesn’t it seem super recent that I shared my Craigslist Selling Tips with you kids?

Funny story, I was just texting with our girl Brooke, and when I spelled out her name via T9, it automatically spelled out ‘Arnold’ … HA! Won’t you join me in calling her Arnold from now on?


Do you guys want to see a little Ombre Staining business? It’s not like it’s something I really need to ‘teach’ you, but at the very least maybe you’ll be inspired to try it out for yourself! This is nothing ground-breaking, and it’s not an original idea of mine… I was inspired by this pin from awhile back!

We started out with this incredibly massive and unfortunate dresser.


We loved that there were 6 drawers (and therefore 6 different shades!) to work with, but we didn’t love how a few of the drawers had some grooves and details. It threw everything off for us. So my man-child did what was completely natural with him… he bought a plank of hardwood with a sweet grain, cut them to size, and routed the edges:

drawer fronts

I set out my little collection of stains in the order that I wanted them, and got busy staining! Each drawer got a darker stain than the previous one! This was super fun.

ombre staining


After ripping off those original drawer-fronts, we secured the new ones with wood glue, brad nails, and industrial staples! Those babies aren’t going anywhere.  Ever.

securing drawers

I polyed the drawers about 6 times, lightly sanding before each coat (with 220 grit). I wanted them to be crazy-glossy and durable for the long-haul.


And wouldn’t you know it? We were finished with the drawers! As for the body of the dresser, I knew I wanted something to really contrast the sleek/smooth drawers and really let them SHINE… literally! So we did a paint-wash! ( This is a whole different tutorial for a whole different day!) …I absolutely LOVE this look:


Here she is in all her glory!


In the pictures, the lighting is weird, and the top two drawers look very similar in color, but it’s not that way in real life. Promise!


What do you think? It’s definitely not a traditional rehab, but it was something so fun and different for us! We get a serious high from trying new things, and bring new life to… well, anything.

ombre stain dresser4

Thanks for having us once again! It’s such an honor to be able to team up with Brooke Arnold on this crazy blogging endeavor.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Come on over to my blog Sawdust and Embryos anytime, and have a look around at our numerous furniture transformations and tutorials! We’d love to have you! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!


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