Before you watch this video, I must explain. I got a call from Summer and April {my favorite fans in the entire world} who are also great friends, to come and help with April’s submission video for Mandi’s Epic Room Makeover Contest. It was hilarious, and I hope you like it. I think they owe me an extra large Diet Coke, don’t ya think!?!?

The bloopers are my favorite. I am a total idiot.

How can you make this worth it for me? Vote for April {#65}!! Go to Mandi’s blog and scroll down to #65 and VOTE!! I think she deserves it for sure!


  1. says

    That gal has a great set of pipes on her!! Totally voting!! The idea was original, cute, funny, and clever! All the things that means she should win big time! – Karen

  2. - Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl says

    Oh y'all are hilarious! I'm jealous and wish I lived near all of you. Can you pack up and move to Raleigh, NC? Then you'd have an even better chance because I'd offer to help too! ;-D

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