Results of Peer Pressure…

Sep 13th, 2012

Before you watch this video, I must explain. I got a call from Summer and April {my favorite fans in the entire world} who are also great friends, to come and help with April’s submission video for Mandi’s Epic Room Makeover Contest. It was hilarious, and I hope you like it. I think they owe me an extra large Diet Coke, don’t ya think!?!?

The bloopers are my favorite. I am a total idiot.

How can you make this worth it for me? Vote for April {#65}!! Go to Mandi’s blog and scroll down to #65 and VOTE!! I think she deserves it for sure!


  1. Ok I am #84 but you totally have my vote today! This is HILARIOUS!!!

  2. Where the heck are your awesome comments?

    Wow, Brooke you have an amazing voice!!

  3. Brooke, you're face is the best animated face I've ever seen.

  4. Brooke, you freakin rocked that Krylon can!

  5. Can I get your autograph?? ohh and that lead singer, Who IS she? She's really good…bahahaha

  6. Oh my heck that is hilarious. Totally voted for her! I hope she wins. HILARIOUS! love u

  7. Oh man, this is awesome! How long did this take!? Seriously, so funny:) I voted :)

  8. You've got my vote for creativity and GUTS alone – very funny!

  9. That gal has a great set of pipes on her!! Totally voting!! The idea was original, cute, funny, and clever! All the things that means she should win big time! – Karen

  10. Way funny! But now I'm worried I won't win. She'll get at least a million votes from this. Dangit! :)

  11. #65 has my vote…great video!

  12. THAT WAS THE MOST HILARIOUS VIDEO EVER!!! Loved every second of it. (I hope she wins.)

  13. - Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl says:

    Oh y'all are hilarious! I'm jealous and wish I lived near all of you. Can you pack up and move to Raleigh, NC? Then you'd have an even better chance because I'd offer to help too! ;-D

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