Ok peeps, first of all, I hope you had a great weekend. I have been sicker than a dog. I have one. bad. cough. Yuck! I heard that whooping cough is going around in Utah, and I hope I don’t have it. I Googled it {BAD IDEA}. Now, I’ve got myself diagnosed with all sorts of BAAAAD viruses. The good thing is that I got to hang in my jammies all weekend. Ok, ok, I hang in my jammies 75% of my life anyway, but who’s keeping track anyway?
If you missed the drama about the floor, you missed a tear-jerking story. But, the good news is that IT’S DONE!! I am very proud of how this space turned out. Just to be clear, this space is not in my house {although I wish it was!}. My friend Lexee asked for help in her entryway, and I’m excited to share the pictures with you today!!
Without further adieu, check it out!

entryway decor
Like a lot of you out there, Lexee had great ideas, but pulling them all together was a challenge. Her entryway had amazing potential and had 15-foot vaulted ceilings! The first goal was to accentuate the tall ceilings, and to do so, we installed molding {ahem, when I say WE I mean my amazing hubby ? Dan ?}. Plus we added a KILLER chandelier to the space. It definitely draws your eye up and adds texture and interest to these MEGA-vaulted ceilings. Lexee scored this amazing chandelier at a local lighting store called Wilkinson’s for 50% off!!
entryway before entryway molding
Although Lexee’s entryway table wasn’t all that unfortunate looking, we needed something bigger in scale for the space. I found this amazing black table at HomeGoods in Las Vegas, and I knew it was the one the moment I set eyes on her {It was love at first sight.} The legs are soooo unique and we switched out the knobs for some girly crystals from Lowes.
The sconces were too modern for my taste, so we switched them out for these amazing blown glass sconces from West Elm. We reused Lexee’s Pier 1 mirror by just hanging it vertically instead of horizontally.
entryway before entryway
Accessorizing is definitely the fun part of the process, and I bought most of the decor at the local Tai Pan store here in St. George.  {Breakdown of where accessories came from: the teal vases were from Tai Pan, the picture frame was from Tai Pan, the coral colored floral sprays came from Pier 1, the books came from D.I., the white candle was from Target, the white foot stools were also from Target, and the owls were from Kohls.}.
I got your back in case you wanted to know. Smile
accessories chandelier
The painted rug on the floor definitely creates that WOW factor I was hoping for, and pictures just don’t do it justice. I created the rug with a Stencil donated from Royal Design Studios called Contempo Trellis. Yes, I had to paint it TWICE, and lots of tears were shed, but I’m over it now….ALMOST.
entryway makeover stenciled floor
I think I could sleep in this space and stare up at the chandelier for forever. chandelier 1stenciled entryway decorating accessories
I’m definitely thrilled with how this space turned out! I hope you like it too!
Wish me luck on getting over my chronic cough too. It’s definitely a doozy. Any tips or tricks are definitely welcome.
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  1. says

    This looks awesome and I totally have those owls! I had 20 dollars in Kohl's cash and they were 50% off. I think I spent 5 dollars for the big one and the little one was free. :)

    As for the cough, I try to keep my throat as wet as possible. Drink lots and lots of fluids. If it's a wet cough, you can use an expectorant and if it's a dry cough a suppressant. I usually let it run its course without meds. If it goes on too long, you really should see a doctor. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. says

    It's gorgeous, Brooke! You did an awesome job! I love the accent colors against that beautiful neutral gray and white. The painted floor is amazing!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness! It is amazing. It really looks like you hired a high-end designer to come in and redo the space. You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. gari says

    i love the molding. pinning it for later. :)

    for soothing coughs, ginger tea and honey works wonders for my family.

  5. Jenny says

    What color is the walls? I've been trying to find a gray I like but to no avail. My bedroom color is a disaster.

  6. Nicole and Justin says

    Love everything! Especially the molding! Its so hard to know what to do with high ceilings sonetimes, and you made it l look fantastic!

  7. says

    This space looks amazing!! I love that you painted the floor. My husband would veto it if I gave him a choice! Seriously love with those vases.

  8. says

    I am dying over here! Absolutely Gooorgeous! ::said in sing-song:: Those owl are killing me, as are the vases, the table, the chinese lantern sprays…oh, and the molding, the painted rug, of course the chandalier…and on and on. :)
    For your cough, try a tsp-tblsp of raw honey mixed with 1/4 tsp cinnamon. Take up to twice a day for three days. No joke, it's cured the uncurable cough in our family a number of times. Good luck!

  9. says

    Love the entry way. If your cough is from post nasal drip try using a nasal wash like Alkalol..like a nettie pot but easy. My girlfriend is a nurse and told me about this a few years ago. It has been a blessing.

  10. says

    Love it! I you have had your cough for awhile you might have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor. I have had mine for a week and have tried every home remedy known. I live in St. George too, I have bronchitis so it might be going around.

  11. Melanie says

    Wow Brooke! It all looks AMAZING! Your stenciling turned out beautifully (2nd times the charm!) and your styling of the space is divine. I love the stenciled floor and hopefully you will get to use the stencils again for a wall sometime. :) Brava!

  12. JoEllen says

    This space is beautiful!!

    Love the teal and orange, love the chandelier, love love love the molding, and of course the painted floor.

    What color is the wall paint?

  13. says

    Very cool! I love how just making minor trimming changes and accents makes it look so much more chic. It looked great before, but now it's breathtaking! What a welcome for any who comes to your house!


  14. Melissa Olliff says

    WOW!! I luv it all! That floor oh amazing! The colors on the wall? I see my future hall colors…!!
    The Chandelier..ohh where might I find a similar? Great Work!

  15. says

    Looks fantastic! Great work, as always. :)

    Oddly enough, my girls and I are still getting over Whooping Cough from end of July. Yep. It takes forever! Lots of tea and all the "rest" you can scrounge up.

  16. Richard John Jordan says

    What a great design. I love everything on it. The mirror, floor tiles, and chandelier. I'm sure the owner feels glad and proud about his dream house.

  17. says

    Just moved into a space challenging one bdrm. from a spacious two bdrm. I have a beautiful olive green sectional that may be too big for the lvrm. area. What do you think about shifting it to the designated dining area which would create a nook (reading?) like feel and moving the blk. round dining table w/6 chairs to the lvrm. The lvrm. has a fireplace, sliding glass door, leading to a small enclosed patio (nice for dining/party overflow). Furniture still in storage, but I want to keep the pieces I love and this kind of reconfiguration is the only thing I can think of to that will keep me from being forced to buy small space sized furniture. Your thoughts, please. Gloria


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