Hey Guys! Since it’s a Saturday (and Brooke doesn’t blog on Saturdays EVER!), you know it’s me, Beth from Sawdust and Embryos!! It’s always such an honor to be guest-posting over here at All Things Thrifty! I still consider myself soooo lucky even after all these months!

Recently, we slapped up some custom shelving in our master closet. I use the word ‘master’ loosely, because it’s a VERY typical small-ish closet.

Looking up, I see TONS of wasted space. And for an organizing freakazoid like myself, this is a devastating tragedy. A wrong that needs to be righted asap.

After removing all our clothing (groundbreaking, I know), we removed the existing shelf (for now) and cut some 1×3’s to size to hold up our second shelf.

Miraculously, I suckered my man-child into adding shelves up BOTH SIDES of the closet! We’re all about utilizing every inch of space.

I wood-puttied all the screw holes, primed, and painted white.

At this point we were ready to put the shelves into place! We used large sheets of Melamine cut to size with our table saw, with edge banding on the fronts.

And wouldn’t you know it? We were ready to load it up!

I love that we’re able to use that tipity-top shelf for sheets and towels… life’s rough without a linen closet my friends.

If we were to purchase custom shelving from a shelving supplier, we would have spent HUNDREDS… easily. But we were able to throw this together in a weekend, and for less than $60.

For a full budget-breakdown, and more detailed instructions on how we pulled this off, you can check out our original Custom Closet Shelving Post on our blog! We hope you’re inspired to try your hand at tackling your own closet organization situation… don’t be intimidated! It will give you such a feeling of satisfaction to complete something like this on your own! And your pocketbook will thank you too!

Thanks for having us! And we welcome you to come on over and snoop around our many projects on our website Sawdust and Embryos.  HAPPY WEEKEND!


  1. Rachel says

    I am new to DIY and one of my projects I am researching is shelving in my hallway closet. I was wondering if the 1X3’s holding up the shelves are screwed into the wall directly? or I should find the studs before I start.


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