Ummm yeah.

We are known in our local town as the pumpkin people. It’s pretty embarrassing cool.

I love Halloween. In fact, this week is one of the busiest weeks of our whole year because of our annual pumpkin carving party. This year we get to display our pumpkins at Staheli Family Farm! We will be there Saturday and Monday {October 27th and 29th.}

We always get asked, “Why do you carve so many pumpkins!?!”

Well, consider it a family tradition on steroids. This is our 8th year. It’s nuts.

If you live in Southern Utah or nearby, you definitely shouldn’t miss it! We basically carve pumpkins until we are sleep deprived and display them for the public! This year we were invited to bring the pumpkins to Staheli Family Farms and are so excited to be part of their amazing farm festivities. Stay tuned for a coupon coming soon.

Last year we ended up with 88 pumpkins but some pumpkins had multiple designs, so we had a lot more than 88 carvings!

Here are the carvings from Halloween 2011.

2011-10-31 pumpkins 2011

And Halloween 2010 wasn’t too shabby either.

pumpkins 2010

So, the main question I have for you is…

Which designs should we carve this year!?!?



Honey Boo Boo? Did I just put that next to the Presidential Candidates?

What says 2012?

and which designs should we carve again

that we’ve done before?


  1. says

    Honey Boo Boo??…hahahaha.

    Hunger games has been a HUGE 2012 rage.

    I'm telling you, Ellen would finish your bunch off(and maybe she'd feature your amazing skills on her show!) Bada bing!!

    Dang, do you think Staheli Farm lets dresser costumes in? :)

  2. says

    I hope I can go see it, I also hope it's a great coupon. We never go to Staheli because they charge more than I feel is worth it. I didn't get over to your place last year, crossing my fingers this year!

  3. says

    Love this. The Disney ones from last year are amazing! Of course brave is the new Disney movie this year song with wreck it raplh would be cool,this also the anniversary year for e.t. so that would be a great pumpkin to do, maybe one with et and one with has hand with the finger pointing!

  4. Emily @ ACanDoAttitude says

    How has this crept up on me so fast? I need to get pumpkin planning now. I carve 5 or 6 each year myself. You put me to shame. Maybe I will carve even more when I have kids someday.

  5. Sharps says

    I think you should carve a pic of spray paint because its just YOU! It would be just a funny little thing for ALL THINGS THRIFTY!!!

  6. says

    I agree the Hunger game symbol would be cool but I also suggest something patriotic: eagle or maybe a flying flag? Carving the world (like a globe) would also be very cool!

  7. says

    They are all so amazing! I expect to see you on TV one of these years in their big Halloween carving contest. You would do so well as you have certainly honed your skills these past few years! Great work!

  8. says

    Those pumpkin carvings are so awesome. I cannot wait to share the pictures with my kids!

    Definitely Romney!

    How about Lalaloopsy or Marvel Super Heroes?

    Cannot wait to see what you do this year!

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