Gift ideas: Favorite Things {Giveaways} from 25 bloggers

Hey Hey ATT readers! Let me just say that I have been up to my eyebrows in projects this weekend! 
{I. Am. Tired!} But just wait until you see what I have been working on! You are going to love it!
So, lets talk… with the holidays coming up, things can get a bit stressful right? Well, 25 different bloggers have linked up below to help with some of the stress!! Need some new gift ideas? Not sure what to get your best friends? These amazing bloggers will totally help… Which brings you to My {Absolute} Fav Things! Here’s what to do:
  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details about my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!

Choosing my favorite things was surprisingly really hard. It was weird to think about myself! Then when I did, it was with high hopes that YOU would like it too! The BEST part is that you have the opportunity to win a gift basket mailed right to your door! Oh, the pressure! ;-) OK…


Well… Here we go… And in no particular order! 
 Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint, {obviously}
A can of KILZ aerosol primer,
Some Orbit chewing gum, Peanut Butter M&M;’s {my absolute favorite treat},
Some funky nail polish {I’m totally a girly girl!}, 
Hand sanitizer and Hand Soap {I am a bit of a germaphobe.}
Frog Tape, Mr. Clean Erasers {who doesn’t love these??},
Krumpets “home” room spray {I just love anything that smells yummy.}, 
Dawn Direct Foam, Victoria Secret Lip Gloss, A reusable plastic cup {I really like straws!}
Diet Mountain Dew {my favorite drink}, Scrubbing brush from Ikea, 
Adorable polka dot phone case {Because I  LOVE my phone!}
House Beautful magazine and last but not least, some fun coral colored earrings!
{Purchased at Target because that is also another fav of mine!!}
P.S. I actually have these exact ones and I get compliments on them all the time!

Well there you have it! See anything you can’t live without? Get any good ideas?
What gifts do you love to give? Enter to win in the rafflecopter below!
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Now go check out the other bloggers’ gift ideas too! Especially my amazing friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals!

15. Six Sisters’ Stuff
All of these bloggers are absolutely amazing! I hope you will find some new blogs to follow from this blog hop!


  1. 1

    I am loving seeing all these great gift ideas…Thanks for some Christmas gift giving inspiration…

  2. 2

    SPRAY PAINT! I just bought some today!

  3. 3

    Would LOVE to get that adorable phone case! I've had the same one since I got my phone a year ago and it is SO BEAT UP! Thanks :)

  4. 4

    the house beautiful magazine!

  5. 5

    The earrings! :)

  6. 6

    I also love room spray – mmmm.

  7. 7

    Love the fun nail polish! My girls and I love painting our nails bright cute colors!

  8. 8

    The peanut butter M&Ms;!

  9. 9

    I am addicted to the Diet Mt. Dew!!

  10. 10

    Such a fun idea!

  11. 11

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;!! Yum!

  12. 12

    The m&ms;! yummers!

  13. 13

    Frog Tape!

  14. 14

    I LOVE house beautiful!

  15. 15

    ooh I love peanut butter m&ms;!

  16. 16

    Fun stuff!

  17. 17

    wow, this is great! thx!

  18. 18

    Gotta love the hand sanitizer…major germaphobe here, too!

  19. 19

    LOVE the earrings! So cute!

  20. 20

    Tough to pick one but I love the color of that spray paint and polka dots are my favorite so the phone case as well!

  21. 21

    Loving the reusable cup…I use it for cocktails! :)

  22. 22

    sorry, posted before i finished :(
    not sure which would be my favorite .. probably the earrings but mountain dew, m&ms;, etc etc .. thx again!

  23. 23

    Peanut butter m&m;'s rock

  24. 24

    Ooh, I think the aerosol primer is my favorite!

  25. 25

    It would have to be the spray paint…I always need spray paint! :)

  26. 26

    Well I love that type of gum and peanut butter m&ms; – my favorite too!

    I think my favorite item would be that adorable cup and straw! I love love those cups!

  27. 27

    LOVE nail polish!!

  28. 28

    Totally cool gift basket, so many great things!

  29. 29

    Awesome gift basket!

  30. 30

    I like the M&Ms; too!

  31. 31

    Sounds like my kind of basket!

  32. 32

    My fav item is the nail polish-I need some new colors!

  33. 33

    It's a tie between peanut m&ms; and diet dew!

  34. 34

    LOVE that spray paint in that color! Fave of mine!! :) Thanks for the chance!

  35. 35

    I love Krylon Ocean Breeze!

  36. 36

    I also LOVE peanut butter M&Ms;!

  37. 37

    Such a great idea!

  38. 38

    oh gosh, all of it. the victoria's secret lip gloss looks nice though!

  39. 39

    The Diet Dew… mommy's jet fuel!

  40. 40

    Frog Tape!

  41. 41

    Kilz Primer is an excellent primer!

  42. 42

    I think the spray paint and the frog tape would be my picks. :)

  43. 43

    Peanut m&ms…yum;!

  44. 44

    Victoria Secret Lip Gloss

  45. 45

    diggin' the black & white polka dot phone cover!!!

  46. 46

    "home" room spray! I love yummy smells!

  47. 47

    Gosh it's hard to pick one favorite from your basket. . . . I think the Dawn is the one I'm most excited about. :) I haven't tried it yet and it excites me to try new things!!

  48. 48

    Oh man you have several of my favorites in your basket! The cup, m&ms;, orbit gum, dawn, magic erasers, & that lil blue scrubby brush that I drove all over creation in Germany to find an Ikea to get lol

  49. 49

    LOVE those coral earrings!

  50. 50

    I really love the chevron print tumbler

  51. 51

    Phone Cover & Earrings!

  52. 52

    The nail polish is a favorite of mine.

  53. 53

    I love the frog tape

  54. 54

    Wow!!! I must pick more than one: magic erasers, peanut m & m's, spraypaint and a love of straws :) great basket!

  55. 55

    most definitely the peanut m and m's

  56. 56

    Mmm… M&M;'s? I want this basket!

  57. 57

    the polka dot phone case!

  58. 58

    Love all the gift ideas!!

  59. 59

    Love the reusable cup!

  60. 60

    Definitely the Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint – it's one of my favorites, I've used it time and again!

  61. 61

    I love the earrings!! I'm a sucker for a great pair of earrings!

  62. 62

    I love your reusable cup because I have one and use it a ton.

  63. 63

    Frog Tape! Life saver

  64. 64

    I love house beautiful!!

  65. 65

    Very cool Blog Hop! Thanks!

  66. 66

    So many goodiesM

  67. 67

    This is my first time looking at your blog! I love it!

  68. 68

    Love so many things. I'm not familiar with frog tape though…will have to try that out. :)

  69. 69

    Super cute earrings!!!! Great basket!!!!

  70. 70

    Love the spray paint!

  71. 71

    I would love to win!

  72. 72

    I love the earrings… love that color!!!

  73. 73

    Love the spray paint!

  74. 74

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s are my all time favorite treat!!!

  75. 75

    spray paint!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  76. 76

    The paint and cup

  77. 77

    Looks great!

  78. 78

    Love your basket! My favorite is the Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint…love that color!

  79. 79

    I love the ocean breeze spray paint. I have some and use it ALL THE TIME. The color is gorgeous.

  80. 80

    Ocean breeze Krylon! My fave!

  81. 81

    I really like the earrings! :)

  82. 82

    The spray paint! I never would have thought that as a gift, but what a great one it is!

  83. 83

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!! Not very exciting, but I use them DAILY at my house and my classroom.

  84. 84

    There are a lot of fun items in your favorite things basket! My favorite would be the house beautiful magazine! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  85. 85

    Such fun variety, I love the cup, I use them all the time!

  86. 86

    The coral earrings!

  87. 87

    hand sanitizer!

  88. 88

    Ocean breeze spray paint, hand sanitizer, nail polish….but really, everything is awesome! We are two peas in a pod!

  89. 89

    ALL OF IT!

  90. 90

    The VS lip gloss!

  91. 91

    I'm loving the fun pattern on the cup! And I love straws also.

  92. 92

    Am I allowed to enter?? I hope so!! You've got some fun favorites. :)

  93. 93

    love the peanut butter m&ms;! guilty pleasure!

  94. 94

    Peanut butter M&Ms; are definitely my favorite!

  95. 95

    The frog tape! Used it this summer for the first time painting stripes in my son's hockey themed bedroom. It is awesome.

  96. 96

    Tough call! Spray Paint or Earrings?

  97. 97

    oooh, that House Magazine please!!

  98. 98

    ummm, gee, EVERYTHING! But I really love the reusable cup, love love love those kind of cups and what a cute pattern!

  99. 99

    I love Orbit gum!!

  100. 100

    My friend told me how awesome Frog Tape is. I would love to try it!

  101. 101

    The nail polish is my favorite.

  102. 102

    Wow, so much good stuff in this basket! I don't know whether to go with the Peanut Butter M&Ms; (best thing ever) or the Victoria Secret Lip Gloss?

  103. 103

    Fabulous gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  104. 104

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;! But I would have to share them with my son! :/

  105. 105

    The mtn dew and pb m&ms;!!

  106. 106

    Love the iphone case – super cute!!

  107. 107

    Thank you so much!

  108. 108

    Thank you so much!

  109. 109

    I love fun nailpolish!

  110. 110

    Ocean Breeze spray paint for sure!

  111. 111

    It's so hard to pick just one… but I LOVE that reusable plastic cup, those are the best and the design on the one you chose is too cute!

  112. 112

    The coral earrings are my fave.
    eliece eliece at live dot com

  113. 113

    Mmm, definitely the peanut butter m and m's, but the spray paint is totally cute too!

  114. 114

    PB m&m;'s of course!

  115. 115

    The earrings are gorgeous, I'd love to win!

  116. 116

    the earrings, the frog tape, or the magic erasers. love it!

  117. 117

    Great collection of goodies….hard to chose just one, but I will have to go with Dawn Direct Foam. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  118. 118

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  119. 119

    gotta go for mr. clean.

  120. 120

    corral colored earrings – I know just who I'd give them to!

  121. 121

    magic eraser! Thanks for such a cool give a way

  122. 122

    The Orbit Sweet Mint is my favorite flavor of gum!

  123. 123

    Love the nail polish and the earrings!

  124. 124

    i am in love with those earrings!! so fun! thanks for sharing your favorites and for offering such an awesome giveaway :)

  125. 125

    PB m&ms; are my FAVE!

  126. 126

    Kilz primer. I hear it's the best!

  127. 127

    spray paint!

  128. 128

    Spray paint, lip gloss, phone case, love it all!

  129. 129

    I love the cup, it's my absolute favorite!

  130. 130

    Love your basket. Great ideas!
    Pick me!

  131. 131

    Love the red earrings!

  132. 132

    Loving the coral earrings!

  133. 133

    The nail polish is my favorite part. :)

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It's so fun to see all the FAVORITES. :) Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

  134. 134

    Spray paint, because you never know when you will need it!

  135. 135

    Oddly enough, I love that silly IKEA scrub brush. I drive 45 minutes just to buy another one when my old one gets yucky!!

  136. 136

    Ooo the Krylon for sure :)

    (Rafflecopter name: Richelle)

  137. 137

    Mmmmm Peanut Butter M&M;'s! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  138. 138

    I have eaten all of the PB M&M;'s out of my kids halloween baskets.

  139. 139

    The earrings sound awesome!

  140. 140

    M&M;'s, yum!

  141. 141

    Spray paint, a girl can never have too many cans ;-)

  142. 142

    Cute basket! The peanut butter M & M's are my fave! I could eat the whole bag.

  143. 143

    Love the earrings

  144. 144

    Love the magic erasers

  145. 145

    PB m &M;'s and coral earrings are sreaming my name!

  146. 146

    I would love to try the Krumpets "home" room spray!

  147. 147

    I like the earrings!

  148. 148

    Mr. Clean Erasers!!!!

  149. 149

    Your basket is filled with such fun things!!! I think my favorite might be the spray paint though.

  150. 150

    Well I'm a nail polish junkie, so I may be most excited about those, but I like everything I see!

  151. 151

    MMMMM!!! M & Ms!! :)

  152. 152

    Awesome basket…. Love the nail polish!!!!

  153. 153

    My favorite is a toss-up between the spray paint (love the color) and the DMD (we're good friends). Thanks!

  154. 154

    I Love the plastic tumbler! Chevron print rocks

  155. 155

    I like the earrings.

  156. 156

    So fun! What a great baket, i think my fave is the cup with straw, love those funky colored cups!

  157. 157

    Hmm it's too hard to decide everything looks fantastic! I love the earrings, the HB mag, and the phone case! Great Selections!

  158. 158

    Awesome gift! Krylon spray paint for sure!

  159. 159

    Kilz primer!! Great basket.

  160. 160

    The Diet Mountain Dew to give me a little boost to help me finish my projects

  161. 161

    I love pb m&ms;!

  162. 162

    Definitely the Krylon spray paint! Your basket looks amazing!

  163. 163

    Love the earrings! What a fun assortment of goodies!

  164. 164

    Love this idea

  165. 165

    My fav is the Victoria Secret Lip Gloss. Love it!!!

  166. 166

    I love those acrylic cups too. I drink much more water from a straw then just a bottle!

  167. 167

    I love all the things in your basket! My favorites would probably have to be the spray paint (because of the color) and the PB M&Ms; – yum!

  168. 168

    Love the cup and the pb m&m;'s

  169. 169

    I love the polka dot phone case! Very cute!

  170. 170

    Your basket is one of my favorites! Super cute – and I LOVE spray paint!

  171. 171

    I'm intrigued by the Kilz and the room spray

  172. 172

    What a bunch of great items! I'd love to try the Kilz. I also love Peanut Butter M&Ms;!

  173. 173

    Love Love Love Peanut Butter M&M;'s! :)

  174. 174

    I love that cup with the straw. They are one of my new favorite things.

  175. 175

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts!

  176. 176

    Great things!

  177. 177

    I love that same orbit gum. Peanut butter M&M;'s are really good and they remind me of reese's pieces.

  178. 178

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts!

  179. 179

    Nail Polish is MY fav!! :)

  180. 180

    Frog tape yes…

  181. 181

    The spray paint. I love spray painting everything.

  182. 182

    so many fun things! The spray paint, that cute phone case and Diet Dew is my drink too! what a fun giveaway!

  183. 183

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the best cleaning supply ever invented!!

  184. 184

    Kilz spray primer!! Went through two cans this weekend!

  185. 185

    Some cute ideas

  186. 186

    FUN stuff! LOVE the polka dot phone case!

  187. 187

    FUN stuff! LOVE the polka dot phone case!

  188. 188

    VS lip gloss!

  189. 189

    I love straw cups too! LOVE!

  190. 190

    Nail polish

  191. 191

    There are so many great ideas. Thank you all for sharing

  192. 192

    Spray paint!

  193. 193

    Thank you for the Christmas gift giving inspiration.

  194. 194

    I love the earrings!

  195. 195

    Spray paint!!!! LOVE/obsessed with Ocean Blue!!!

  196. 196

    So many to choose from…I think I will choose the earrings, LOVE them!

  197. 197

    Frog tape is the BEST!

  198. 198

    Love the color of that spray paint! :)

  199. 199

    Love your basket! And love getting ideas for Christmas!

  200. 200

    My favorite is the hand soap/antibacterial cleanser…I'm a germaphobe, too!

  201. 201

    Love the gift basket! Especially love me some spray paint!!

  202. 202
    spoiledbyneil says:

    Love all of them, but.favorite would have to be the lip gloss or nail polish..Ty

  203. 203
    Stephanie says:

    Nail polish!

  204. 204

    So fun to see your favorite things! I'm with you on the straw.

  205. 205

    peanut butter M&M;'s!!! Then the frog tape, then the Kilz primer!

  206. 206

    Nail Polish!
    allison030574 (a)

  207. 207

    I love the spray paint and the earrings!

  208. 208

    magic eraser saved my life when we were prepping our house to list on the market!

  209. 209

    Great Basket! I could use all the painting supplies and cleaning supplies. I love Mr. Clean Erasers!

  210. 210

    I love the Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint, but Diet Mountain Dew is a close 2nd!!

  211. 211

    I love the room spray and the Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss.

  212. 212

    I can't decide, I just love the entire basket!

  213. 213

    Peanut butter m

  214. 214

    Peanut butter m

  215. 215

    I could pass on the Mountain Dew (in favor of a Dr. Pepper) but I love everything else. Frog tape, primer and paint, what more could you need? Awesome idea for a giveaway!!

  216. 216

    Frog Tape! I'm always finding a need for it with my DIY projects.

  217. 217

    Love the earrings and i'm intrigued by the magic erasers, we don't get them in the UK!

  218. 218

    Kilz totally rocks!

  219. 219

    Love your basket! My favorite would be the House Beautiful magazine, or the M&Ms;, tee-hee!

  220. 220

    Frog tape and spray paint!

  221. 221
    Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Ocean Breeze!

  222. 222

    Fun stuff!

  223. 223

    It all looks awesome but the nail polish I am excited about because I am also a girly girl !

  224. 224
    carol jane says:

    Love the spray paint!!

  225. 225

    The Magic Eraser!!!

  226. 226
    The Russ Family says:

    I won't buy or chew any gum but orbit sweet mint!

  227. 227

    Wow this is a great basket- I love all of it!

  228. 228

    Love your basket-I would have to say the nail polish is my favorite!

  229. 229

    M&M;'s. What girl doesn't love chocolate? :)

  230. 230

    The spray paint — love the color!

  231. 231

    The Kilz! What a fun giveaway!

  232. 232

    Everyone knows peanut butter m&ms; are health food!

  233. 233

    As soon as I saw the diet mt. dew (dmd as I call it!) I knew I would like your basket! :)

  234. 234

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s are my favorite!

  235. 235

    Such a great giveaway – thank you!

  236. 236
    WinterSundays says:

    Looove the coral colored earrings!

  237. 237

    Love Krylon!

  238. 238

    i love the nail polish and the M&Ms;!

  239. 239

    Love your basket idea. I too am a huge Target fan.

  240. 240

    The funky nail polish!!

  241. 241

    Can't live without the Dawn Direct. My husband's gotta have the traditional dish soap in the big bottle so we compromise and buy both!

  242. 242

    The Frog Tape is something I use the most. Love It!!

  243. 243

    The frog tape – I love that stuff. Thanks for giving away so much things that I would actually use :)

  244. 244

    I love the coral earrings.

  245. 245

    I love the coral earrings.

  246. 246


  247. 247

    Love this basket

  248. 248
    Razzle Dazzle Berry says:

    m and m's are my favorite :) chocolate!!!


  249. 249

    Yay! I love it all!

  250. 250

    Love the magic eraser! Such a life saver.

  251. 251

    I love this idea. Thanks you!

  252. 252

    So many great things!! Maybe a little frog tape will give me a kick to tackle some paint projects in my house!

  253. 253
    crayolajunkie says:

    Love the fun nail polish! I'm always game for new colors.

  254. 254

    The chevron cup! I'm obsessed with chevron lately!

  255. 255

    Love the earrings! cute!

  256. 256

    Love love love that orbit sweet mint!

  257. 257

    I love the earrings!

  258. 258

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s {my absolute favorite treat too!!!} I collected my DD's as a Halloween tax! ;)

  259. 259
    Mintclartha says:

    Love Krylon and Magic Eraser!

  260. 260
    nursepressley says:

    Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint -so beautiful

  261. 261

    Love the nail polish!

  262. 262

    I love the phone case im obsessed with cases for mine too!

  263. 263

    Love the color and style of those adorable earrings.

  264. 264

    The earrings would be the best part of this basket!

  265. 265
    Alexis Bulloch says:

    Love the Krylon spray paint!

  266. 266

    Magic Erasers are the best!

  267. 267

    Love some of these more practical items. One of my favorite things is Glimmersticks Eyeliner from Avon.

  268. 268
    ramsaygrace says:

    I have a four year old that LOVES crayons, so I'd have to go with the Magic Eraser! Thanks for this chance to win such a great prize.

  269. 269
    Shannon RF Schroder says:

    I love Mountain Dew- even the diet stuff is good!

  270. 270

    frog tape!

  271. 271

    frog tape!

  272. 272
    Sabeeta Janjua says:

    plastic cup! it is so pretty <3

  273. 273

    I love this idea. Already entered Mandi's. I love the randomness of your basket.

  274. 274
    Wacon Bayless says:

    Love this idea, heading over to visit the other bloggers!

  275. 275

    I would absolutley love this basket! What a lovely range of gifts~ :)

  276. 276

    I love the reusable tumbler. Soda through a straw is so much better!

  277. 277
    Huskerbabe says:

    What is frog tape?

  278. 278

    I am so excited for the light blue spray paint. It is such a gorgeous color!

  279. 279

    The M&Ms; get my thumbs up! :)

  280. 280
    Katie Wells says:

    I love the cell phone case.

  281. 281
    Dominique M says:

    Peanut M&Ms; are to die for!

  282. 282

    LOVE straw/cups! And PB M&Ms; are soooooo yummy!

  283. 283
    Matea_Bradshaw says:

    I just LOVE stuff like this!!! I DID NOT know you could buy Kilz as a spray! Awesome!!!

  284. 284

    I LOVE that you put your fave spray paint color in the gift guide. I would love to receive that! You have great taste girl!

  285. 285

    There are so many awesome ideas here. I am starting my want list and share list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  286. 286

    frog tape!!

  287. 287

    I think the earrings are great!

  288. 288

    Hellooooo, Peanut Butter M&M;'s! :)

  289. 289

    The peanut butter m&m;'s and the magic eraser!They are on my shopping list currently!

  290. 290

    Everything looks like so much fun!!!

  291. 291

    spray paint, frog tape, peanut butter m&ms…does; it get any better….no, no it doesnt!! =)

  292. 292

    peanut butter M&M;! :)

  293. 293

    So much cute goodies! Love the reusable cup :)

  294. 294

    The spray paint!

  295. 295

    the plastic cup!!

    dailydealsjc at gmail dot com

  296. 296

    Love PB M&M;'s – delsih!

  297. 297

    I love the dawn foaming soap!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  298. 298

    Magic Eraser. cup and nail polish!!

  299. 299

    I love those earrings from Target!

  300. 300

    the spraypaint!

  301. 301

    Love the room spray.

  302. 302

    pick me!

  303. 303

    The whole basket makes me happy!
    Love the Dawn detergent. Works on everything!!

  304. 304

    You hit all the bases! Love the spray paint…can't do projects without candy…have to clean up after neglecting the toddler to do projects…and then have to scrub the project off your hands and paint those nails! Love it! :)

  305. 305

    Love the earrings!

  306. 306

    Haha, I use a LOT of magic erasers…

  307. 307

    Love your box of gifts! I love the cute reusable plastic drink cup.

  308. 308

    Love the earrings…oh and the Magic eraser! :)

  309. 309

    I love the earrings..and the magazine..and the phone case! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  310. 310

    The spray paint and earrings! And the hand soap…I'm kinda OCD about washing my hands =)

  311. 311

    the krylon! oh the possibilities! thanks.

  312. 312

    Love the spray paint!

  313. 313

    I don't think I could clean my house without Magic Erasers! Love them!

  314. 314

    What a great basket of coolness! I have no idea what I'd put in a basket about me…

  315. 315

    I love this contest idea!

    Diva di Cucina

  316. 316

    I love this contest idea!

    Diva di Cucina

  317. 317

    the earrings!

  318. 318

    I love peanut butter M&Ms;!!

  319. 319

    I love Peanut Butter M&Ms;!

  320. 320

    Love the lip gloss…can't live without it.

  321. 321

    I really love the Spray paint i love the color!

  322. 322

    Coral earrings!

  323. 323

    M&Ms; for sure!

  324. 324

    love the earrings!!

  325. 325

    Frog tape FTW! I have become best friends with that stuff lately!

  326. 326

    My favorite gum is Orbitz too!

  327. 327

    the krumpets spray

  328. 328

    LOVING the Ocean Breeze spray paint!

  329. 329

    I have a slightly sick need to constantly buy new nail polish, so I would definitely love seeing those show up on my doorstep.

  330. 330

    Magic erasers!

  331. 331

    Love it all! Especially the cup, I have a thing for cups!

  332. 332

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  333. 333

    I love the Frog Tape! Great giveaway!

  334. 334

    Can't just choose 1 – the paint and magazine. Nothing like some ideas to get you painting!

  335. 335

    that chevron cup. that'd be great to leave at the office.

  336. 336

    lip balm and magic erasers – can't live without 'em!

  337. 337

    Peanut butter M&M;'s & Ocean breeze spray paint…LOVE THEM!!!

  338. 338

    I've never used the spray primer so that would be really fun to win!

  339. 339

    The spray paint!

  340. 340

    I love Orbit Mint gum too! That's hands down a must every day!

  341. 341

    All this stuff looks so fun! What a fun giveaway! I have or have used a few of the items, but would love to win to try the others :)

    devrifrandsen (at) hotmail (dot) com

  342. 342

    My favorite gift basket item is the reusable plastic cup/straw for sure. I am a fellow straw lover as well!

  343. 343

    Love these! My favorite are those gorgeous earrings!

  344. 344
    Jenny@ L.O.T.s of Love says:

    Hooray for Magic Erasers!

  345. 345
    Emily Christine says:

    Spray paint

  346. 346

    The room spray sounds intriguing!

  347. 347

    the Kilz primer, cuz I'm a germaphobe

  348. 348

    love spray paint!!!!

  349. 349

    It's gotta be the funky nail polish..

  350. 350

    Great ideas. Love the cup.

  351. 351

    Just love the spray paint.

  352. 352

    Gotta love the lip gloss!

  353. 353

    Kilz Aerosol. I HATE the Kilz in a can for small projects :)

  354. 354

    That basket made my heart skip a beat… Lots of great stuff! Also, your blog is amazing.

  355. 355

    That basket made my heart skip a beat… Lots of great stuff! Also, your blog is amazing.

  356. 356

    I like all the cleaning supplies. Gotta get ready for holidays

  357. 357
    Erin and Jarod says:

    Love your choices, especially the earrings! Thanks for the giveaway!

  358. 358
    Kelly Keitzer says:

    I LOVE house beautiful!

  359. 359
    Wendy Namken says:

    What a great giveaway!

  360. 360

    Spray paint!

  361. 361

    It's all so good!! I love the earrings though!

  362. 362
    Gina McCaleb says:

    Are you kidding? The spray paint, of course :-)

  363. 363

    What a great gift idea, LOVE the Diet MD!!!

  364. 364
    Dragonlady says:

    This is so exciting…thank you!

  365. 365
    Heather Feather says:

    spray paint!

  366. 366

    It's a tie between the earrings and the phone case.

  367. 367
    Susan Stitch says:

    So many cool things, but I guess my favorite is the frog tape! It works SO well! Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I hadn't heard of the Krumpet room spray and I have to try it!

  368. 368

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!!!

  369. 369

    I know it's random, but I have one of those IKEA brushes and I use it all the time! It's my fave!

  370. 370

    Fun. I think all the best people like Peanut Butter M&Ms.; :)

  371. 371

    Peanut butter M&Ms;!!!

  372. 372

    Other then the spray paint!!! I've heard great things about the ikea brush, but we don't have one near by.

  373. 373

    Everything is so cute and practical, it's hard to pick just one… but I think I'd go with the spray paint. I love crafting, but hardly ever get something like that for myself!

  374. 374

    My favorite would be the kilz. My daughter wrote on our living room wall with a sharpie and have putting off getting something to cover it since it will not come off. Also the magic eraser see above. lol

  375. 375

    The room spray. Love that stuff!

  376. 376

    I love the plastic cup.

  377. 377
    Yellow Suitcase Studio says:

    Peanut Butter M&Ms; are the best!

  378. 378

    I LOVE peaunut butter m&ms.; They would have to be my favorite thing in your basket! :) delicious!

  379. 379

    Great Basket, though I'm not sure I've even heard of frog tape..

  380. 380
    Tracie Brown says:

    polka dot phone case

  381. 381
    Gluten-free Jane says:

    I feel like I could have shopped for this basket! I couldn't live without magic erasers though.

  382. 382
    Beth Cook says:

    I love so many different things in here…but I'm excited about the spray paint and primer as I've got some Christmas projects that could use those:)

  383. 383

    Love the nail polish

  384. 384

    I love that Frog Tape :)

  385. 385

    Peanut butter m&ms; yum!

  386. 386

    Great gift basket!

  387. 387

    House Beautiful Mag is my favorite!

  388. 388

    Definitely the frog tape, Kilz primer, and spray paint!!

  389. 389

    Peanut butter M&M;'s are a DEFINITE win. :)

  390. 390
    Amanda C. says:

    Krumpets "home" room spray! Ohh yeah! Everything in your basket is GREAT though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  391. 391

    Magic Erasers…they've saved me SO many times!!

  392. 392

    I love the polka dot phone case!

  393. 393
    Jennifer Ellicott says:

    OOoh…. these are great items! Thank you for sharing your favorites with me.

  394. 394

    Love all of them!

  395. 395
    Heather L. says:

    Love so many things – but my fave would have to be those earrings =) Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  396. 396

    love all of your favorite things!!! now i need to add to my list!

  397. 397

    Man we could practically be BFFs just by what's in your basket! Haha! :) But I absolutely LOVE those earrings and have almost the same phone case so I'll go with those! Super fun giveaway!

  398. 398

    cute ideas!

  399. 399

    I love the nail polish, I am one of those ladies who can't stand to not have my toenails painted! Awesome basket!

  400. 400

    HUGE fan of House Beautiful!

  401. 401

    Mr Clean magic eraser as they make cleaner a lot easier!

  402. 402

    I love the polkadot phone case – tres chic!

  403. 403

    Spray paint and M&Ms…; :)

  404. 404

    You have a lot of my favorites in there, bit the peanut butter m & m's are the best!

  405. 405

    My favorite thing in your basket are the earrings from Target! I love Target too, but never thought to look at their jewelry!

  406. 406

    My favorites are the peanut butter M&M;'s and hand soap. I'm a bit of a germaphobe, too.

  407. 407
    jezinthekitchen says:

    Most awesome blog hop EVER!! I'm taking notes from each and every basket of things to include in the baskets I'm gifting this Christmas!

  408. 408

    Krylon Spray Paint – lovin that color Ocean Breeze

  409. 409
    Alyssa Marie says:

    The earrings!!!

  410. 410

    Love everything, and especially the nail polish! Thanks for a chance to win!

  411. 411

    Seriously, lots of great products. I can't live without our Mr Clean magic eraser, or Dawn. The power of Dawn, seriously works on EVERYTHING!

  412. 412

    The spray paint!! Kilz and krylon! Awesome

  413. 413

    I love those earrings! Thanks for the chance!

  414. 414

    Peanut butter m&ms;! Are my fav.

  415. 415

    The plastic cup is my favorite. I really like straws, too :)

  416. 416

    I don't know if it's my favorite, but I'm most excited about the Kilz primer. I've never tried it.

  417. 417

    Love trying out new lip gloss

  418. 418
    Diane Nickerson says:

    Mr Clean Erasers!! Although the Diet Mt. Dew sounds good, too…… ;-)

  419. 419

    bath and body works candles are fantastic and are my absolute fave!

  420. 420

    Love the earrings!

  421. 421
    Angel Alligood says:

    I have to have my morning dose of Diet Mountain Dew!

  422. 422

    Love trying out new lip gloss

  423. 423

    I use those plastic cups everyday. I "think" i drink more water that way

  424. 424

    Love peanut butter m&ms;!

  425. 425
    tlkinder02 says:

    I love the peanut m&m;'s!!! Those have become one of my favorite candies'

  426. 426

    Magic erasers. With a toddler in the house, it's a lifesaver.

  427. 427
    The Cooking Actress says:

    I loooove those coral earrings!

  428. 428

    Those earrings are so cute!

  429. 429

    It is a toss-up between the spray paint and coral earrings! Love them both!

  430. 430

    Love house beautiful. Such practical things that make life easier and more enjoyable.

  431. 431

    i heart the dawn soap

  432. 432

    I love magic erasers! I can't live without them!

  433. 433

    Love those earrings!

  434. 434

    Love the spray paint! Im gonna be painting something up today!! :) Awesome giveaway!

  435. 435

    the phone case

  436. 436

    The coral earrings are my favorite! Love the color.

  437. 437

    The earrings sound lovely:)

  438. 438

    love the foaming soap!!! :)

  439. 439

    Love the kilz primer!

  440. 440

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  441. 441

    Kilz primer. Easy.

  442. 442
    Scrapper Pearl says:

    hmmm…the magazine…love just browsing through 'em!

  443. 443

    I don't know how I can pick just one – I love so many of those things! I think if I have to say one, though, it's the peanut butter M&M;'s!

  444. 444

    I love the house beautiful magazine :)

  445. 445

    I absolutely love the polka dot phone case. So cute!

  446. 446

    I love the magic eraser!

  447. 447

    The polka dot phone case–cute!

  448. 448

    I absolutely LOVE the Dt Mt Dew!!!! My favorite!

  449. 449

    Love all these great Ideas. I love the earrings in your basket

  450. 450

    Love the plastic cup!!

  451. 451

    You look like you enjoy cleaning. Me? Give me chocolate anytime!

  452. 452

    i love those reusable cups for smoothies on the go!

  453. 453

    I love the reusable drink cup with straw!!!

  454. 454

    This is awesome thank you.

    Eva Gorton

  455. 455

    I love the House Beautiful magazine!

  456. 456

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  457. 457

    I love the Polka Dot phone case and the cup, also the Gum and the m&m;'s.

  458. 458

    Love the peanut butter M&M;'s!

  459. 459

    great basket – hope i win!!!

  460. 460

    LOVE Dawn Direct.

  461. 461

    So hard to choose – but I love the plastic tumbler – I have 3-4 of my own and use them all of the time!!

  462. 462
    Sarah Sheridan says:

    What a perfect gift basket for a trendy, fun, DYIer!!

  463. 463
    Angie Morgan says:

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;!!

  464. 464

    Spray paint and earrings!

  465. 465

    I love the magazine AND Peanut Butter M&M;'s. I could pop them in my mouth while readig! Thank you for your great blog!

  466. 466

    All about the spray paint!

  467. 467

    I can't do anything that smells good anymore (migraines) but everything in your basket is so practical! I'm totally with you on the PB M&M;'s!! :)

  468. 468

    Spray paint primer, I really need some! What an awesome collection of favorites!

  469. 469

    I love peanut butter m&m;'s!

  470. 470
    Dena Hamlin says:

    One can NEVER have enough Victoria's Secret lip gloss!

  471. 471
    AndreafromNoVA says:

    love the polish! Kilz?? Great stuff!!


  472. 472

    I love Frogtape! I can't paint without!

  473. 473

    I like it all but lip gloss is something I personally can't live without!

  474. 474

    Lots of fun stuff! PB M&Ms; are my fave too.

  475. 475

    The MAGIC eraser – truly magic :)

  476. 476

    Krumpets "home" room spray

  477. 477
    Margie Conway says:

    Love the giveaway! Great ideas

  478. 478

    Lovely giveaway!


  479. 479

    LOVE the thought of having a new pair of earrings; thanks for the opportunity~

  480. 480

    Peanut butter M&M;'s are my favorite too!

  481. 481

    I would love to win this basket!

  482. 482

    Love this….& I'm glad to be introduced to your blog!

  483. 483
    LeeAnn Clawson says:

    KILZ aerosol primer! Great for SO MANY projects…speaking of projects, I'm about to be needing some for my old shutter project!

  484. 484

    Like everything in this basket…great ideas!

  485. 485

    I love spray paint too!

  486. 486

    Frog tape!

  487. 487

    Diet Mt Dew :)

  488. 488
    Kristi Wolff says:

    I love the spraypaint! That brand has the easiest to use nozzle and the color goes on effortlessly!

  489. 489

    My favorite is the PB M&Ms;! Love those things!

  490. 490

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;!!! I just bought some on clearance at Target-yummy! Thanks for all of the great gift ideas too!

  491. 491

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;! Those rock! Very fun basket.

  492. 492

    m&ms;! yum.

  493. 493
    Carol ann Boardway says:

    Definitely Magic Erasers!!

  494. 494

    The earrings are super cute!!

  495. 495

    I love the magic erasers but dont buy the cheep off brands!

  496. 496

    love the nail polish!

  497. 497

    The Ikea dish scrubber is something you will always find in my kitchen!

  498. 498
    Ginny Williams says:

    the spray paint and the earrings!

  499. 499

    Love the Mr Clean magic erasers!

  500. 500
    Stacey Paintner says:

    I am a sucker for lip gloss so I'd have to say the Victora Secret lip gloss!!

  501. 501

    Loving the gift guides! Now I want to go buy those earrings at Target…I'll just keep my fingers crossed I win. :)

  502. 502

    Such great giveaways!! Thanks for a peek into your favorites!

  503. 503

    Would love to try the frog tape!

  504. 504

    I'm a clean freak so I just adore the Mr. Clean Erasers!

  505. 505

    I love Peanut Butter M&M;'s too :) Great gift basket!!

  506. 506

    Love the Krylon, magic eraser and house beautiful magazine.

  507. 507
    Mrs. Maiorino says:

    I also love peanut butter M&M;'s. Yummy!

  508. 508
    The Clines says:

    Mr. Clean magic erasers! I swear they are magic!

  509. 509
    Jen Beichert says:

    I love the spray paint. You can really transform so many things from a simple can of paint. <3

  510. 510

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Such fun! Love all your favorite things except make my M&M;'s Peanut – LOL!

  511. 511
    Christine McGinnis says:

    Such a great idea! Happy blog hopping!

  512. 512

    I have to say that House Beautiful is a favorite, but those earrings are adorable!

  513. 513

    Love the Magazine!

  514. 514

    This basket is full of wonderful goodies. The aerosol primer might be my fave? Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  515. 515

    So many great things! :-) LOVE the earrings!

  516. 516

    love this! what a fun giveaway! :]

  517. 517
    Kylie Cooper says:

    I love me some Krylon!

  518. 518
    The Hicks Family says:

    the m&m;'s and the earrings!

  519. 519

    What a great idea! I LOVE Magic Erasers!

  520. 520

    I'm loving the spray paint color!

  521. 521

    I love spray Paint!and mr. clean magic erasers are truly magical

  522. 522

    Everything looks so fun! I think I'd like the spray paint the most.

  523. 523
    Christine McGinnis says:

    Such a great idea! Happy blog hopping!

  524. 524
    Gabrielle Cato says:

    the magazine and earrings! items i want but can't justify splurging on for myself! thanks!

  525. 525
    Liz @ The Blue Eyed Owl says:

    House Beautiful Mag! Love it ;)

  526. 526

    I'm a new follower of your site and I'm LOVING it!!

  527. 527

    I love the funky nail polish!! Nail polish is my latest obsession :)

  528. 528
    Family Life in Idaho says:

    Love the cell phone cover!!

  529. 529
    Coupon Lizzi says:

    Spray paint and Mr. Clean magic eraser!

  530. 530
    Christine says:


  531. 531

    Peanut butter m

  532. 532

    SO many fun things in there!!!!

  533. 533

    love house beautiful!

  534. 534

    how very cool!

  535. 535

    Totally worth paying the shipping to Canada! :)

  536. 536
    Cassandra Holdeman says:

    I love all the things in your basket, but you really had me at Peanut Butter M&M;'s…that's the way to my heart. :)

  537. 537

    The spray paint, love the color!

  538. 538

    I have that same can of spray paint in my collection and I could use some more!

  539. 539
    J Higgins says:

    Peanut butter M

  540. 540
    Catherine says:

    Magic erasers are the greatest thing ever! I accidentally sprayed KILZ on one of my Louis Vuitton bag's last week, and voila, the magic-ness of the magic eraser removed the over spray! Shazam!

  541. 541

    Hand sanitizer & m&ms;!

  542. 542

    Love those earrings!

  543. 543

    I love me some Krylon spray paint too!

  544. 544

    What a fun giveaway. Good luck to all!

  545. 545

    We love reusable cups and water bottles! And that just happens to be my favorite flavor of Orbits gum!

  546. 546

    Love the chocolate!

  547. 547
    Amber Heim says:

    Love the cup!

  548. 548

    Definitely the spray paint!

  549. 549

    The VS lip gloss is my fave! Love this idea <3

  550. 550

    Love the phone case!

  551. 551
    Catherine says:

    SO much cute stuff in there! I need a new reusable cup, but those coral earrings have seriously got my attention. :)

  552. 552

    Nail polish

  553. 553

    Peanut butter m&ms;!

  554. 554

    Those Coral earrings are da bomb.

  555. 555

    Your favorite things are awesome. :) Love the blog!

  556. 556
    Elizabeth Ashe says:

    those earrings are super cute!

  557. 557
    Laura @ LPC Interiors says:

    Love everything. How fun to give away all you favorite things!

  558. 558
    Laura @ LPC Interiors says:

    Love everything. How fun to give away all you favorite things!

  559. 559

    The Victoria Secret Lip Gloss

  560. 560

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  561. 561

    Love the spray paint!!! What would life be like without spray paint!!! :)

  562. 562
    hopefulcrafter says:

    I love a lot of the items in your baskets, but I use frog tape for so many things around the house and crafts I have to say that.

  563. 563

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome basket of great things! I especially LOVE the nail polish! I'm visiting from I*heart*Naptime!

  564. 564

    Honestly who in their right mind could resist a bag of PB M&M;'s? LOVE them too!

  565. 565

    LOVE the coral earrings!

  566. 566
    Pitcher Family says:

    I love funky nail polish!

  567. 567
    Kimberly Jensen says:

    Oohh Great basket! Hands down the Magic Eraser!! Love those!! :) TFS!

  568. 568

    Wow! SO many fun products!!

  569. 569

    My favorite: Victoria Secret Lip Gloss
    Kathy Davis

  570. 570

    There are some of my favorites in there as well!

  571. 571

    The spray paint! I used the same color…a whole can of it…crafting last summer…I need more!

  572. 572
    Rebekah {honeyandcheese} says:

    I LOVE peanut butter m&m;'s!

  573. 573

    This is so much fun! I love the spray paint color! Super cute.

  574. 574

    This is a FANTASTIC gift basket! While it was difficult to choose, I finally decided on the cup with straw. I am never without my iced tea and these cups are wonderful!

  575. 575

    Love the earrings!

  576. 576
    Kylie McGowan says:

    Love that color of spray paint, I use it a lot :)

  577. 577

    Magic erasers!

  578. 578

    love everything!!

  579. 579

    I like the coral earrings!

  580. 580

    I love it all!!!!

  581. 581
    Bethany Fazekas says:

    PB M and Ms….yummmy!

  582. 582

    Kilz spray primer for sure! Always using it for my furniture projects!

  583. 583
    Mammamayor says:

    The polka dot phone case thank u

  584. 584

    I have been wanting to try Frog Tape forever. Isn't that sad?

  585. 585

    Fabulous basket!!

  586. 586

    i love the paint color!!

  587. 587
    SavannahsSmiles says:

    Definitely the peanut butter m

  588. 588
    The Stewarts says:

    I would especially love the spray paint!

  589. 589
    Tammi Schneiderman says:

    I love the Chevron Tumbler. I carry my clear ones everywhere I go with my drug of choice, Dr. Pepper, all nice and cold inside.

  590. 590
    Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls says:

    Hard to pick just one, kinda a toss-up between spray paint and Frog tape for first place!

  591. 591

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  592. 592
    House of Clarks says:

    The Krylon Spray paint for sure! I love transforming old items!

  593. 593

    Gift Baskets are the perfect gift!

  594. 594
    MamaFeelgood says:

    Love this giveaway!

  595. 595
    teresamatz says:

    its so hard to pick, but I think I'm going with the spray paint and primer!

  596. 596
    Lisa Van Dam says:

    I love the spray paint :)

  597. 597

    Frog tape!
    You can never have enuf frog tape!

  598. 598
    That Girl Tamra says:

    I love that cute cup!

  599. 599
    The Perfect Trio says:

    the spray paint and the lip gloss. yes, please!

  600. 600


  601. 601

    Frogtape is my favorite!

  602. 602
    Stephanie says:

    What a fun basket!

  603. 603

    I love the Dawn Foam. We use it in our travel trailer to do the dishes. It cleans really well and the bottle closes, so it does not make a mess.

  604. 604

    Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Pain! LOVE the color!

  605. 605

    I love the polka dot phone case and the chevron tumbler.

  606. 606
    Brian & Kaila says:

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s!!

  607. 607

    I'd love to win ALL my favorite things. :-)

  608. 608
    Heather K Miller says:

    I want the phone case! So cute!

  609. 609
    Rori Koch says:

    The M&M;'s will be great when I read the magazine as I sit next to the fire ;-)
    Thanks for taking part in this very cool idea!

  610. 610
    Rori Koch says:

    The M&M;'s will be great when I read the magazine as I sit next to the fire ;-)
    Thanks for taking part in this very cool idea!

  611. 611
    Kassi Nelson says:

    Coral earrings and the phone case!!

  612. 612
    Aleisha McD says:

    I'm drooling over the phone case! Crossing my fingers and toes I win!!!

  613. 613

    Frog tape is incredible!

  614. 614

    I love the Ocean Breeze spray paint!

  615. 615

    Spray paint! =)

  616. 616
    Torgersons says:

    Love the coral earrings! Darling! jessicatorgerson at gmail dot com

  617. 617
    jennymartin116 says:

    Yum–I love the Peanut Butter M&M;'s {my absolute favorite treat}

  618. 618
    Ranelle Forgione says:

    The nail polish!

  619. 619

    Love that color of spray paint!

  620. 620

    Everything in the box is fab, but I love the look of those coral earrings. So pretty!

  621. 621

    I heart frogtape!

  622. 622
    Carrie Barnes says:

    Definitely the peanut butter M&Ms.; I'm obsessed!

  623. 623

    FYI. Anything I do on FB (like your page, share giveaways) is done through my blog page: Head in the Game, Heart in the Sand.

    Pinterest and Google/Blogger are all my normal name.

  624. 624
    Chandi Young says:

    I love that you included the Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint…I am obsessed with this color right now!

  625. 625

    we actually bought the kilz primer this weekend! We loved it!!! It's all because of you!! Thanks

  626. 626

    The spray paint is my favorite! I hoard it like a crazy person because it is always out of stock at all my local stores!

  627. 627
    Ricky and Chelsey says:

    How fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  628. 628
    Anna Michrina says:

    Love the blue spray paint!!

  629. 629

    My favorite is the frogtape! I can always use that for projects.

  630. 630

    The peanut butter M&M;'s. They are my fave too.

  631. 631

    I love the earings!!

  632. 632

    Oh so hard to choose because I love them all, but it would be between Peanut Butter M&M;'s or House Beautiful!! Thanks for giveaway!!

  633. 633

    Dawn Direct Foam…. awesome stuff.

  634. 634

    love the plastic cup! also the earrings are fun!

  635. 635

    Frog tape!

  636. 636

    One of my favorite things is L'oreal True Match Blush in Bare Honey. It goes on perfect and it's impossible to apply too much.

  637. 637

    Love the earrings!

  638. 638

    Love the earrings!

  639. 639
    Ashley @ Strawberry Sprinkles says:

    I love the Diet Mt. Dew.

  640. 640
    Jessica Burgess says:

    Magic Eraser is totally one of my "must-haves," and I believe it's really magic! Ha! Thanks so much for doing a give-away!

  641. 641
    Kim McCrary says:

    I love the darling phone case and the water cup (with a straw!). Can't live without either of these items. :)

  642. 642

    Ohh, such fun things. LOVE the coral earrings. Super cute. :)

  643. 643

    I love pb m & m's…they are awesome…basket looks cute!

  644. 644

    love the cup

  645. 645

    I think my favorite is that cute chevron cup…but ALL the items are fabulous!

  646. 646

    I love reusable plastic cups…I'm a straw lover too!!

  647. 647
    Karen Akilan says:

    Great website, new follower

  648. 648
    Meredith W. says:

    Magic erasers? Spray paint? Hand sanitizer? World's greatest gift basket. Love it!

  649. 649
    Cindy Brickley says:

    I love the frog tape, can't live without it.

  650. 650

    Love the cell phone case :)

  651. 651

    I also love peanut butter m&ms; and those earrings are adorable!

  652. 652
    Heidi @ Moms Crafty Space says:

    I love that shade of Krylon! What a fun giveaway!

  653. 653

    The frog tape . . . and did I see peanut butter m-and-ms in there! :)

  654. 654

    i think id like to try that room spray!

  655. 655

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s are my favorite!!

  656. 656
    Skousen Family! says:

    thanks for the ideas love it!!!

  657. 657
    Jamie Purfeerst says:

    I love the earrings, but the Frog Tape could be mighty useful in the next few weeks!

  658. 658
    lybbertgirl says:

    Awesome basket, I hope I win!

  659. 659

    What a wonderful idea!!

  660. 660

    Love the basket.

  661. 661
    Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I love the plastic cup. These type of cups with the straw are my favorite. :)

  662. 662

    Love that cute chevron cup. And peanut M and Ms rock.

  663. 663

    Love lots of these already!!

  664. 664
    Nikki and Chris says:

    the basket looks great! and the mountain dew looks to be my fav!

  665. 665
    K. Campbell says:

    I love the whole basket but I probably use the magic erasers more than the other things.

  666. 666
    Ruffles and Relics says:

    awesome basket! Love Krylon Spray Paint..

  667. 667
    Charity McLaren says:

    Love so many things in this basket, but particularly the peanut butter m&ms;, diet mountain dew, and the scrub brush from ikea (such a great little brush for such a cheap price!!)

  668. 668

    House Beautiful! I am a magazine-a-holic. thanks for the chance!

  669. 669
    The Eagar Boones says:

    Krylon paint

  670. 670

    fun giveaway! Love frog tape and House Beautiful.

  671. 671

    I can never have too many Magic Erasers!!!

  672. 672

    Love the phone case!

  673. 673

    As a health care professional, I'm liking the hand sanitizer!

  674. 674
    Momma At Home says:

    Great basket! Some of your favorite things are my favorite things as well!

  675. 675
    Shanna Gilbert says:
  676. 676

    I love the earings they are so adorable !

  677. 677

    Ooh, probably the earrings! I rarely wear necklaces… I'm definitely an earring kinda girl!

  678. 678

    Such a fun giveaway. Thanks!

  679. 679

    You rock! Thanks for putting this all together!

  680. 680
    Loretta E. says:

    My favorite is the House Beautiful magazine!

  681. 681

    Loving the earrings as well!

  682. 682
    Copper (Annalisa) says:

    I've been itching to try Frog tape… will be moving just before Christmas, so it could come in handy!

  683. 683

    The practical side of me says Mr. Clean magic Eraser is my favorite, but the more dominate side says Victorias Secret's Lip Gloss will always come first!

  684. 684

    Peanut butter M&Ms; are my favorite, but you have put a lot of fun things in there! I would love to win it!

  685. 685

    This is my kind of gift basket! Love seeing your favorite things!

  686. 686

    I'd like to try the home room spray!

  687. 687

    A reusable plastic cup for the
    Diet Mountain Dew

  688. 688
    Alli @ Cupcake Diaries says:

    Nail polish! I love having painted nails. So fun!

  689. 689

    Spray paint would definitely be in mine too.

    Love this!

  690. 690
    Michelle M. says:

    The Ocean Breeze Krylon spray paint. I love the color and it's so easy to use!

  691. 691

    Coral earrings! Love the unexpected touch of color for and outfit! Especially if it's usually yoga pants and a tee!!

  692. 692

    Love all your favorite things. It's almost like I could have made this basket!

  693. 693

    The M&M;'s are my fav! What is better than peanut butter and chocolate??

  694. 694

    Love the paint color! It's a favorite of mine too. :)

  695. 695

    The spray paint is my favorite, I've been wanting to try that color!

  696. 696

    I love Dawn Direct Foam. Use it all the time.

  697. 697
    Annelise Straight says:

    I am a big fan of house beautiful too! ahhh love a good read and a little chocolate and a whole lotta dreaming!! :)

  698. 698

    Believe it or not, I've never used the Mr. Clean magic eraser and I'm excited to try that.

  699. 699

    Fantastic basket! So many Great ítem! I LOVE from tape!

  700. 700

    Love it all cute

  701. 701

    I love the spraypaint!

  702. 702

    Mr. Clean Magic erasers! Love, love, love them!

  703. 703

    Peanut Butter M&M;'s. Something so simple can make a girl so happy! ; )

  704. 704
    jimmie lee says:

    I love the earrings and I love target! I can't wait to find some gift giving ideas from this blog hop!

  705. 705

    I love the House Beautiful magazine and anything from Target, especially earrings. :)

  706. 706

    My favorite item is Krylon Spray Paint.

  707. 707
    Joshua and Stephanie says:

    Your Frogtape is amazing!

  708. 708

    Love the hand sanitizer! I'm a gerbphobe at this time of year too! Thanks!

  709. 709

    Great gift basket!!

  710. 710

    Would love to win your favorite things! So awesome thanks for the chance to win@ Tami

  711. 711

    I love them all but Magic Eraser is my friend!

  712. 712
    bryansgyrl says:

    I have one of those cups with the straw and I love it! When my arms are loaded down carrying things into work, even if it tips a little it doesn't leak all over. :D

  713. 713

    Love this!

  714. 714
    Anna Simon says:

    The lip gloss!

  715. 715
    Sarah Barrett says:

    Such great ideas! I love that plastic cup!

  716. 716
    Michelle Morphis says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your basket!!!Some of your favorites are my favorites as well!! I love Magic Erasers & Bath & Body soap & antibacterial stuff as I'm a little bit germaphobic at times.

  717. 717

    spray paint!!

  718. 718

    I'm eyeballing the hand soap because I JUST RAN OUT! With a new baby over here we've gone through it in every bathroom!

  719. 719

    Well, I love anything with polka dots on it, so the phone case would be my favorite.

  720. 720

    The earrings would have to be my favorite!

  721. 721

    I'm in the process of decorating my apartment so spray paint is my best friend right now!

  722. 722

    PB M&M;'s are my favorite too!

  723. 723

    Love the chevron tumbler!!

  724. 724

    Lo the "Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint" .. thank you for this giveaway.

    ghalim at yahoo dot com

  725. 725
    ashleypalmer625 says:

    I love peanut butter M and M's too! So yummy…

  726. 726

    Great gift ideas!!

  727. 727

    Lets see, the nail polish or the earrings? Or all of it?!

  728. 728

    I'm a big fan of peanut butter M&M;'s as well!

  729. 729

    i need a new phone case- i pick that!

  730. 730

    Very useful basket!

  731. 731

    I love the earrings!!

  732. 732
    Justin & Haley says:

    Hand sanitizer… I'm a new mom! :)

  733. 733
    AshleyMaroney says:

    such a cute basket!

  734. 734

    I love lots of the things in your basket – but most of all the earrings and peanut butter M&M;'s!

  735. 735
    Marianne Bluth says:

    I love the spray paint and peanut butter m&ms;!

  736. 736

    the nailpolish! i cant resist a new nailpolish!

  737. 737

    My favorite item would be magic erasers.

  738. 738
    Angelica Ng says:

    VS Lipgloss

  739. 739

    I want it all please.

  740. 740

    It's a tough choice with so many great things but I am going with the Krylon spray paint!

  741. 741
    Julie Bigboy says:

    I've been wanting one of those plastic cups with a straw!

  742. 742

    I want to finally try the spray paint.

  743. 743

    peanut butter M&Ms;! YUM

  744. 744

    Neat giveaway! I like all that stuff but the orange earrings would be great!

  745. 745

    Spray paint!

  746. 746

    I just love Kilz primer, spray paint & frog tape!!

  747. 747

    I am loving those earrings!

  748. 748

    I REALLY want to see that magazine! I may just have to subscribe!!

  749. 749
    Carol Yuen says:

    I love the M&M;'s!

  750. 750

    How fun!! What a fun basket!!! :)

  751. 751

    Love the polka dot phone case!! :)

  752. 752
    Shelly Traveller says:

    Love! Love! Love! I would like to try that lip gloss

  753. 753

    My sister just got that Krumpets spray – so yummy! That would have to be my favorite from your basket :)

  754. 754

    I love Frog Tape

    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia
    Ldsmom2201 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Twitter: The_Happy_Wife

  755. 755
    Summers Family says:

    The Phone case for sure!

  756. 756

    While I love PB M&Ms;, I'll have to go with the coral earrings – or the magic erasers. :)

  757. 757

    lover of Mr. Clean here! thanks

  758. 758

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;! Delicious

  759. 759
    James and Izzy says:

    Mr. Clean Erasers are my favorite!!

  760. 760

    Lip Gloss! Nail Polish! M&Ms;! I want it all :)

  761. 761

    I love ocean breeze!

  762. 762
    Feisty Mama says:

    Love the fingernail polish can never have too much!!

  763. 763

    Earrings are darling!

  764. 764

    Wow! Some of my favorites! PB M&Ms;, Magic Eraser, and Dawn Direct Foam. I'd love to win!!!

  765. 765

    I love those re-usable cups. I think I own one for every season. I just have to have a straw!

  766. 766

    The finger nail polish!

  767. 767

    peanut butter m&ms; are also my most favorite candy ever.

  768. 768
    Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama says:

    LOVE Krylon and Frog Tape! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  769. 769

    Phone case and m&m;'s!!

  770. 770
    Sydney Lund says:

    I love the coral earrings and peanut butter m&ms; are my favorite too!

  771. 771
    Sydney Lund says:

    I love the coral earrings and peanut butter m&ms; are my favorite too!

  772. 772
    We are the Mogles says:

    spray paint!!!

  773. 773

    Awesome gift idea! My favorite is the Orbit gum. Haha!

  774. 774

    Those coral earrings are adorable! My favorite product that I use in your basket is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser…absolutely love them!

  775. 775

    Great stuff here, found you from NJAHW!

  776. 776

    I love the coral earrings!!

  777. 777

    love the magic eraser also!

  778. 778
    Kristen. Jason. Sofie says:

    favorite item is the dew! but i prefer regular to diet. it's the perfect project drink!! thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  779. 779

    We have the same affinity for spray paint!

  780. 780
    Barry and Rena says:

    hand sanitizer!!!!! (germophobe too!

  781. 781

    magic erasers FTW!!!!!

  782. 782

    Deffo Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray! I already have like 2 cans of this. It's my fave color!

  783. 783

    I love the reusable plastic cup! So cute! I also love the nail polish and spray paint.

  784. 784
    kami @ says:

    Love your basket, Brooke!

    I love this idea! So fun!

  785. 785

    your basket is great! the mr clean erasers really are MAGIC

  786. 786

    Love that spray paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  787. 787

    It all looks amazing!! Love the earrings :)

  788. 788

    Mmmmm the Victoria Secret lip gloss….ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  789. 789

    Love it! The phone case is so cute!

  790. 790
    Denise Wilson says:

    yummm PB m&Ms;!!!!

  791. 791

    Love Peanut Butter M & M's !!

  792. 792

    awesome picks!

  793. 793
    Nikki Tyler says:

    I am a big nail polish girl! Love it! :)

  794. 794
    Huguette En says:

    I like the Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint

  795. 795

    I cannot see the earrings in your basket, but I love jewelry and I love target so I am sure they would be my favorite!

  796. 796

    Adorable polka dot phone case is way too cute! :)

  797. 797

    peanut butter M&Ms; are my favorite.

  798. 798

    I love the coral earrings!

  799. 799
    Shelby N. says:

    Not going to lie to you…they are one of the cheaper items, but it is totally the PB M&M;'s. Gosh I love those things.

  800. 800

    i am a nail polishaholic, i had to down size my collection because some were really old so its time to start again!

  801. 801

    I love Magic Erasers.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  802. 802

    Choose one thing, this is hard. I guess it would be that gorgeous chevron glass. I have a thing for chevron.

  803. 803

    Ooo gimme some frog tape!

  804. 804
    JessintheDMV says:

    Mmmm peanut M&Ms;!

  805. 805
    Why Do our Kids Feel It's OK to get Pregnant? says:

    I love it all but the erasers are great…they are easy to use and do a good job but I also like the plastic tumbler because I use one everyday for work…oh and I like the polish..heck I love it all

  806. 806

    frog tape!

  807. 807
    BillieBee (billiemick) says:


  808. 808

    My Favorite in your basket is the Spray paint! I LOVE SPRAY PAINT! Furniture Transformation in a few easy steps!

  809. 809

    Lip gloss!

  810. 810
    Jessica Lovitt says:

    Mr. Clean erasers! Yay!

  811. 811
    Bianca Andrea says:

    I love the polkadot phone case

  812. 812

    polka dot phone case

  813. 813

    It's a toss up between the cute striped cup, the coral earrings, or that adorable phone cover!

  814. 814
    Bret & Bean says:

    Love the added beauty item !

  815. 815

    It's gotta be the Magic Erasers. They'll take up anything!

  816. 816

    Ohhh…love the funky nail polish!!

  817. 817

    Peanut butter m&m;'s of course!!!!!

  818. 818
    Jamie Simpson says:

    I gotta say this is the most exciting contest ever!!!!!

  819. 819
    Deanne Helgesen says:

    I love the room spray.

  820. 820
    Max & Lynne says:

    (leave in a hot car for a little while before eating_

  821. 821

    I really like the reusable cup; I've been wanting one for a while!

  822. 822

    peanut butter m & m's !!

  823. 823
    KimberleyH says:

    So excited for this giveaway! I am loving "finding" new blogs/websites, like yours, to follow! Thank you!

  824. 824
    Dragonflower says:

    What a great way to get to know someone – a few of your favourite things!

  825. 825
    Dragonflower says:

    I really like any product in your basket that has a wonderful smell!

  826. 826

    House Beautiful Magazine! my fav :)

  827. 827

    so many fun things!!! love that cup!!

  828. 828

    The M&M;'s of course!

  829. 829
    Erica Ziebarth says:

    The kids would LOVE the frog tape

  830. 830
    Beckie Simmons says:

    Nail polish and the cup cute!

  831. 831

    Love the Ocean Breeze spray paint! Great color.

  832. 832

    I LOVE the earrings!

  833. 833

    My favorite is Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint. I use it all the time!

  834. 834

    You are so funny! Diet Mountain Dew is also MY favorite drink! Who want to drink liquid bad breath AKA coffee? :)

  835. 835
    Heather Warren says:

    Frog Tape!

  836. 836
    Melissa Skeen says:

    My favorite thing in your basket is the reusable plastic water cup. I think it is cute

  837. 837
    Amanda Freeman says:

    I love the phone case and the lip gloss!

  838. 838
    MomMe Photography says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  839. 839

    I love bath & body hand soap, and this time of year the pumpkin spice scent is my very favorite.

  840. 840
    Lily Wise says:

    Love the earrings

  841. 841
    JayLynn Stokes says:

    I'm loving all of the great ideas! Motivation for Christmas shopping!

  842. 842

    Awesome, thanks!

  843. 843