Hey Hey ATT readers! Let me just say that I have been up to my eyebrows in projects this weekend! 
{I. Am. Tired!} But just wait until you see what I have been working on! You are going to love it!
So, lets talk… with the holidays coming up, things can get a bit stressful right? Well, 25 different bloggers have linked up below to help with some of the stress!! Need some new gift ideas? Not sure what to get your best friends? These amazing bloggers will totally help… Which brings you to My {Absolute} Fav Things! Here’s what to do:
  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details about my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!

Choosing my favorite things was surprisingly really hard. It was weird to think about myself! Then when I did, it was with high hopes that YOU would like it too! The BEST part is that you have the opportunity to win a gift basket mailed right to your door! Oh, the pressure! 😉 OK…


Well… Here we go… And in no particular order! 
 Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint, {obviously}
A can of KILZ aerosol primer,
Some Orbit chewing gum, Peanut Butter M&M;’s {my absolute favorite treat},
Some funky nail polish {I’m totally a girly girl!}, 
Hand sanitizer and Hand Soap {I am a bit of a germaphobe.}
Frog Tape, Mr. Clean Erasers {who doesn’t love these??},
Krumpets “home” room spray {I just love anything that smells yummy.}, 
Dawn Direct Foam, Victoria Secret Lip Gloss, A reusable plastic cup {I really like straws!}
Diet Mountain Dew {my favorite drink}, Scrubbing brush from Ikea, 
Adorable polka dot phone case {Because I  LOVE my phone!}
House Beautful magazine and last but not least, some fun coral colored earrings!
{Purchased at Target because that is also another fav of mine!!}
P.S. I actually have these exact ones and I get compliments on them all the time!

Well there you have it! See anything you can’t live without? Get any good ideas?
What gifts do you love to give? Enter to win in the rafflecopter below!
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Now go check out the other bloggers’ gift ideas too! Especially my amazing friend Mandi from Vintage Revivals!

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All of these bloggers are absolutely amazing! I hope you will find some new blogs to follow from this blog hop!


  1. says

    Well I love that type of gum and peanut butter m&ms; – my favorite too!

    I think my favorite item would be that adorable cup and straw! I love love those cups!

  2. says

    Oh man you have several of my favorites in your basket! The cup, m&ms;, orbit gum, dawn, magic erasers, & that lil blue scrubby brush that I drove all over creation in Germany to find an Ikea to get lol

  3. says

    The nail polish is my favorite part. :)

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It's so fun to see all the FAVORITES. :) Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

  4. JoEllen says

    I could pass on the Mountain Dew (in favor of a Dr. Pepper) but I love everything else. Frog tape, primer and paint, what more could you need? Awesome idea for a giveaway!!

  5. ramsaygrace says

    I have a four year old that LOVES crayons, so I'd have to go with the Magic Eraser! Thanks for this chance to win such a great prize.

  6. says

    You hit all the bases! Love the spray paint…can't do projects without candy…have to clean up after neglecting the toddler to do projects…and then have to scrub the project off your hands and paint those nails! Love it! :)

  7. Susan Stitch says

    So many cool things, but I guess my favorite is the frog tape! It works SO well! Thanks for sharing your favorite things. I hadn't heard of the Krumpet room spray and I have to try it!

  8. Laura S says

    Everything is so cute and practical, it's hard to pick just one… but I think I'd go with the spray paint. I love crafting, but hardly ever get something like that for myself!

  9. Nikki says

    My favorite would be the kilz. My daughter wrote on our living room wall with a sharpie and have putting off getting something to cover it since it will not come off. Also the magic eraser see above. lol

  10. Beth Cook says

    I love so many different things in here…but I'm excited about the spray paint and primer as I've got some Christmas projects that could use those:)

  11. says

    Man we could practically be BFFs just by what's in your basket! Haha! :) But I absolutely LOVE those earrings and have almost the same phone case so I'll go with those! Super fun giveaway!

  12. Ashley B says

    My favorite thing in your basket are the earrings from Target! I love Target too, but never thought to look at their jewelry!

  13. jezinthekitchen says

    Most awesome blog hop EVER!! I'm taking notes from each and every basket of things to include in the baskets I'm gifting this Christmas!

  14. Lara says

    Seriously, lots of great products. I can't live without our Mr Clean magic eraser, or Dawn. The power of Dawn, seriously works on EVERYTHING!

  15. says

    I don't know how I can pick just one – I love so many of those things! I think if I have to say one, though, it's the peanut butter M&M;'s!

  16. Elaine says

    I can't do anything that smells good anymore (migraines) but everything in your basket is so practical! I'm totally with you on the PB M&M;'s!! :)

  17. LeeAnn Clawson says

    KILZ aerosol primer! Great for SO MANY projects…speaking of projects, I'm about to be needing some for my old shutter project!

  18. Kara says

    Peanut Butter M&Ms;!!! I just bought some on clearance at Target-yummy! Thanks for all of the great gift ideas too!

  19. Cassandra Holdeman says

    I love all the things in your basket, but you really had me at Peanut Butter M&M;'s…that's the way to my heart. :)

  20. Catherine says

    Magic erasers are the greatest thing ever! I accidentally sprayed KILZ on one of my Louis Vuitton bag's last week, and voila, the magic-ness of the magic eraser removed the over spray! Shazam!

  21. Catherine says

    SO much cute stuff in there! I need a new reusable cup, but those coral earrings have seriously got my attention. :)

  22. hopefulcrafter says

    I love a lot of the items in your baskets, but I use frog tape for so many things around the house and crafts I have to say that.

  23. Katy says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome basket of great things! I especially LOVE the nail polish! I'm visiting from I*heart*Naptime!

  24. says

    This is a FANTASTIC gift basket! While it was difficult to choose, I finally decided on the cup with straw. I am never without my iced tea and these cups are wonderful!

  25. Tammi Schneiderman says

    I love the Chevron Tumbler. I carry my clear ones everywhere I go with my drug of choice, Dr. Pepper, all nice and cold inside.

  26. Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls says

    Hard to pick just one, kinda a toss-up between spray paint and Frog tape for first place!

  27. Tecks says

    I love the Dawn Foam. We use it in our travel trailer to do the dishes. It cleans really well and the bottle closes, so it does not make a mess.

  28. Rori Koch says

    The M&M;'s will be great when I read the magazine as I sit next to the fire 😉
    Thanks for taking part in this very cool idea!

  29. Rori Koch says

    The M&M;'s will be great when I read the magazine as I sit next to the fire 😉
    Thanks for taking part in this very cool idea!

  30. Mel says

    FYI. Anything I do on FB (like your page, share giveaways) is done through my blog page: Head in the Game, Heart in the Sand.

    Pinterest and Google/Blogger are all my normal name.

  31. Janae says

    The spray paint is my favorite! I hoard it like a crazy person because it is always out of stock at all my local stores!

  32. Crystal says

    Oh so hard to choose because I love them all, but it would be between Peanut Butter M&M;'s or House Beautiful!! Thanks for giveaway!!

  33. Amy says

    One of my favorite things is L'oreal True Match Blush in Bare Honey. It goes on perfect and it's impossible to apply too much.

  34. Jessica Burgess says

    Magic Eraser is totally one of my "must-haves," and I believe it's really magic! Ha! Thanks so much for doing a give-away!

  35. chas