Beautiful rooms come to those who wait.

Dec 28th, 2012

My girls’ room has been a work in progress for ahem, three years. But, lately we’ve got our butts in gear and started making progress. I painted the plaid walls, upholstered the headboards, and FINALLY found an affordable rug.

I’m a little picky with rugs because quality in a rug is a big deal to me. I don’t want a rug that will start to curl up on the edges, and I don’t suggest that anyone else buy a “cheap” rug either. I think a high grade rug is the only way to go, and finding a rug that is affordable and high quality is pretty dang hard.

Cyber Monday brought an INCREDIBLE sale at RugsUSA, and I had such a busy day that I almost shrugged it off. But that night I started to browse the 75% off rugs while I was sitting in bed, and I realized that I could NOT waste this opportunity. I about died at the good prices. {And NO, I do not have a relationship with them}. But, I will not hesitate to shout their sales from the rooftops now that I realize what a great deal I got.

This rug is. the. perfect. rug. The end.

beautiful rooms
And I NEVER would have bought it at full price. I’m just too cheap, and let’s face it, hardly anyone can afford to spend almost $1000 on a rug {I know I can’t}. But a $736 rug turns into $184 at 75% off. PLUS they offered FREE SHIPPING!
I know there are skeptical folks out there, so I had to prove it {look at the order confirmation below}. The rug I chose for the girls’ room was the Moroccan Trellis in Bubble-gum. rugsusaAnd actually, I’m pretty ticked at myself that I didn’t buy more rugs that day. I am thrilled with the quality too. I was worried. I had never bought anything from RugsUSA before, but I took the risk because of the killer price.

  girls roomI will be keeping the rug. It’s absolutely stunning in person, and it truly adds that finishing touch to my girls’ room.

little girls roomIt’s also super soft and is heavy so that it lays flat on the ground.

  girls room with rug
Here is the room without the rug. You can’t deny it. It was meant for their room. girls room paint ideas a
What a difference a rug makes, aye?

This girl loves a good deal, if you can’t tell.

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