As I mentioned in my Homemade Christmas Decorations post earlier this week, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands when you are decorating for the holidays. I knew I wanted neutral Christmas stockings, but finding them for affordable prices was super tough. Plus since I have four kiddos, I was looking for SIX stockings. Most stockings were $20 a pop, and I was getting discouraged. Stockings were the last thing that I wanted to spend $120.00 on this time of year.
So when I was wandering around Target a couple of weeks ago, I found these super cheap placemats for only $3.19 a piece. I was instantly sold on the idea because the placemats are lined already. So, I knew that I wouldn’t need any more fabric for the back.

homemade christmas decorations homemade christmas decorations
So I went for it. And believe me, I’m not much of a seamstress. I can definitely sew pillows, but anything beyond that is a challenge for me.
homemade christmas decorations
So, I got busy tracing an old stocking onto the first placemat. I cut it out and turned it inside out to sew. I cut directly through the placemat and the lining on the back.
homemade christmas decorations homemade christmas decorations
I seriously sewed the stocking and hemmed the top in less than 1 minute.
 homemade christmas decorations IMG_2629
Then I repeated the process six times. It was honestly the EASIEST project I’ve done in ages. It was all done in about 30 minutes start to finish.
 homemade christmas decorations homemade christmas decorations homemade christmas decorations homemade christmas decorations
After the stockings were done, I decided they were too plain, so I added some burlap ribbon to the top. Plus I added a small ribbon loop {with hot glue because I was lazy} to hang them to the mantle. Overall, I am quite proud of my homemade burlap Christmas stockings!

Holiday MantleHoliday Mantle Decor
I hope you like them too!


  1. says

    These came out great and I love that you used something totally out of the box! If you scroll through my blog you'll see the post where I made sidelight curtains out of a fabric table cloth. It was perfect! I would have spent $20-$30 for all the fabric I needed and spent just $9.99 on the table cloth!

  2. The Vakautakakala's says

    Love them!! I guess it's too late to tell you this, but at they have $3.00 off coupons for these placemats, the sign says $3.19 but they actually rang up $3.00 at the register. so they would have been free. I got 10 and wish I would have seen this post earlier so I could get the same design, and copied your idea:) (the coupon's still there in case you want to buy more!!) Such a great idea!!

  3. The Vakautakakala's says

    I'm pretty sure the coupon I used included them:) (my Target is pretty strict about that kind of thing)

  4. Heidi @ Moms Crafty Space says

    These are so cool, Brooke! I might need to try this next year since I'm itching to change up our holiday color palette :)

  5. says

    These came out so cute! You are amazing. I just wanted to say that I am rather new to your site but I am SO happy I stumbled across it. I love crafts and have recently gotten back into doing them and you have so many amazing ideas and your posts are so helpful and I love that you not only show us what you made but how you did them. Crafting can be so expensive and nothing is more frustrating then spending the money on materials, trying a new method and then it comes out bad and you have to throw it away–losing time and money. I love that you teach us how to do things and show photos along the way so we don't make mistakes and it's so great that you look for affordable ways to craft and save money without compromising on your tastes or quality. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great blog and I look forward to future posts!!

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