Christmas Card 2012 final
Merry Christmas!
Did you have a great day with your families today? Overall things went smoothly this morning. How did it go for you? Every Christmas morning, I can’t help but feel a little anxiety. When my two oldest kids were little, they got into a HUGE fight over a toy one of them got that morning, and it made me soooo mad. At the time my daughter was pretty young but was still old enough to say “sorry” but she wouldn’t say it. She was stubborn {hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from!?!} The entire episode took place in front of my in-laws, and it was humiliating. Maybe I need counseling to get over it because every Christmas I think about that day. HA! Wow, that’s a random thought for you today. Go ahead, give me your thoughts on the matter, I think I can take it.
Christmas took place at our house this year and was drama-free. {Phew}. Seeing the kids’ faces on Christmas morning is definitely a highlight of parenthood for me. If you have children, I’m sure you can relate. Today was laid back, and although we missed being with family, it was fun to spend the day with just our little family.
My girls got their first American Girl Dolls and that was definitely a fun highlight of my morning as their mom! My eight-year-old son got an electric scooter, and my almost two-year-old baby got a small Lightning McQueen ride-on. Since we live in St. George, Utah, the day was full of sunshine and great weather for riding bikes outside.
The funny thing about living here though is that our kids long for that snowy “White” Christmas morning that most of Utah got today. But, we don’t get that where we live. We go sledding twice a year {maybe} and visit the snow, but other than that, snow is non-existent around here. The pros outweigh the cons FOR sure about living where we live.
We are exhausted! I guess that’s what happens when you stay up late for days and days in a row! Plus, having delicious food around the house tends to cause a food-coma after you eat comfort food all day right!?!
If you follow me on facebook, you know that I have been sharing some fun pictures of our traditional holiday food. Someone cracked me up on instagram, when they said, “That looks delicious. It almost made me lick my screen!” HA!
I will share my recipe that almost made her lick the screen tomorrow!
How was your Christmas? Do you have family food traditions you make for holidays?
If you are still feeling in the mood for Christmas music, check out my Family Christmas Music Playlist!


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    I understand completely about longing for a white Christmas. I grew up (and still live) in Florida, in the Daytona Beach area. I always wanted snow for Christmas, but living in Florida, it barely gets below 65-70 on Christmas Day. It is nice to be able to do outdoor activities with only a light sweater on though.

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    haaa. I love how you say you may need counseling for the fight incident. I was also mortified this Christmas when my child was opening gifts from her grandparents (my-in-laws) and started crying saying she didnt get any "big gifts" as she was sitting on top of her 4 ft toy horse santa had brought that morning. OMG. I say it was the end of the day, too many gifts and sugar by then, and when I talked to her about it he next day (after a good nights sleep) found out it was a misunderstanding on her part. They are kids, dont sweat it. We had FHE every week up until then and about the true meaning of Christmas etc etc, but you know. It happens:) Thanks for sharing

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