Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guys!

Beth here, stopping in from Sawdust and Embryos again! Can you believe Christmas is in just a few days? Are you prepared? Nick and I are making gifts this year, and are cutting things pretty close… but SHHH! We can’t talk about these matters, cause then the recipients would know what they’re getting!

SO, today we’re going to show you a great/festive/useful way to display all those Christmas cards that are flowing into your mailbox and covering every square inch of your refrigerator!

DIY Christmas Card Wreath (Starburst Mirror!) - Copy

We started out with a square 2’x2’ corkboard (we used this because we had it lying around, but you could use a piece of wood too). Using a bandsaw, Nick cut it into the shape of a circle.


Next, we measured out evenly spaced markings, and glued on clothespins (facing outward) with wood glue. Can we say EASY?



After letting that dry overnight, I primed with Kilz and spray painted it white… but you could do any color! And finally, we glued a circular mirror into the center (we had one lying around, but you can get them in packs of 4 at IKEA for just a couple bucks)!

DIY Christmas Card Wreath (Starburst Mirror!)

This was such a simple project, and we get SO many complements on it. And… we find that we use our ‘card wreath’ all year around, for various wedding invites, baby announcements, etc!

Christmas Card Wreath

Functional AND decorative, am I right? *nudge nudge*

We hope that you’ll feel confident enough to give this a whirl! We recently wrote a post throwing down our 20 Easy DIY Projects for Under $20 for all you last minute shoppers creative-types, so we hope you’ll hop over there and check out our round-up!

OR, if you love a good before/after shot, check out our Furniture Transformations!

Thanks for always warmly welcoming us, ATT Readers! And Merry CHRISTMAS!blank-001


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