Can you guys believe that 2012 is over, and we have began a new year? Crazy.
 Goal #1 for 2013: SET a goal! 
HA! I have a LOT of stuff to work on this year, and as always, I’m behind on setting my goals, but don’t worry, give me a week or so,  and you will all know what my goals are for 2013! In the meantime, here are the highlights if 2012! We had a BLAST this year! We hope you enjoyed our whirlwind!

I hope you enjoy the 2012 All Things Thrifty Project Wrap Up too! 

We started the year off with a bang with a beautiful home makeover for a great friend of mine. Decorating Jill’s house was a ton of fun!! Just to be sure you know, click on the links to check out those posts. Or you can also click on the images. :)

Her Cottage Style Kitchen was completed just at the beginning of 2012 and one of our first posts for the year revealed the transformation!

cottage style dining room

The Cottage Style Living Room is soooo beautiful. The pictures just don’t do it justice. The sliding barn door was definitely my favorite element in the room!

cottage style by All Things Thrifty

The Cottage Style Entryway makeover was a lot of fun too! Check out that amazing light pole we used in her entryway! I wish I would have bought one for me!

entry way 1

January also went out with a bang too! I got to help my brother Court propose to his amazing wife Carrie! Check out this fun proposal idea!

marriage proposal

Of course 2012 had some furniture refinishing too!

This sofa table transformation was super fun!

entry way table

My White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake Recipe is one of my favorite desserts of all time, and I shared this recipe in January too! Be warned…if you make this cake, you will eat the entire thing. Look away from the computer. New year’s resolutions are more important! 

A reader of mine made my recipe and took this picture.
The fork and knife curtains were a HUGE hit! Jill loved them in her newly remodeled kitchen! 
cottage style curtains

Of course we transformed chairs this year too….

oaks dance, skin, chairs 066
I especially loved loved this one! {I know I always say that!} But I really did… Ha!  
Anyway, one of my favs this year was My Restoration Hardware Chandelier!  
mantle, sign, chandelier 051
Another highlight was putting the finishing touches on our never-ending backyard project!! Phew, I’m glad that’s done! 
Sofa Table Krylon Dual 079

Then we got crazy inside and added some texture in our kitchen. Remember the DIY Faux Brick Wall?!  This project was so fun!!
brick project 001

Then we finished the project by Painting the Faux Brick to make it look old. It added just the right touch!  It ended up exactly what I envisioned it to be! 
faux brick panels
Then we went on vacation to Disneyland!!! I shared my Top 10 Tips to a Successful Disneyland Trip that I learned on the trip!
Disneyland Tips
Then we got back and stumbled upon an AMAZING find. The awesome Electrical Sign was the perfect addition to our room!
old electric sign 221
Of course we are ALWAYS changing something around here! Slowly but surely our Living Room is coming together. We painted the molding and tore apart the fireplace. 
Oaklyn Dance Competition and before mantle pics 086
I had lots of fun using my Silhouette this year! I made these super cute teacher appreciation cards. 
invite 035
And these aprons were so cute too! The teachers loved them! 
Aprons and Pink Headband 001
Need a delicious summer chicken recipe? Try out Jake’s Chicken…. 
mmmmm, makes my mouth water just looking at it! We make this recipe at least twice a month around here. 

Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe

 I get a lot of questions about how to upholster benches, so I put together this step-by-step tutorial! It’s so easy, you can definitely do it! 
Ruffle headband bench dining chairs 102
Then there was my awesome Mother’s Day gift… My Garden Grow Boxes! I won’t tell you about my garden though. It can’t be considered a garden unless you plant something, right!?!? HA! Actually we tried to grow pumpkins and it was a disaster!! {Goal for 2013 FOR SURE!}
egarden grow boxes
I finally completed my gallery wall and I LOVE it!!! 
Gallery Wall design
Shut the front door…. Literally! 😉 Wanna add some pizzazz to your front door??

This lamp was so much fun! Who doesn’t love using Christmas decor to decorate year round? 
Refinished Pink Desk
Here I show you how to paint that UGLY front door! 
I get asked a LOT about what paint colors I use, so I put together a post of our Popular paint colors from past projects :
In August I could FINALLY announce that we were cast on CRAFT WARS!!! It was fun, and it was our national TV debut!

Like I said before, I have loved using my Silhouette this year! Making this stencil was so easy! 

Outdoor patio table
Mmmmm, I’m a sucker for anything easy…. and delicious! Ha! You gotta try these yummy Lemon Cookies
Lemon Cookie Recipe
This project was probably the BIGGEST project of the YEAR! It was quite the project but totally worth it in the end! Do you want to know how to PAINT your cabinets PROFESSIONALLY???
Check out these instructions: DIY painted cabinets
How to paint your kitchen cabinets
Remember the stencil recap? Well this was an outdoor piece that we taught you how to paint! So cute!
Patio Table
Of course I need change every other day, so here is another fun front door “make over”!
Painted front door

Then I got to refinish this fun dresser for my friend Heather!

Man, I just love COLOR! Like this yellow beauty!! 
Don’t you just want to run and paint something yellow? 😉
yellow hutch refinished
Ah, my ever evolving home decor! My entryway finally feels somewhat complete! 
{But lets be honest, it probably isn’t!}
This was a fun and cute room  that I helped my good friend decorate!
Whooooo doesn’t love owls?! {Get it??} Hahaha! 
little girls room
I love this fall wreath my sister made!! So fun and festive! 
Corn wreath 1
We get a TON of questions about sealing furniture, so we wrote a post about how and when to seal your projects and when it isn’t necessary
minwax polycrylic
I got to decorate another friend’s home in October!! Thanks Lexee!
I learned a lot this year! I mean a lot! Like how to paint your floors… {And what NOT to do!} Oh, the tears that were shed over this project. But, it was worth it!
Brooke's Iphone 1405
This entry room makeover was so much fun! I just love the before and afters of a transformed room! The coral and teal color scheme was a HUGE hit!
entryway makeover  entryway molding
After Lexee’s house was complete, I moved onto another room in my house. I’m sure you aren’t surprised. I have ADDD {Attention Deficit Decorators Disorder}. 
My girls room was on my “to do” list for years before I finally tackled the project. I looked high and low for just the right color and fabric for this room! Now that it is almost complete, I am in love! It’s perfect! 
girls room 4
I must have been on a door kick this year! Ha! Here is another way I jazzed up my front door
Brooke's Iphone 110

Remember the “almost finished” room last month? Now take a look! 
Don’t you just love that basic plaid look!?! I will write the tutorial for this wall soon, I promise! 
girls room
You gotta see it to believe it! My crazy  er, insane I mean fun and talented family loves to carve pumpkins. 
I mean A LOT of pumpkins every year. Check out the 2012 pumpkins ..
Brooke's Iphone 046
Here’s how you make those really cute upholstered headboards you’ve been seeing on these highlights! 
how to make an upholstered headboard
Man, I love chocolate! You gotta try these bad boys out… Mmmm, brownie cookies
brownie cookies
Do you have a ton of earrings like I do? This DIY earring holder is perfect! 
{Now if I could just get the ones done that I wanted to give to friends for Christmas!} 😉
DIY jewelry holder
Loved making this fun winter snowman wreath, but although this darling snowman was cute, he fell COMPLETELY APART. So, consider yourself warned. 
snowman wreath 2 copy

What better way to start the holiday season than with a homemade nativity set
I absolutely loved mine this year!!! 

Christmas Nativity set for front yard

We did our first round-up here at All Things Thrifty with 25 delicious soups
I think it went well and you *might* just be seeing more of these in the future! 
I was so happy with my Homemade Christmas decor this year for three reasons: Simple, Easy and Cheap!! 
Christmas Decorating Ideas
An outside entrance usually doesn’t get a lot of attention, but my house felt soo much more festive this year because of my holiday entryway decor!
decorating for christmas
Need some fail-proof cookies to go with your Christmas cheer? Try these bad boys out! 
I just love these sugar cookies
Christmas Cookies
And last {but certainly not least} My Girls room COMPLETED
Don’t you just swoon over that rug. Ahhhh, it was fate. I just know it! 
girls room with rug
Well, there you have it. All Things Thrifty 2012 in a nutshell. Holy cow. What a year! 
Can I just say how so truly grateful I am for all of you! Thank you for making this such a wonderful year!
xoxo,  Brooke 


  1. says

    Oh my goodness, where to begin? I missed so much, friend! Your girls room looks FAB!!! I'm in the middle of ours….LOVE that lamppost for your friend, the foyer floor, the gallery wall, and that white chocolate dessert I shall have to try. I love all your colorful furniture, too. I also noticed a little "outfit change" on you…love it! Can't wait to "hangout" tomorrow night. Look at me with all of my quotes…

  2. Brooke @ says

    Thank you Shannon! I love my front door too! I always say, I am the only one with a turquoise front door, so if you don't see that color, you are at the WRONG house!! :)

  3. Mekenzie @ says

    You've had such an amazing year Brooke! I love following your blog. Your creativity is inspiring. I'm excited to see what you create for 2013 :)

  4. says

    Unbelievably amazing projects. I'm exhausted just looking at all of them! I could not have done this blogging thing when my kids were that little. I've loved learning from you in the google hangouts!
    Marty@Marty's Musings

  5. says

    I love this post! And love your blog in general. Seeing the owl room project sparked a question for me…I have seen you use old windows in decor several times and I'm curious, how do you hang them?? I was recently given several windows from a friend, and I'm figuring out what I want to do with them…but they are so heavy that I'm kind of nervous about hanging them on a wall!

    Emily @

  6. Brooke @ says

    We installed d-ring hooks on the back of our windows. Then we used a dry-wall anchor in the wall since the windows are super heavy. I hope this helps!

  7. says

    I love your site! Your house is beautiful – you really have an eye for interior decorating! I feel the same way about party planning, but I wish I had your eye for interior design – my house needs help! I’m definitely coming back for more tips!

    Barbara @ Pancakes For Everyone

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