All Things Thrifty has a new look! What do you think!?!?

Jan 8th, 2013
All Things Thrifty has a new look, but let’s be honest here. I just got bored with the old look. I love change, and I realize that some are not that way. I need opinions. 
It went from…

to this a week or so ago…

So, what do you think?


  1. Love it! I think there's something in the bloggy water… I just changed my design as well, and so did a bunch of others I follow. New year- new look!

  2. Looks more modern,and also is stencil-reminiscent.

  3. I like it! I'm in the process of designing my new header and blog button (with absolutely no experience, so I'm not sure how it will turn out…)and it is so hard to decide on what will look good. I love how you use two different patterns!

  4. First thing I noticed last week is that you Photoshopped your jacket navy in your pic on the side so it matched. I love it! How many people have told you that picture is flippin adorable? Millions?…okay I'll go ahead and tell you again. That picture of you is flippin adorable!

  5. I like it too! I like the graphic design, and the navy blue, but I'm torn with the red. Have you thought about switching out the red for emerald green? (I hear that's the hot new color for 2013!)

  6. New year, new look. keeping thinks fresh and lovely!

  7. The important thing is that you love it, because you will look at it the most! :) I crave change on a regular basis myself. I have a thing for high contrast, so that's what I like about it.

  8. Love the Greek Key pattern! And i TOO just changed up my border… :) I get bored really fast. HEHE!

  9. Love the navy blue graphic design! So pretty! I just revamped mine too – I think I was just ready to change things up a bit – both in the blog design and in my current reorganization obsession. ;-)

  10. Love it! Very bold and simple!

  11. Luv it! I personally like bold colors:) How do you make a blog header?? and blog button…:/

  12. Hi Brooke! I DO like your new header too! It is very graphic and bold and fresh and fun!

  13. Very classy looking!
    Marty@Marty's Musings

  14. Love it!!!!! Ditto Haylie…….how do you do that?
    Lisa @On Manor Drive

  15. I love it! The contrast really makes it pop, looks great:)

  16. I agree with everyone's comments ~ Love the look!

  17. I noticed the change last week and love it! Love the colors and the design :)

  18. Looks great! I love change too when it comes to blog design (not life!)

  19. Love the change!

  20. My computer wont let me see your pictures darn it! I'm sure whatever you have shown looks fabulous! :)

  21. lookin' good!! new year = new look :)

  22. I liked the first one but I understand the need for change and I also like the 2nd one so- dime to a dozen but they both look great!

  23. LOVE love LOVE it!!! Looks awesome!!

  24. Love the new look !

  25. I thought so! Looks great! I really like this one! :)

  26. Nancy Carr says:

    I like the new bold look better. Great idea.

  27. LOVE the new look. It is so fresh and clean!

  28. Uh oh. It's actually my first time on the site, so I'm not tired of the old look…which is why I love the first one. Sorry! LOL

    But change is good. And FUN!

  29. Love it.

  30. I love the new look!

  31. Love the stencil style.

  32. The Yoder's Four says:

    Super cute new heading. The navy geometric thing is FABULOUS!!

  33. I like both! The original one is probably more my style and is very whimsical but I like the new one too, it looks like some cool stencil project you would do haha. I'm glad you kept the font the same to maintain some consistency, that is like your logo (plus the font is great!) I like that the font is bigger too and it really pops out at you. This one is a little less busy and more clean, which is great for a website. I look forward to reading your next post and seeing what amazing work you do next! You are my hero/inspiration!!

  34. I LOVE the new look!

  35. I like it! It has a Chevron-esque look which is so in right now. =]

  36. I love the new look!

  37. Love it! Crisp and vibrant.

  38. Super cute!!

  39. I think it's super fab!!! It really stands out!

  40. I love it! It's striking

  41. I noticed it last week and love it!

  42. I love the jacket color change, and I agree, that pic is pretty adorable;)

  43. LOVE the new look!

  44. Love, love, love!

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